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DBZ Dokkan Battle F2P Team Building Guide!

By Dokkantero DBZ Vidz

F2P TEAM BUILDING Guide! – Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle

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Be sure to watch the video above. In this guide, we are going to talk about free-to-play team-building. Now, initially I was gonna do free-to-play tech specifically, but I wanted to kind of cover some other bases here basically.

And especially with the Baba shop units getting their rebirth I figured why not go ahead and talk about all the types a little bit to a certain degree but we’ll still talk about the strategy that I implement into the Free-to-play tech team so your Baba shop units are easily your best free-to-play leads.

If you have a better lead go with that, by all means, these guys also double as support units and they can help out with the lack of ki that free-to-play teams or Bare-bones teams often have because let’s face it the fewer options you have the less likely your units are gonna link.

So if you’re using Free-to-play units, for the most part, you’re probably gonna run into some ki issues here and there. So these guys do also help out with that so even if you have a better leader these guys can help out as support units as well.

Easily the best team is tech so Krillin automatically kind of becomes the best out of them. Saiyaman also links up pretty well on his team, but the other three guys do struggle for ki links, Master Roshi being the definite odd man out on his team when compared to the rest of these guys but once again giving two ki and the super high chances a 70% chance of giving a 30% boost to attack and defense definitely helps out quite a bit.

So very solid units if you don’t have a 70% lead one of these can easily sub in just make sure you have enough Baba points. As far as hard hitters go, I mean you can throw in any hard hitter that you have unless you’re specifically trying to do a free-to-play.

But here’s a couple of options for free-to-play just while we’re at it. The three, not formable LR’s but the three free LR’s androids obviously you get from friends summons.

Just play the game, and you’ll get friend points to summon them. If you’re new you’ll be surprised how quickly you can actually obtain these guys just make sure you’re able to beat the events.

LR Goku is a personal favorite of mine mostly because free-to-play tech is the best free-to-play team. It implements all the strategies that we’re going to be talking about here, so works out very very nice.

But of course, the androids do well on their respective team they hit very hard and Frieza also is a very hard hitter. There’s not a whole lot to say about them they’re LR’s. You know I mean it’s kind of an obvious choice.

You’ve also got the Goku Jr. who if you have him at a hundred percent he’s actually really solid on a regular int team so of course he’s gonna fit into the free-to-play spectrum on here. If you don’t have him it is what it is.

Throw on whoever you can obviously if you’re running a type specific team it’s gonna be a little bit different than like a heroes team or something like that but you know just thought I throw these options out there while we’re at it.

As far as other hard hitters go you’ve got the Broly that’s gonna come out when Super Saiyan 3 Broly banners released. The event where you drop the Super Saiyan Broly, the regular Broly the physical one that drops from the original Broly event.

He can token into this guy he hits pretty hard same with the Super Saiyan 3 Goku who Dokkan awakens from the Super Saiyan to Angel Goku at the Baba shop he hits pretty hard as well. Not as hard as Broly, but you know it’s something and then the otherworld Goku.

if you don’t have him I don’t know when that event is coming back, but if you do have him he can also be pretty solid. But once again throw your hardest hitting units try to make sure they link up well on the team.

So the main strategy for my free to play tag team which you can kind of implement into other teams is sealing and greatly lowering attack. That combined will make sure that you’re not taking too much damage and you’re going to increase your survivability by a lot.

Especially in some of these newer events when you only have a 70% boost with The Krillin and all that kind of stuff. That can be a bit of an issue so this can help alleviate some of that pain.

So as far as stealers go you’ve got the two Jackie Chuns the int one is better in a vacuum but the tech one goes on the tech team so in that regard, he’s better. You know however you want to look at it, but the int one is only available on JP right now, and he’s a world tournament Dragonball banner exclusive, so he’s free to play but he’s not a guaranteed thing like this Jackie Chun is.

He’s a super strike you can go form him right now in fact. You’ve also got the bunny Bulma, but once again Dragonball banner exclusive. Also, you would have to play through the Boss Rabbit event and if you haven’t played through it then I don’t know when that’s coming back either.

So not just kind of is what it is and because you can farm up Jackie Chun so easily you might as well run him. Murasaki is also on that Dragon Ball banner.

He’s a nice sealer he is one of two sealers on AGL, so, unfortunately, the other one is Oceanus. You know they’re just rares, but that’s an option as far as sealing is concerned.

And then you’ve got Mutaito but once again you can farm up the Jackie Chun a lot easier than that. There are two units that greatly lower attack as far as free to play units are concerned.

And it’s the Yamcha you notice all this tech in every single category, yeah, that’s that’s what I’m saying. You’ve got the Yamcha, and the other free to play unit that does it is the strength Great Saiyaman.

You can get him from the event going on right now just look at the info. I forget which one he drops, but it’s just a regular orange star high school R STR Gohan.

He can Dokkan awaken into this guy he greatly lowers attack that can be very nice especially if you have a strength sealer. I know there’s not a free-to-play option, but if you have one that’s great.

Once again you can throw on anyone. You don’t have to use these units, I’m trying to explain the strategy as I go but I will go over that in a second when we get done with all this stuff.

Anyway, the TLDR version is that when you’re sealing every other turn and you’re greatly lowering attack every other turn you’re gonna get your enemy down to a point where they’re doing almost no damage to any unit on your team and that’s gonna help survivability. Some other types of units you can run for support or you can run tanks.

Bulma is easily the best, once again another tech unit especially if you ever had a hundred percent her stats are really good for a free to play unit a hundred percent, and it doesn’t take any tech orbs it takes her own orbs.

So you’re not jeopardizing any other units. So there’s really no reason not to a lot of people run her as a more offensive unit and if that’s the case her best friend is the Bunny Bulma.

That’s another reason to keep her on the list up there, but regardless she is absolutely fantastic. She can greatly reduce the damage that you’re receiving in that slot, so that could be really nice.

She works well in front of a sealer because let’s face it sometimes you get attacked before you can get the seal off Bulma can be there to tank those attacks. And then you can get the seal off and you’re not taking too much damage so that can be really nice.

She’s a very good addition to the free-to-play tech team you can also run something like bio Broly. He’s mostly gonna be a defensive unit but if you’re against two or more enemies he actually starts to hit pretty hard, but his defense is not very good so he’s kind of a wonky one mostly because he’s new I thought I’d throw him in there.

Yeah, he can be he can be a bit of a burden on your team. It just kind of depends on the situation but you know why not throw him on there because he does tank pretty well when you’re up against one enemy.

Another kind of quote-unquote tank but more of a support unit would be King Cold. He’s got the Omega effect. He greatly reduces the amount of damage received by any unit when he comes out and he also lowers attack.

He doesn’t greatly lower attack, the keyword is greatly. You want them. You want the unit to say greatly lowers attack and by the way, these two free-to-play guys that greatly lower attack they’re not the only ones in that game that greatly lower attack just the only a free-to-play ones.

So that’s what you’re looking for, look through your box. See there’s plenty of units that greatly lower attack so see who you’ve got. As far as this King Cole is concerned, he just lowers attack so that’s not gonna be doing a lot. But that can help out a little bit.

But his damage reduction is definitely a nice thing to have you can run ki support units. Another stat boost like this Super Saiyan Goku if you didn’t pull him at the beginning of the game you can grab him from the Baba Shop up for incredible gems.

I believe it’s 300. I could be wrong about that. But anyway he gives +2 ki and 20 I believe 20 or 25% to your attack and you have to be above 50% so that’s a bit of an issue. But that’s something really nice, on the other side you can go the possessed Goten or Gohan route.

Sorry once again another tech unit, he does give three ki to tech types but also raises defense by 30% so that can help with survivability as well. While you’re also greatly lowering enemy’s attack and raising your own defense that can be really nice.

You’ve also got a support unit that raises attack and defense but doesn’t give ki. That can work out just fine like this Trunks. Also, the tech Piccolo once again another tech unit does the same thing.

But I thought I’d try to expand the types a little bit more but Trunks for instance, just like the Piccolo gives a 15% boost to attack and defense. By the way, Jackie gives a nice boost as well and is passive so that’s something to keep in mind.

But both of these guys Trunks and the Piccolo, they super attack early as well. By the way, that Goku and the Bulma super tech early, in addition, so units that super tech early can help alleviate ki issues because they don’t need a lot of ki to super attack and that can be really helpful.

And of course that they’re also doing some support that can be nice too. Another unit that super attacks early and another strategy you can implement is the cyborg Tao with his stunning.

He’s a pretty cheap stunner, 9 Ki and he and he has a chance to stun. I don’t like relying on the stun but I thought I would mention it anyway because stunning is an option that you can use.

But the basic goal of the tech team anyway, because it has everything that we’re talking about here. It’s got hard hitters, It’s got sealing, It’s got greatly lowering attack, It’s got tanks.

The goal is to seal every other turn and greatly lower attack every other turn so the way I like to do it with tech specifically is I’ll put Balma with Jackie Chun and I’ll put Bulma in front of Jackie Chun if there’s a super tech in that first slot before I get my attack, And the reason is that she can tank.

I also have her maxed out in dodge so she can also potentially avoid a super attack altogether. And then Jackie Chun will get his seal off and that will make next turn nice and smooth with no super attacks for your other units.

The Yamcha comes in on the next turn and greatly lowers attack You can link him up with Piccolo who links up pretty well with him and also super attacks early. So you’re not really worrying about him too much and then he can float the LR Goku.

I also run the Super Saiyan 3 free to play Goku. He’s a decent hard hitter similar to the physical one. I do think that the tech one’s a little bit better though.

But anyway, then pick up a friend Angel Goku so every turn you’ve got a hard hitter coming out. And you’re lowering attack on one turn and you’re sealing all your turn and tanking and all that good stuff.

So that’s kind of how I like to run that and It’s a pretty effective strategy especially now that these Baba shop units have their Rebirths, that’s gonna increase stats a lot. It’s gonna give you more breathing room and it’s gonna make taking on events a lot easier.


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