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Quests and side gigs might give you a lot of loot in terms of weapons and gears. Some require you to poke around and find them because they’re hidden, but from some, you will straight up get a weapon.

Cyberpunk 2077: How to Get Johnny Silverhand Weapon

So, there is a lesson in there somewhere. It goes like: Always do side gigs, quests, and hustles, because you might not know what you stand to get from those.

For example, from “Chippin In” side job, you will get an iconic legendary Malorian Arms 3516. Getting the weapon isn’t as big of an issue as getting the actual quest.

How to Get Johnny Silver Hand Weapon – Malorian Arms 3516

To get this side quest, you must first finish the quest “Tapeworm”. That’s all you need to do. For those that have already finished, look for the Chippin In quest in your side gigs.

If you don’t have it or you have passed Tapeworm, unfortunately, you cannot get this unbelievable hand “cannon”.

In terms of getting the weapon from the quest, the only thing that you need to do is follow the quest’s objectives and finish them accordingly.

After some objectives, eventually, you will get “Take Johnny’s Gun” objective. It will give you the option to either ignore Johnny’s wishes, or take the gun nice and easy.

Of course, we took the gun, and it turned out to be a beast of a weapon. As for what happens if you deny Johnny’s request, we are not particularly sure.

Malorian Arms 3516 Stats

As I said before, this is legendary / iconic weapon, with 238 DPS! You can expect to get 96-118 damage and 2.22 attacks per second.

Its power is the ability to ricochet bullets off of surfaces. In addition, it has +68-83 thermal damage and 1.20 headshot damage multiplier. It will come with four available mod slots.

The description for this gun states that it has been custom-crafted for Johnny Silverhand. It then continues to say that this guy apparently had taste.

I brought that up because there really is nothing special about this gun, expect the fact that it is powerful. Appearance-wise though, nothing too special!

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