How to Get Gems in Monster Legends


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Gems are the premium currency in Monster Legends, giving you access to numerous items and monsters from the Gem Shop. They also let you speed up tasks such as breeding and upgrade your attacks. In other words, Gems are essential for success in the game, and every player could benefit from knowing how to obtain them.

How to Get Gems in Monster Legends

Today, we’ll share all methods of obtaining Gems in Monster Legends. These include paid and free, challenging and straightforward ways to get Gems. We’ll also cover the influx of cheats and generators for the game and possibilities for success.

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Buy Gems With Real-Life Money

Monster Legends is a free-to-play game, but players who wish to upgrade faster can spend real-life money to buy Gems. Gem Packs are available through the in-game store in a variety of pack sizes and prices.

The smallest pack, called the Couple of Gems, contains 25 Gems. This entry-level pack will cost you $1.99, or $0.79 per Gem.

The next pack contains nearly three times more Gems. For $4.99, or $0.76 per Gem, you’ll receive 65 Gems to use in the game.

Overall, the more Gems you buy, the lower the price per Gem. If you prefer to buy in bulk, the largest pack, Giant Chest of Gems, costs $99.99 and contains 1,700 Gems.

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Get Gems for Free

Gems don’t necessarily have to be purchased. You can earn them by playing the game, too. Some ways of getting Gems from gameplay are genuinely challenging, while others are as easy as pie.

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If you prefer to earn your money with hard work, you can get Gems by fighting in the Adventure Map, Dungeons, or multiplayer matches. Gems are also awarded for participating in limited-time events and completing timed challenges.

Alternatively, you can find Gems in most chests on the map or by clearing meteorites on the island.

Unlocking specific achievements may also yield Gems as a reward. Here are some of the achievements that will give you the highest number of Gems:

  • Win Battles. You need to win 2,000 matches on Monster Arena to get 35 Gems.
  • Gather Gold. You need to collect 500 million Gold from your habitats to receive 10 Gems.
  • Get Monsters. After obtaining 50 different monsters, you’ll receive 10 Gems as a reward.
  • Feed Your Monsters. A Gem is given for every 25,000 Food given to your monsters. For five million Food feds, you’ll receive 10 Gems.
  • Have Friends. Players get 10 Gems for 100 friends.

An easy way of getting Gems is watching videos in the Monsterwood. All you have to do is watch a couple of ads, and free Gems will appear in your chest. However, Monsterwood isn’t available for new players, so you’ll need to purchase the second island to access it.

Gems are also given for logging into the game daily.

Can I Get Gems From Cheats and Generators?

Recently, more and more third-party Gem generators started appearing online. The creators of these tools claim you can get an immense amount of Gems while not even playing the game. It might be true for some of them, but you should understand that installing non-licensed software puts your device at risk of malware. And unlike most other games, Monster Legends has no legitimate cheats to get some extra Gems. Numerous cheat codes are shared online, but they either don’t work, are a trick to give you malware, or are instantly fixed by the developers.

Stay Dedicated

Although Monster Legends allows players to spend real-life money to get Gems, the developers consider players who prefer free play. Most game achievements, items, and monsters can be obtained by spending enough time and effort on farming Gems via the gameplay. We also recommend keeping track of Gem Sales where you can get the desired items with huge discounts.

How do you plan on spending your Gems? Share your most desired items in the comments section below.

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