Destiny 2 just stymied Heir Apparent Catalyst chasers


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The Guardian Games event inside Destiny 2 is technically supposed to run until tomorrow. However, it looks to have been shut down prematurely now that Hunters took first place a few days back. While the event’s early conclusion may not matter in terms of selecting a winner, its Daily Focus playlist has also vanished from sight. This is leaving those who are trying to complete the Heir Apparent Catalyst quest stuck in place with no way to make progress.

Destiny 2 just stymied Heir Apparent Catalyst chasers

A quick look at Reddit shows a number of threads created by baffled players who want to know where the Daily Focus playlist went. As they’re on step 3 of the quest, which requires them to “Defeat combatants with Machine Guns in the Daily Focus Playlist,” they’re confused about why Bungie shut down the playlist and made no mention of doing so in its blog or on Twitter.

It’s entirely possible this is a bug, though it’s hard to see Bungie patching it now since a brand new season is set to launch tomorrow. Still, the disappointment some players are likely feeling is understandable. They thought they’d have one last day to try and knock out the Heir Apparent Catalyst quest before the season ended, but that opportunity was taken away.

This situation also raises a larger question: how will those who haven’t completed this quest be able to when the new season begins and Guardian Games is entirely vaulted away? Will the quest be altered somewhat to allow Machine Gun kills anywhere? Or will these players be out of luck for the moment?

I have a somewhat vested interest in seeing the outcome of this, as I, too, am on this very quest step. Hopefully Bungie figures something out that doesn’t involve praying for the Catalyst as a random drop in a later season.

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