Cypher Trip Wire Setups on Ascent (Defense) in Valorant


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Do you want to lead a peaceful and quiet life in VALORANT? Are you tired of playing entry frag as a Duelist? Are your teammates only using you as live bait upon site entry?

Cypher Trip Wire Setups on Ascent (Defense) in Valorant

Cypher might be the perfect Agent for you!

Gone will be the days when you are at your wit’s end trying to create space for your teammates as a Duelist or Initiator. As Cypher, you can watch the chaos unfold with your CCTV Cameras from the comfort of your favorite cubby.

Playing Cypher is as easy as tagging enemies with your Camera and waiting for unsuspecting prey to get caught in your Trip Wires to claim the free kill for yourself.

With that said, here are some Trip Wire setups that will make life as Cypher nice and easy on Ascent.

The Creepy Morrocan Stalker

Cypher is a Sentinel-class Agent who loves to spy on other Agents as they make their way slowly into his bomb site.

The Moroccan Agent is quite the creepy dude when you realize that he uses his cages (Cyber Cage) to encase enemies in his reflections while his tripwires (Trap Wire) make sure that enemies have no choice but to stare at his face for as long as possible.

He even tags them with his camera (Spycam) to make sure he can track his target wherever they go.

Cypher reaches peak Creepy-dude levels whenever he uses bespoke technology (Ultimate: Neural Theft) to tap into a dead Agent’s brain to locate other Agents. Yikes!

All jokes aside, Cypher is a master of surveillance and distraction. His skill set revolves around making sure that his enemies forget about the real threat within bombsites (Cypher himself), which allows Cypher to claim kills one after the other easily. In contrast, his enemies are distracted by his traps.

Trap Wire

Trap Wire is Cypher’s bread and butter ability. A well-placed Trap Wire can easily deter or even stop an entire bomb site push by the Attacking team.

Trap Wire puts all enemies caught in it in a brief moment of confusion that Cypher can use to net easy kills. Cypher can also pick up Trap Wires and relocate them as needed.

Agents caught in the Trip Wire will be placed in a tethered state (cannot move more than the allowed range, but can shoot and use abilities) and will be revealed to Cypher via an outline (similar to Sova’s Owl Drone when an enemy gets pinged)

After a short wind-up (5 seconds), enemies caught in the Trap Wire will be placed in a Dazed (concussed) state for three seconds.

Trap Wire is generally invisible up to a certain distance. However, it can be destroyed by enemy fire, abilities, and knife damage. Cypher can carry a maximum of two charges for 200 credits each.

Ascent A-site – A-Main/Switch Trap Wire

For Ascent A-site, this Trap Wire on the A-site entrance is a must-have. A combination of Trap Wire + Cyber Cage at the A-site entrance will make site entry dangerously risky for the Attackers.

Agents caught by the Trap Wire will be revealed to Cypher, where he can then easily spam a Phantom through the follow-up Cyber Cage.

Make sure that you place the Trap Wire as shown in the image above. This way, Attackers will have to peek dangerously deep into A-Entrance to destroy the Trap Wire.

This setup can help Cypher buy his team enough time to rotate to A-site and help him on A-site Defense.

Just remember to keep the Trap Wires at hip-level since enemies can jump over Trap Wires when placed too low. 

If the enemies somehow break through Cypher’s A-Entrance Trap Wire + Cyber Cage, they will most likely want to access the Switch to close the Mechanical Door.

This second Trap Wire will ensure that anyone trying to access the Switch will get caught in a Trap Wire. Cypher can take advantage of the moment to score a quick kill from Generator or Garden.

Ascent B-site – B-Main/Lane/Logs Trap Wire

When Attacking B-site on Ascent, the natural reaction for many players is to get to Lane as fast as possible. This is understandable since Lane provides cover from both Market and Spawn upon site entry.

We can take advantage of this fact and set up Trap Wires that cover the Lane area, which might net us a few easy kills from Spawn.

To place this Trap Wire for B-Lane, align yourself with the Switch, and aim just to the right of this dark brick on the wall.

As for the second Trap Wire for Ascent B-site, this Trap Wire spot just before the Switch makes sure that enemies will be punished for trying to access Switch.

Meanwhile, your teammates holding from B-Market will be able to help you eliminate any Agent caught by this Trap Wire.

Have a Safe Trip on Ascent

The very presence of Cypher’s Trap Wires often leaves Attackers with no choice but to play slower than usual or risk gettings hosed down by Cypher and friends.

In general, Cypher’s Trap Wires do not need too much thought to use properly. However, a well-placed Trap Wire will lead enemy players into spots that Cypher can easily take advantage of.

As you gain more experience playing with Cypher and his Trap Wires, you can start going crazy with ridiculous Trap Wire setups. You can count on the Trap Wire setups featured here to score cheap and reliable kills every single time, though.

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