Crusader Kings 3: How To Invite To Court



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Justice is the most important thing for all humanity. The institution providing justice has been courts throughout history. Courts are the only place where guilty and innocent are determined. Thanks to the courts, justice is served, and the criminals are punished.

Crusader Kings 3: How To Invite To Court

In Crusader Kings 3, providing justice to your people is one of their primary duties. For this, every country and kingdom in the game also has courts. Court members include family members, knights, lovers, courtiers, and guests. You can also invite any character you want to the court.

Let’s take a look at how to invite to court in Crusader Kings 3.

How To Invite To Court In Crusader Kings 3

You can invite any character you want to the courts in the game. This can make your court more secure for you. To invite anyone of your choice to court, you must follow these steps:

Step 1: Press the “More” button.

Step 2: Click the “Find Character” tab.

Step 3: Select the person you want to invite and right-click on it.

Step 4: Press the “Invite to Court” button.

Step 5: Click the “Invite to Court” button again.

The character you want has now come to your court. Also, there are some things to consider when inviting someone to your court. First of all, to invite a character to court, it must have specific attributes. At the beginning of these features, if the character you invite to the court is a woman, they should not be married to anyone, and the character you invite should not be a child.

Finally, the character you invite should not be the ruler of a country. You cannot invite a character who does not provide one of these attributes to court. You can filter below to see the characters with these features

For male characters:

For female characters:

Another critical point is the opinion of the person you invited to court against you. You shouldn’t invite character who has a negative opinion towards you to court. To get rid of this situation, you can adjust the order of the characters as follows.

As long as you pay attention to the above points, the person you invite to court will accept your invitation. Thus, you will be able to create your court of any characters you want.

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