How to Get the Legendary Samurai 2020 Tour Shirt in Cyberpunk 2077



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There are a lot of clothing choices to go for in Cyberpunk 2077, so you can easily get overwhelmed with what to go for.

How to Get the Legendary Samurai 2020 Tour Shirt in Cyberpunk 2077

We’ve searched for good clothing underneath your armor and evaluated them by specs, obtaining difficulties, and upgradability.

A good contender for upper-body clothing we’ve found is the Samurai 2020 tour shirt. It is a legendary shirt with quite a few mod slots on it.

Obtaining it is relatively straightforward, with the process being a bit long because you have to communicate with a few NPCs who just won’t stop talking.

Nevertheless, the Legendary Samurai 2020 tour shirt is the way to go if you are looking for an early and late-game shirt in Cyberpunk 2077. An added benefit is that it also has a good design.

How to Get Legendary Samurai 2020 Tour Shirt – Cyberpunk 2077

You first need to travel to the Cherry Blossom Market fast travel point in Westbrook, Japantown.

Then, you will need to take the job called “The Ballad of Buck Ravers.” Here is a map for reference:

A screenshot of the map showing where to get the Ballad of Buck Ravers job in Cyberpunk 2077

Do that side mission until it gets you to the market merchant. He will be happy to keep rambling, so keep the conversation going.

It will take a while for him to stop, but you can view his merchendise when he does. Open up his shop and look around for the Samurai 2020 Tour t-shirt.

The biggest drawback is that you have to pay for it, so it’s not necessarily a free item you can acquire from a side gig, like the usual ones you have in Cyberpunk 2077.

A screenshot showing the Legendary Samurai 2020 Tour T-shirt in Cyberpunk 2077

But it is still a good deal even if it is close to 13 thousand Eurodollars. It has much armor, considering its light and easy appearance.

Unfortunately, you won’t get as much upgradability as some other beefy iconic inner torsos, but you have at least five mod slots to make up for that.

Its description seems to have the names of the artists of the 2020 Samurai tour.

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