Dark Arts Gameplay Clip from Hogwarts Legacy Reveals You Can Torture and Kill People


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The Fantastic Beasts franchise may have fizzled out at the box office, but fans have something to look forward to with the release of Hogwarts Legacy next year. Just in, we have a new gameplay showcase, and it shows us the Dark Arts side of magic.

Dark Arts Gameplay Clip from Hogwarts Legacy Reveals You Can Torture and Kill People

This is the isolated clip from IGN:

With the magic gameplay being such a huge focus on the game, we actually get to see a full on battle with your main wizard/witch character and a bunch of different enemies.

What’s crazy is, the student in the clip is actually using the ‘Unforgivable Curses’ in the lore, so I guess committing murder and torture is alright in this game? I guess Potter has always had a dark, morbid side to it, despite starting out as a kid-friendly fantasy franchise.

To watch the full showcase, you can check it out here:

So far, the game looks massive, and it seems like they’re heavily leaning into the exploration of the Wizarding World. I guess it’s worth noting that the game doesn’t take place in the book or movie canon, and it kind of embraces a melding of the two—which should be great for newcomers to the franchise.

Hogwarts Legacy had already been delayed to release this coming February, but now it’s been pushed back again to April 4, 2023 for PS4 and Xbox One. The game is also set to release for the Nintendo Switch, but you’ll have to wait until July 25, 2023 to get your hands on it.

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