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Read on to find out how to craft and ignite a TNT block in Minecraft.

How To Craft TNT in Minecraft

In Minecraft, TNT can become a powerful weapon when used correctly. Like in the real world, TNT is a highly explosive device that, when triggered with flame, will create a massive explosion that deals damage to its surroundings. Of course, it is not always fun, and games with TNT can cause player damage if you are not careful enough. But, with the right set of tools, equipment, and knowledge, you can make TNT a potent weapon that will defeat multiple mobs at once. Here is a short guide on crafting, obtaining, and triggering a TNT explosion in Minecraft.

Materials Required To Craft TNT

Sand: Sand is a block in Minecraft that is usually located near bodies of water such as beaches and rivers. Sand can be easily collected using a shovel. You may also use red sand as an alternative in crafting TNT, but it can only be obtained in the badlands biome.

Gunpowder: Gunpowder is an item that is often used for explosion-related recipes in Minecraft. It can be obtained as loot from killing mobs such as creepers, ghasts, and witches.

How To Obtain TNT in Minecraft

There are two ways to obtain TNT in Minecraft, and it can either be through crafting or looting. When obtaining TNT via loot, you can collect them inside chests or by breaking minecarts with TNT. Chests that contain TNT as loot are as follows:

Buried Treasure Chest62.7%
Shipwreck Supply Chest7.5%

TNT can also be looted underneath the desert pyramid’s underground trap if the player does not trigger the explosion or inside the woodland mansion’s secret room. For crafting TNT, refer to the instructions below.

How To Craft TNT in Minecraft

  1. Obtain 4 sand/red sand and 5 gunpowder. This recipe is enough to make 1 TNT block only. To make more, simply double the number of ingredients with the corresponding number of TNT you will make.
  2. Open the crafting table menu by pressing right-click while facing the crafting table. You should see a 3×3 crafting grid, an empty result slot, and your inventory as well as its contents.
  3. Place the gunpowders in a diagonal position on the crafting grid similar to the shape of an X. This should consume all 5 of the gunpowders on the 3×3 crafting grid.
  4. Next, fill in the remaining empty slots on the crafting grid with the 4 sand blocks in your inventory. Filling in all of the remaining empty slots should position the sand blocks in a cross pattern, thus completely filling up all the slots inside the 3×3 crafting grid.
  5. Once all the ingredients are placed on the crafting grid, the TNT should appear in the results slot. Simply click and drag the crafted TNT into your inventory to finish crafting. Repeat the process to craft more TNT.

How To Ignite TNT in Minecraft

There are a few ways on how to ignite TNT in Minecraft. The standard ways of igniting a TNT block and triggering an explosion are Listed below.

  • The most common way is to simply use a flint and steel to ignite the TNT block. Hold the flint and steel on your hand and press right-click while facing the TNT to trigger the explosion.
  • You can also use a fire charge as an alternative to flint and steel. It can be used the same way as a flint and steel when triggering the TNT block.
  • A way to trigger a TNT block from afar is to shoot it with a bow equipped with the Flame enchantment. The Flame enchantment will cause all the arrows shot from that specific bow to be set aflame.
  • You may also trigger a TNT block using a redstone mechanism. This can be done in many ways with redstone.
  • Another way to trigger it is to place the TNT block near an incoming nearby blast or explosion. The TNT block should be hit by an explosion for it to be triggered to blow up. This means that it can be triggered by another TNT explosion, a creeper explosion, an end crystal explosion, and more. As long as it is placed within the blast radius, the TNT block will likely blow.

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