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January seems to be the month of reanimated corpses. After the premiere of The Last of Us on HBO Max, EA Motive is also gearing up to release their remake of the classic sci-fi horror title, Dead Space. The game is set to launch later this week, and we have the official specs required to play the game on your system.

Dead Space Remake Reveals Spec Requirements

Here’s the official announcement:

The announcement also reveals when the game will be available for launch in specific locations, and we also have dates and times for when the pre-load will be live, so on launch day, you can jump right into the chaos of the USG Ishimura.

The post also confirms that players will need to free up 50 GB of space if they want to install the game on their PC, but when it comes to consoles, it’s said that players will only need 31 GB. Then again, we should expect changes with both Xbox and PlayStation, since both have different tech when it comes to space compression.

Though Callisto Protocol never was able to live up to the ‘new Dead Space’ hype, Motive is going to be literally bringing us a the ‘New Dead Space’. Besides updated gameplay and graphics, players are also promised a fully explorable Ishimura which players will be able to scale from beginning to end.

Here’s the official description for the game:

Prepare to unravel a thrilling mystery in the darkest depths of space.

When Isaac Clarke and the USG Kellion were dispatched to repair the USG Ishimura mining vessel, they had no idea how quickly a routine mission could turn into a complete nightmare. What did the Ishimura crew discover in the darkness? What happened to them? And what does this mean for the future of mankind itself?

Dead Space officially launches for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox on Jan. 27.

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