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Poke Balls are arguably the most critical item in every Pokemon game because they capture and store Pokemon. The same can be said in Pokemon Legends: Arceus, as the game’s primary goal is to catch every Pokemon in Hisui Region. In this iteration, however, players are introduced to Poke Balls as something that has just been invented since this game takes place at a time way before the modern Pokemon games.

How to Craft Heavy Balls in Pokemon Legends: Arceus

One of the Poke Balls in Pokemon Legends: Arceus is the Heavy Ball. The Hisuian Heavy Ball is a kind of Poke Ball that is effective if used on unsuspecting Pokemon but falls quickly to the ground after being thrown and cannot be thrown very far because of its weight. This is different from the Heavy Balls of the previous Pokemon games as those Heavy Balls are more effective the heavier the Pokemon it is used on. The Hisuian Heavy Ball is just literally heavy.

Also introduced in Pokemon Legends: Arceus is a new mechanic called Crafting. With Crafting, you can create various items like Poke Balls, healing items, and more using crafting ingredients found all over the Hisui region. With Crafting, you can craft items instead of buying them. In this guide, you will learn how to craft Heavy Balls.

Unlock Crafting

It is worth mentioning that you won’t be able to craft right from the start of the game. However, you do unlock the function early on. After completing the Galaxy Team’s Entry Trial, players will be able to start the Basics of Crafting mission, which is the game’s third mission. Additionally, Captain Cyllene will give you the recipe to craft Poke Balls after completing the Galaxy Team’s Entry Trial.

For the Basics of Crafting mission, Akari or Rei will teach you how to craft items by introducing you to the Craftworks. You can find a Workbench that you can use to create items there. You can find a Workbench in the Craftworks in Jubilife Village or at the campsite.

After that, you will receive another mission to work on Research Tasks. Try to finish this mission, and you will reach a part where Akari or Rei will instruct you to catch a Buizel. To fulfill this task, you will need to fight the said Pokemon first before catching it. Akari or Rei will teach you that you’ll need to see a Pokemon perform a specific move during the fight to complete some research tasks. Akari or Rei will reward you with a Crafting Kit when you complete these tasks.

So, what’s the difference between a Workbench in the Craftworks or at the campsite and the Crafting Kit? With the workbench, you can craft items using the items you have in your satchel and the items you have kept in storage. Another difference is accessibility, as you can only use the workbench in the Craftworks and the campsite. On the other hand, you can use the Crafting Kit anywhere, but you can only craft using only the items in your satchel.

Crafting Heavy Balls

To obtain the crafting recipe for Heavy Balls, you must first achieve a First Star Rank. After you’ve gained this achievement, Captain Cyllene will give you the crafting recipe for Heavy Balls. Fortunately, you can do this early on in the game.

To craft Heavy Balls, you will need one Apricorn and one Black Tumblestone.

You can purchase these crafting materials. Luckily, however, you don’t have to spend a single Pokemon dollar as you can also find them all around the overworld. If you don’t have time to farm for items, the option to purchase them is still there.

To obtain some Apricorn, you can find Apricorn trees all over the Hisui region – specifically in these zones: Obsidian Fieldlands, Alabaster Icelands, Cobalt Coastlands, Coronet Highlands, and Crimson Mirelands. You can find three Apricorn trees northwest of Horseshoe Plains in Obsidian Fieldlands, and you can obtain at least fifteen Apricorns from this zone alone. To get Apricorn from Apricorn trees, you would need the help of your Pokemon. To do this, aim and throw one of your Pokemon to a tree, then your Pokemon will come out and strike the tree to harvest the Apricorn. The selected Pokemon will also gain experience for helping you out. 

After catching or defeating Pokemon, Apricorn can also be obtained, specifically Starly, Staravia, Staraptor, and Kricketot.

Additionally, you can pay Colza 500 Pokemon Dollars to plant Apricorn harvests at the Farm in Jubilife Village to get plenty of Apricorns.

Alternatively, it is possible to purchase Apricorn for 40 Pokemon Dollars in the Craftworks by talking to Anvin.

As for Black Tumblestones, you would need to find silver stones all over the Hisui region (it looks similar to the regular Tumblestone’s rust-colored stones but in silver). To get Black Tumblestones from these rocks, you would also need the help of one of your Pokemon. You can also do this by throwing out one of your Pokemon, and your Pokemon will come out to strike the rocks and harvest the Tumblestone

There are a lot of Black Tumblestones to harvest on the path leading to the Heights Camp at Obsidian Fieldlands. You can also find Black Tumblestones around Crimson Mirelands, Coronet Highlands, Cobalt Coastlands, and Alabaster Icelands, but looking near the Heights Camp in Obsidian Fieldlands would be the easiest.

Tumblestones can also be obtained after catching or defeating Pokemon, specifically Bonsly, Sudowoodo, Rhyhorn, Rhydon, Shieldon, Bastiodon, Onix, Cranidos, and Skorupi.

Alternatively, it is possible to purchase Black Tumblestine for 80 Pokemon Dollars in the Craftworks by talking to Anvin.

Now that you have crafted Heavy Balls, you need to sneak up on a wild Pokemon and be careful so that the Pokemon will not notice you. You can do this by sneaking towards them from the back to fully utilize the Heavy Ball’s effect. Because of its short range, you need to get close to the Pokemon. YOu also need to take advantage of the tall grass, objects nearby, and handy items like Smoke Bombs to sneak up to a Pokemon and throw a Heavy Ball from behind.

Now that you know how to craft Heavy Balls in Pokemon Legends: Arceus, start farming for some Apricorn and Black Tumblestone, craft as many Heavy Balls as you want, and continue the mission that Arceus has bestowed upon you to catch ’em all!

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