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The Aoenblight Drake is a normal world boss in Genshin Impact that was introduced as part of the fourth region, the nation Dendro and Wisdom, Sumeru. It is a type of Automaton, a mysterious mechanical beast lurking in the ruins left by an old world. Along with this came new story content and exclusive material used to ascend several characters.

How to Defeat the Aeonblight Drake in Genshin Impact


This mechanical beast is a dragon-shaped Automaton that is believed to have been used as a combat machine and to inspire fear, much like the lord who once ruled these vast lands. This mysterious, tireless mechanical monstrosity seems to be proof that the now-destroyed realm had reached heights that mortals should never have. It is also said that such a world once sought forbidden knowledge and attempted to create perpetual-motion machines that could match or even surpass primordial lifeforms.


This Sumeru world boss can nest in a large cave under the eastern Devantaka Mountain in Ardravi Valley, Sumeru. An icon on the map marks the spot where this Automaton is situated.

The exact spot where the monster rests can be a bit tricky to find. If you have unlocked the Teleport Waypoint northwest of this boss’s map icon, you can simply turn to your back and pass through the opening that has stone steps and a path.

Go deep into this tunnel by following the stone walkway until you reach a huge cave with an arena at its center.

Special Mechanics

States: On-Ground, Aerial, and Paralyzed

Throughout the battle, the Aeonblight Drake will switch between two states to perform different attack moves. One is the On-Ground State, where the monster stands on its two legs and uses its nose, tail, and wing thrusters to attack the players.

The second one is the Aerial State, where the ancient mechanical beast will turn on its thrusters to fly and stay mid-air for a certain time. While suspended, the monster will both long-ranged and melee moves to attack.

Like all other automatons in the game, the Aeonblight Drake has power or life cores that will be exposed during and/or after certain attack moves. When this happens, the said cores will be vulnerable to attacks, which, when damaged, will paralyze the mechanical monster—Paralyzed State.

The Aeonblight Drake has a total of four energy cores. One on each of its wing thrusters, one on its nose, and one inside its chest. The best attack to use to hit them is fully charged aimed shots by a bow user.

Elemental Absorption

During the Bomb Scatter attack, the Aeoblight Drake will absorb the element that it has received the most amount of damage from since the start of the battle or from the last elemental absorption. The bolts on the head of this mechanical beast will have the same color as the element it absorbed.

If the monster took more physical damage compared to the elemental attack, or if it has not received any elemental damage, then no elemental absorption will occur.

After absorbing an element, the Aeonblight Drake will gain 60% resistance to attacks of that element, and the next time it uses the Bomb Scatter attack, the damage it deals will be of that element.

With this in mind, you should bring or include characters of more than one element to counter the elemental resistance that the Aeonblight Drake gains.

Attack Moves and Abilities

On-Ground State Attacks

These attacks are performed while the mechanical monster is standing on its legs.

Tail Sweep

This attack is performed by the monster by sweeping its tail 360 degrees around to deal 75% ATK as Physical Damage. The monster will do a little pause at the start of this move, which will serve as your cue to dodge.

Thruster Smash

For this move, the Aeonblight Drake will draw up energy on its wing thrusters and then use it to do a double punch or smash to the ground in front of it. Each smash will deal 75% ATK as Physical Damage.

 The animation of the monster drawing up energy on the thrusters will be your signal to prepare your dodges.

Tail and Thruster Combo

This move is a combination of the first two mentioned attack moves. The Aeonblight Drake will perform a Tail Sweep and then follow it with the double forward smash of its thrusters. Each hit will deal 75% ATK as Physical Damage.

Nose and Tail Combo

This move is the second version of the Aeonblight Drake’s triple-attack combo. It will start with two upward shoves with its nose and finish with a tail sweep. Each hit will deal 60% ATK as Physical Damage.

Nose Charge

This attack will be performed if the player is keeping a good distance from the monster. At a high and dangerous speed, the Aeonblight Drake will charge forward with its nose first. On a successful hit to the player, this move will be followed with a tail sweep. Both attacks will deal 75% ATK as Physical Damage.

While performing this move, the Aoenblight Drake’s core on its nose will be exposed and vulnerable to attack. A perfectly timed charged melee attack and a fully charged aimed shot that hits the core will paralyze the monster.

Aerial State Attacks

These attacks are performed while the mechanical monster has its wing thrusters activated and is suspended in midair. In this state, the cores on the Aeonblight Drake’s wing thrusters will be exposed at all times. It will be tricky to do the aiming with all the attacks that the mechanical beast will throw, but hitting both cores with a fully charged aimed shot will bring the monster down and paralyze it. 

Machine Gun Wings

For this move, the Aeonblight Drake will use the boosters of its thrusters to fire off a volley in a frontal direction. This attack will deal 60% ATK as Physical Damage. Since the direction of this attack is fixed, it will be fairly easy to step away and avoid getting hit.

Missile Barrage

Another ranged attack that the Aeonblight Drake can perform while in the Aerial State is the Missile Barrage. It will position the thrusters vertically to gather energy and then lock up on the player. This flying beast will then send out a barrage of missiles at the target. Each missile will deal 80% ATK as Physical Damage.

While gathering energy, the core in the mechanical monster’s chest will be exposed and vulnerable to attacks. With a precise hit of a fully charged aimed shot to this core, the Aoenblight Drake will fall down paralyzed.

Tail Charge

This move is similar to the Nose Charge and is also performed if the player is far from it. But since the Aeonblight Drake is in flight mode, it will use its tail to damage everything in its path on the ground. A successful hit of the charging attack will also be followed by a Tail Sweep. Both hits will deal 60% ATK as Physical Damage.

Since this attack is performed from a distance, it will be easy for the player to watch out and dodge it.

Bomb Scatter

This move is the only one that the Aoenblight Drake can perform while in both Aerial and On-ground States.

For this move, the thrusters of this Automaton will be positioned in a way that the cores will face each other. Energy will then be collected from the booster through the thrusters to form an energy orb above it. The orb will then explode, and energy bombs will then scatter around the mechanical beast.

The energy bombs will each deal 30% of AOE damage and will vary depending on the absorbed element if an element was absorbed.

Achievements and Rewards

Meeting certain conditions when defeating or facing the Aeonblight Drake will grant you achievements which include the following:

  • Dragonslayer – In a single challenge, bring the Aeonblight Drake down by attacking the cores on its wings.
  • Victory is a Mindset – In a single challenge, interrupt the energy flow of the Aeonblight Drake by attacking the core on its head.
  • Resistance is Futile! – Defeat an Aeonblight Drake that has increased resistance to at least two different elements.
  • Stop It, Mr. Robot! – Interrupt the charged attack of the Aeonblight Drake by attacking the core on its head.

When this flying Automaton boss has been defeated, you can use 40 Original Resin to claim items from the Trounce Blossom that will appear. The items you can get include:

  • Perpetual Caliber – This mechanical piece is a motor device that continues to rotate despite the destruction of the mysterious ruined machine that it once powered. Scholars claim that there should be no such thing as an energy source that can sustain itself forever in this world, and most research results obtained in the field of “perpetual motion” have been eventually proved false. Yet, this device proves that a now-destroyed civilization once reached heights that present-day nations could not hope to match.
  • Varunada Lazurite and Shivada Jade Gems – These ascension gems are mineral crystals that can be obtained from boss enemies that manipulate the Hydro and Cryo elements, respectively. It comes in different forms and rarities, which are Slivers, Fragments, Chunks, and Gemstones.
  • Artifact parts in 3-star, 4-star, or 5-star rarity of the sets Berserker, Instructor, Adventurer, Gladiator’s Finale, or Wanderer’s Troupe.
  • 200 Adventure EXP

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