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The assassin class in Demeo VR is interesting. It is deemed among players as the most overpowered class in the game. However, even if that is the case, that comes at a cost. The cost is that this class is a bit more complicated compared to others in the game. Nevertheless, to get you started, we though it be best to make a Demeo VR, assassin champion class guide!

Demeo VR: Assassin Champion Class Guide

Assassin Champion Class Guide – Demeo VR

The assassin champion class has a unique style, and the most important thing you need to get right if you play this class is positioning. Among other champion classes, the assassin’s positioning is very important.

Here are some tips on how to play the assassin champion class, and what you should be careful of:

  • Positioning. We already touched on this. The point of the assassin is to go behind enemy lines, and act as a scout at the same time. The Sneak card will be the perfect play here, since it will let you go invisible. Don’t use it when you’re low health though, as replenishing is disabled once in stealth mode.
  • Backstab. The assassin will deal extra damage if you attack from behind. Now, it may be hard to do that in certain situations, but make sure to go for backstabs as much as possible. On average, it does 30% more damage if successful.
  • Play dirty. Embrace it. Yes, this class, like we mentioned multiple times is a class that needs to go behind enemy lines. Wait for the perfect striking moments, and be creative about positioning and turns!
  • Stay close to your team. While finding your enemies’ location might be good, don’t overcommit. Stay relatively close to your team, to avoid being caught off guard with no backup.
  • Avoid taking damage. Avoid situations where you open yourself to attacks. Why? Well, this class is high DPS, and low tankiness, so you will be very squishy. Other classes can easily take you down, so avoid any situation that might put you in a position to take any damage. Be in the shadows, as some would say.
  • Open chests. With the Sneak card, you can go fully invisible. This is perfect for getting chests. Find and open chests as much as possible. However, still make sure not to overcommit!

The last thing which is the most important: Don’t quit! Sure, the assassin class is the most unorthodox and complicated, but where there is a will there is a way. Stick to this class, and you should come to grips with it in a few days!

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