Cypher One-Way Smokes for Ascent in Valorant



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Cypher’s smoke ability, Cyber Cage, is one of the unique smoke abilities in VALORANT.

Cypher One-Way Smokes for Ascent in Valorant

Cypher has complete control over where and when he activates his Cyber Cages. This unique characteristic makes for some exciting setups on maps such as Ascent.

There are a few other pros to Cypher’s Cyber Cage, which we will discuss in this article, along with some one-way Cyber Cage setups that you can use to net some easy kills around Ascent. Let’s go!

The Creepy Morrocan Stalker

Cypher is a Sentinel-class Agent who loves to spy on other Agents as they make their way slowly into his bomb site.

The Moroccan Agent is quite the creepy dude when you realize that he uses his cages (Cyber Cage) to encase enemies in his reflections while his tripwires (Trap Wire) make sure that enemies have no choice but to stare at his face for as long as possible.

He even tags them with his camera (Spycam) to make sure he’s able to track his target wherever they go.

Cypher reaches peak Creepy-dude levels whenever he uses bespoke technology (Ultimate: Neural Theft) to tap into a dead Agent’s brain to locate other Agents. Yikes!

All jokes aside, Cypher is a master of surveillance and distraction. His skill set revolves around making sure that his enemies forget about the real threat within bombsites (Cypher himself), which allows Cypher to claim kills one after the other easily. In contrast, his enemies are distracted by his traps.

Cypher Cyber Cage

Cyber Cage is Cypher’s unique smoke ability. The ability costs just 100 credits each, and Cypher can carry a maximum of two charges every round.

What makes Cyber Cage extra special is Cypher’s ability to activate the smoke manually.

When activated, Cypher spawns a cylindrical zone that blocks enemy vision. As a bonus, a sound cue is played whenever an Agent passes through the cage, which Cypher can use to spam weapons such as the Phantom through the smoke to catch unsuspecting Agents.

Cyber Cage is generally used in conjunction with Cypher’s Trap Wire to reinforce and secure the bomb site that Cypher is currently holding.

Ascent A-site – A-site Entrance One-way Cyber Cage

Most of the time, enemy Attackers will take the A-Main to A-site route since it is generally the fastest way towards A-site.

Cypher will typically have a Trap Wire set up around the A-site Entrance. As a Plan B for when the Trap Wires fail, Cypher can pop a one-way smoke to catch enemies off guard.

  1. Get on top of the Green Boxes/Dices:

2. Align your crosshair with this corner on the Green Box:

3. Look up towards the floating houses in the sky:

4. For the first Cyber Cage setup, aim for this gap between the two houses on the left side:

5. Throw Cypher’s, Cyber Cage:

The first Cyber Cage should land at the small ledge on the left side of the A-site Entrance.

6. For the second Cyber Cage setup, aim for this 2nd tip to the right of this house:

7. Throw Cypher’s, Cyber Cage:

The second Cyber Cage puck should land on the opposite side of the first one.

When used together, the Cyber Cages should look like this:

You can see the enemies’ legs from behind the Cyber Cages for easy kills.

Ascent B-site – B-Main One-way Cyber Cage

We can easily replicate the same one-way Cyber Cages for Ascent B-site since the entrance’s arch is pretty much the same as the one found in A-site.

  1. Align yourself with this corner at Market Stairs:

2. Look up towards the Generators above B-site Entrance:

3. Aim just above this striped box:

4. Throw Cypher’s, Cyber Cage:

The Cyber Cage puck should land on the small ledge at B-Main Entrance:

5. For the second Cyber Cage smoke, aim for this island in the sky:

6. Throw Cypher’s, Cyber Cage:

The Cyber Cage puck should land on the ledge on the opposite side of the first one when done properly.

When activated at the same time, the Cyber Cage one-way should look like this:

The enemies’ legs should be easy to see even from Defender Spawn.

Ascent B-site – Lane One-way Cyber Cage

This one-way smoke for B-site Lane is a quick and easy one-way smoke that Cypher players can use in conjunction with their Trap Wire setups to catch enemies moving towards B-Lane off guard.

  1. Look for these two windows at B-site Lane:

2. Throw the Cyber Cage puck against the top of these windows:

3. Do the same for the other window:

Cage Triggered

That is about it! A good Cypher should have no problems holding entire bombsites on his own. These one-way Cyber Cages can help Cypher net some easy kills off of unsuspecting enemies from either A-site or B-site.

In conjunction with his Trap Wire and Spycam, Cypher’s one-way Cyber Cages will help him make quick work of enemy Attackers on either bomb sites in Ascent.

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