How to Use Items in Darkest Dungeon


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No one heads straight into a dungeon without carrying equipment with them, and in Darkest Dungeon, you need to take lots with you. The strongest enemies can quickly wipe out your team, so you should go on expeditions with items to prevent losing. However, you may wonder how to use items once you get to your destination.

How to Use Items in Darkest Dungeon

There are several item types in Darkest Dungeon, and they behave differently. Some work in combat, but not others. Let’s take a look at all of them and how they work.

Equipping Trinkets

Trinkets grant the hero carrying them unique bonuses, though they also have a negative stat. This feature serves to balance their usage and make the gameplay more challenging. For example, a Debuff Stone increases Debuff Skill Chance by 15% and reduces SPD by one.

To equip a trinket, follow these steps:

  1. At the Hamlet, open your hero roster.
  2. Scroll to the hero you want to wear the trinket.
  3. Bring up their stats.
  4. Bring up the trinket menu.
  5. Equip one or two trinkets if you have the slots.
    equipping trinklet

You’ll have to come back to the Hamlet to change a hero’s trinkets, as swapping them in the field is impossible.

Some trinkets are locked to specific heroes, and you’ll have to check who can or can’t hold one.

Using Provisions

When you head into a dungeon, you should bring supplies with you. Some missions give you a few items at the start, but you’ll have to buy the rest of them or find some within a dungeon. Certain characters also bring free provisions when you have them in your party.

When in combat, you have to wait for a character’s turn before using an item. The hero also can’t use their turn to expend provisions to help another hero. As such, if it’s not a hero’s turn, you have to use up the other turns first.

If you wish to use a Provision like Holy Water, here’s how:

  1. If a hero wishes to use Holy Water, you must wait until their turn.
  2. Select the hero and bring up the inventory.
    opening inventory
  3. Choose Holy Water from the items.
    selecting holy water 1
  4. Use the Holy Water.
    using holy water
  5. Its effects will now apply.
    effect holy water

Provisions are helpful when in combat, but you can also use them while at a campfire. As this phase isn’t a combat phase, you can pick any character you want and use a Provision to treat them.

Using Heirlooms

In the Town, you’ll encounter a few buildings with practical functions. These buildings can be upgraded with the use of Heirlooms, which are a distinct type of loot. You can get them from finishing dungeons or exploring.

If you wish to use Heirlooms, you’ll have to go to the structure you want to upgrade. Here’s how it works:

  1. Gather enough Heirlooms for the building you wish to upgrade.
    buildiong upgrade 1
  2. Head to the building.
    heirlooms 1
  3. Spend your Heirlooms on upgrades.
    spend heirlooms

Besides this function, Heirlooms are practically useless. You can’t spend them or use them elsewhere unless you plan on exchanging them for other Heirlooms.

Let’s Bring These With Us

Kitting out your party with the best trinkets and Provisions will make your dungeon expeditions easier. Not only will your chances of survival increase, but you may also get more loot. In addition, items have other roles in the world of Darkest Dungeon.

What’s your favorite trinket to equip? What Provisions do you always bring along? Let us know in the comments section below.

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