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With so many interesting and unique interactions in Cyberpunk 2077, each decision and each reaction you make will have an impact on how the game panes out.

Cyberpunk 2077: How to Romance River Guide

The same goes with interacting with River. He will have three main missions for you and this interaction will go in an interesting way.

What I mean by an interesting way is the fact that you can have a relationship with River if you choose to do so, and if, you play your cards right. Like I said, each decision matters, so you will have to choose the correct ones in order to romance him.

How to Romance River in Cyberpunk 2077

The first mission you get from him doesn’t really matter. You can play the first one as you wish and react as you wish. But the other two, i.e. “The Hunt” and “Following the River” are the most important ones.

Below, we will outline each reaction you will need to do, as well as what you need to do at certain points.

The Hunt

  1. When in the car at the beginning of the mission, answer River with: Wouldn’t let go if I were you.
  2. Talking to Dr. Packard: “Who are you?” > “Talking about saving a child’s life here.” > “NCPD won’t solve this” > “Hasn’t let me down yet.” > “I want to see for myself.”
  3. Again, in the car with River, react the following way: “Didn’t tell me you got fired.” > “Shouldn’t we be looking for Harris’s Place?” > “Think Yawen’ll help?” > “Sign me up for that beer.”
  4. After that, you will be talking to Joss. Here is what you need to pick: “Randy’s been taken.” > “Guy who did it got caught.” > “Need to look through Randy’s stuff.”
  5. Soon after, find the laptop under the bed, and there is a clue in the record player, interact with those two.
  6. When you see Joss again: “Know more tomorrow.” > “River’s a great investigator.” > “Course”.
  7. On the Hunt mission, when you’re watching the recording, scan everything! If you have to make a choice, choose “Edgewood Farm”.
  8. When going to Edgewood Farm: “It’s gotta work.”
  9. When you successfully save Randy: “What’s your plan?” > “I’ll help you.”

Soon after the Hunt mission will end. When you get a phone call from River though, say: “Sure, I love to.” and then “Missed you too.”

Following the River

  1. If you’re sitting down eating, choose these choices: “No problem. They’re great kids.” > “Like to have one someday.” > “Out to set me up with River?” > “*Raise your hand* I do.”
  2. Soon after, when on top of the tower with River, follow these choices: “*Sit* Love this spot, too.” > “*Take* What’s the occasion?” > “I can see what you’re doin.” > “Just don’t fall in love.” > *Kiss*

I don’t want to reveal any spoilers after that, and I would much rather not speak of what happens next. All I can say is that this game is rated M for mature!

Soon after the cut-scene finishes, you will talk with River again, and you can choose these decisions, since the main topic will be whether to go into a relationship.

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