How to Get White Oni Samurai Half Mask in Cyberpunk 2077



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As you might know, Cyberpunk 2077 has many headgear choices. Thousands of varieties of masks make it hard to decide what to wear.

How to Get White Oni Samurai Half Mask in Cyberpunk 2077

However, I can easily make that choice straightforward for you. If you’re looking for some cool headgear and relatively good stats, then it must be the Menpo with Durable Lining.

It’s a rare white Oni Samurai half mask, which, as we all know, is the current trend in Cyberpunk 2077.

For now, you can only buy this item. Also, it is not legendary, which is a bummer because its appearance is slick. On top of that, it’s not even iconic, which means you can’t potentially upgrade it to the highest rarity.

How to Get Rare White Oni Samurai Half Mask – Cyberpunk 2077

It is relatively unknown whether you can find this item throughout Night City since no one has found it lurking around. With that said, we are stuck with the notion that you can only buy this item from a clothing vendor in Cyberpunk 2077 at the time of writing.

A screenshot of a vendor screen in Cyberpunk 2077

Because it is rare, the vendor will also rarely have this item for sale. Vendors’ items change daily, and items that are of higher rarity don’t have a big chance of being for sale.

However, you can wait for it, as it is sure that it will be for sale sometime. To buy it, you can do so from the clothing store at Westbrook, Japantown.

Take the Sagan & Diamond fast travel point; you will find a clothing store nearby. If you’re having issues finding it, here is its exact spot:

cyberpunk 2077 how to get legendary oni samurai mask

Along with the rare white oni samurai half mask, you can find similar masks here, which have relatively the same stats, so it all comes down to preference.

If you don’t find the mask for sale here, wait at least 48 in-game hours and check again. On top of that, traveling to far spots on the map might trigger a reset, so try that too.

You can also use the time changer feature in-game to travel through time quickly.

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