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Building a farm in Minecraft is an excellent way for players to gather needed resources quickly and efficiently. This enables players to obtain specifically targeted resources and items quickly in the game that otherwise would not be obtainable through normal means. And while farms often require a bit of effort and materials to build and put up, they still save time compared to having the players manually search for each item in the game. And for rare resources such as glow berries, building a glow berry farm might be what a survival player needs.

How To Create A Glow Berry Farm in Minecraft

Glow berries are rare glowing food items in Minecraft that can only be found inside lush cave biomes. And since glow berries emit light, finding them inside a dark, lush cave is easy. However, these food items are rare because finding a lush cave alone is pretty hard to do. Let alone locate a single growing azalea tree on the surface surrounded by other trees that otherwise might look the same. It is safe to say that collecting glow berries is no easy feat for any player, including the veterans. Fortunately, if you can harvest even a single glow berry, this can ultimately be used to build yourself a glow berry farm in your base, so you will not have to travel back to a lush cave to get yourself another batch.

How To Create A Glow Berry Farm in Minecraft

1. Find A Lush Cave Biome

A lush cave is a uniquely large and temperate cave biome in the overworld that contains unique faunas and floras that one would not usually find in any normal cave biome in the game. And ever since the Minecraft 1.18 Caves & Cliffs: part II update, lush caves can now generate naturally in the overworld. But this does not mean they generate anywhere. To get inside a lush cave, a player must first locate an azalea tree on the surface of the overworld. As there can only be one growing azalea tree for every lush cave beneath it, the player must be particular in searching for one so as not to overlook them. An azalea tree looks like a flowering oak tree compared side by side. The leaves on an azalea tree look almost identical to an oak tree, except for the presence of purple flowers growing on it. And since they almost look alike, it can be tough to locate an azalea tree amid an oak tree forest. However, once you find one, dig down and trace its roots until you reach the lush cave biome below.

2. Harvest Glow Berries From Cave Vines

Once you have reached the bottom of the azalea tree, you will discover a lush cave hidden below. Be very careful not to fall to the bottom if you are standing from a high location, as falling more than a few blocks high can cause damage to a player depending on the height. As it is particularly dark, you may see faint light from a distance indicating the presence of glow berries. A glow berry emits a faint light and grows from a cave vine. The cave vines are usually hanging from the ceiling, so you might need to do the nerd pole strategy if you want to reach the top. Once you are at the top, harvest a bunch of glow berries to start your farm. You can harvest glow berries by simply destroying the cave vine they are clinging to. The glow berries will drop down, so collect all of them.

3. Create Your Glow Berry Farm

Once you have gathered enough glow berries, you can bring them back to your base to start your glow berry farm. Essentially, glow berries can grow anywhere on their own without any maintenance for water, sunlight, or soil. You can utilize this game mechanic by placing a glow berry anywhere in your base so long as there is enough room for it to grow. A glow berry can grow on any block as long as it is placed on the underside of the block. Once placed down, the glow berry will start as a single empty cave vine. This cave vine will then grow one block downwards at a time if the space beneath the current vine is empty. The cave vine can then extend downwards until it has reached its maximum height of 26 blocks. Then each cave vine block will have a one out of nine chance to grow a single glow berry. This is true for each block extension of the cave vine. However, you can forcefully make the cave vine produce a glow berry by simply using a bone meal on the cave vine itself.

If you prefer building a simple manual glow berry farm in your base, follow the steps below:

  1. Prepare any stack of blocks for building such as cobblestones or planks.
  2. Build two equal pillars with a height of more than 3 blocks on two ends of a single row. The height of the pillars can be extended to your preference.
  3. Then connect the two pillars together at the very top by creating a bridge of blocks from one pillar to another.
  4. Next, place a glow berry on the underside of each block of the bridge in between the two pillars.
  5. Wait for the glow berries to grow and harvest them once they’re ready. Make sure to place down another glow berry after harvesting to keep the glow berry farm going.

To build a simple automatic glow berry farm for your base, you can follow the steps below:

  1. Dig a hole on the ground, one-block deep and three blocks wide. Then dig another hole just below the middle of the first hole, thus forming a small T shape on the ground.
  2. Then in the middle of the hole, place two chests to form a large chest. Make sure that the chests are facing the right side of the hole in order for the chests to merge into one and to allow yourself to easily open the chest afterward.
  3. Next, on the left side of the hole, place a hopper facing the chest. The hopper should be connected to the chest in order for the glow berries to be transported inside the chest automatically.
  4. Place a piston on the block slightly above the hopper and place another block next to the piston.
  5. Then place an observer vertical to the piston facing the hopper’s location and place a redstone dust above the block next to the observer.
  6. Then create 3 two-block tall pillars around the hopper made up of glass blocks. The pillars will safely secure the glow berries inside from hostile mobs that roam at night.
  7. And finally, place another glass block on the third block above the hopper and plant a single glow berry just below the same block next to the observer.

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