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If you’re new to CSGO, chances are you are probably shooting while running in-game, thinking your bullets can still hit your targets. Sadly, that is not the case in a tactical FPS game like CSGO or VALORANT. These games require players to be precise and tight with their inputs and movement; gun accuracy is tied to movement in these FPS games.

CSGO: How to Practice Recoil Control

Movement. Crosshair Placement. Recoil Control. – These are just some techniques that CSGO players need to master or get good at to start pub-stomping in servers.

Collecting Bodies

If you’re a new player in CSGO and believe that your aim isn’t good enough to consistently score headshots yet, you can try to aim for the body instead. Even though headshots are the most efficient way of scoring kills in CSGO, headshots are not easy shots to hit especially when your mechanical aim and crosshair placement isn’t quite up to par yet.

It takes a few bullets to kill enemies in CSGO, especially if the enemies bought armor. However, with the recent update to guns like the M4A1-S, which increased the overall damage per second of the CT’s automatic rifle, it makes sense to aim for the enemies’ bodies in certain situations.

Recoil Control

AK-47 spray pattern looks like an inverted number seven. Cool little nugget.

In CSGO, whenever rifles or sub-machine guns are fired continuously, their bullet trajectory naturally strays left or right due to the force produced by the bullet fire. Because of this, players will need to compensate by moving their mouse towards the opposite direction of the recoil, to keep their bullets accurate.

More experienced players tend to forgo spraying altogether in favor of burst shooting. Indeed it might be a smart idea to burst shoot instead of committing to a spray down because the former keeps you mobile and hard to hit. Burst shooting also resets your recoil to keep your bursts accurate between targets.

However, there will be situations where you will be better off spraying down enemies, such as whenever the enemy team decides to rush your site with all five men. You can often catch these rushing rascals off guard with your aggressive peek and spray down.

In those situations, you will need to know how to control your recoil to hit as many targets consistently one after the other.

How to Practice Recoil Control in CSGO

Today we will be showing you the easiest way to practice recoil control in CSGO; uLLetical’s Recoil Master – Spray Custom Map.

uLLetical is the genius long-time contributor to CSGO’s Community Maps. He is also the developer of the most popular aim training map: uLLetical’s Aim Botz – Training Map – a training map used by almost every pro player in the CSGO Competitive Scene.

Going back to the topic at hand, this custom map is all you’ll need to learn the recoil pattern of almost every gun in CSGO. With this in mind, here’s how to download the map:

How to Download Recoil Master Custom Map

  1. At the CSGO Main Menu, click on the Play Icon to open the Play menu:

2. Under the Play Menu and look for this drop-down menu:

3. Click the Drop-down menu and select “Workshop Maps”:

4. Under Workshop Maps, click on “Visit Workshop”:

5. The Steam Browser should pop up:

6. Under the Steam Browser, type in “Recoil Master” in this search box:

7. Recoil Master Custom Map should show up as the first result:

8. Click on the Green “+” arrow to download and add to your Workshop Map collection:

9. Once done, the custom map should show up in your Custom Map collection:

10. Start a game using the Recoil Master Map:

Recoil Master Custom Map Quick Tour:

  1. Weapon Wall – This wall features every gun in CSGO. All of these guns are free to use.

2. Target Practice – most of the intuitive in-map features can be used on this wall.

3. Quick Options – Some useful commands for practicing recoil.

Simple Recoil Practice

Now, we completely understand if you have no idea what any of these options and toggles do, so here’s all you need to do to practice recoil in this map.

  1. Stand in the middle of the White Cross:

2. Look up towards this small screen:

Visualize this pattern and try to follow it as much as possible using your mouse.

3. Look towards the middle wall:

Every time you shoot at this wall, the green dot will move according to the expected recoil pattern of the weapon you are currently using. With that in mind, simply follow the green dot to get a feel for the recoil pattern of your currently selected gun.

Try firing off a whole clip on this wall with the goal of keeping all of the bullet holes within the small middle circle.

Of course, if you stop mid-clip, the recoil pattern of your gun will reset, but the dot on the wall will not. To reset the wall, fire at the “Reset” Control Box:

Recoil Control

That’s all you need to practice recoil in CSGO. The basic functionality of the Recoil Master Map is very easy to get a hang of and is all you need to build the necessary muscle memory to control recoil effectively in CSGO.

Once you get a good idea of how to control a certain gun’s recoil in CSGO, you can go ahead and try it out in Public Deathmatch servers.

Despite the existence of tapping and burst-firing as shooting techniques in CSGO, there will be situations where both of these techniques will not be a viable option. Learning how to spray effectively can help you eliminate multiple attackers at once, which can be the difference between winning or losing the round.

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