Cyberpunk 2077: How to Reboot Your Sandevistan


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Learn how to reboot your Sandevistan in Cyberpunk 2077 and fix the bug of it functioning properly.

Cyberpunk 2077: How to Reboot Your Sandevistan

CD Projekt Red has a lot to thank Cyberunk: Edgerunners for when it comes to the game’s rejuvenation. Cyberpunk 2077 has never been more hyped since the anime dropped.

One of the most unique items fans saw in the anime was David Martinez’s Sandevistan, which allowed him to move at superhuman speeds. The ‘Sandy’ upgrade is available in the game, but some have noticed a particular bug in which they can’t use the upgrade properly; luckily, there is a fix.

What is the Sandevistan?

In Cyberpunk: Edgerunners, David finds a piece of illegal military equipment called the Sandevistan and has it installed on himself (despite the apparent physical toll). In the anime, we see David move at superspeed thanks to the Sandy, and he uses it to rise to the top of the criminal ranks, pulling off heists and all kinds of gigs.

In the game, the Sandevistan is an upgrade you can install on your character, which will essentially slow down time and allow you to run rings around any enemies looking to take you out. Multiple Sandys are available to install in the game, each having varying effects on combat; some increase the damage and chance for a critical hit, besides being able to slow down time.

Regarding builds, the Sandy is highly recommended for players looking to focus on their ninja skills and stick only to swords and knives. Blades may not be as fast as a gun, but with a Sandy, you can run around the whole map, killing everyone before they even think to pull out a weapon.

The Bug

As multiple people have posted online in the forums, there is a prevalent bug around the game involving the Sandevistan, which won’t activate even when the player has it equipped. At some points, the equipment does randomly work, which is a big problem, especially when the player gets in the middle of a big fight.

The faulty Sandy bug has been consistent enough that many players have been posting about it online. It’s also unclear what causes the bug. Still, some suggest that it would have something to do with other game elements that shouldn’t be accessible when the Sandy is activated—for example, when someone calls, it could trigger the Sandy bug.  

Some have also said the bug occurs when they interrupt Sandy’s cooldown—like when they pause the game or check messages.

Rebooting the Sandevistan

Though the same problem occurs for multiple players, there have been several ways to fix the bug posted online. The tricky part is you may require a specific fix to reboot your sandevistan.

The most common piece of advice is to have the item uninstalled and installed by a Ripper doc. Visit a Ripper doc’s clinic and install an alternate OS where the Sandy should be, exit the chair, and come back and have it installed again. If that doesn’t work, some players suggest that you uninstall the Sandy, go to V’s apartment and take a long nap, then come back and have it installed again.

To save time on the traveling, some suggest installing a different OS, triggering it out of the chair, then returning to the doc and reinstalling the Sandy. Others will say the bug can easily be fixed by manually saving the game and loading it again.

With the problem prevalent enough, we should expect CDPR to come up with a solution soon. The game does have a huge incoming DLC drop with Phantom Liberty, and if you don’t want to purchase that, the base game will be receiving a large update.

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