Destiny 2 patches almost every Vault of Glass cheese


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When the Vault of Glass raid from the original Destiny came to Destiny 2 a few weeks back, it was buggy as hell. There were numerous glitches players could use to get an upper hand, and even some that allowed them to defeat the final boss, Atheon, without going through the entire last encounter. It’s safe to say Bungie did not like players using these glitches, as today, the studio rolled out a hotfix for Destiny 2 that addresses many of them. If you had a favorite Vault of Glass cheese you were using, it probably won’t work anymore.

Destiny 2 patches almost every Vault of Glass cheese

Some were doing big damage to Atheon by “tethering Supplicants as they self destruct.” That no longer works anymore. Others, after finishing the initial Gatekeepers encounter, were tossing themselves off the edge, spawning in Future Venus, and killing Atheon there before the fight even started. That Vault of Glass cheese has also been shredded.

And some of you likely discovered — either on your own or via the community — that Prometheus Lens negated the need for the Relic when inside one of the two portals. With just that gun equipped, you could hold down the fort all by yourself. Bungie has fixed that, too. Now it seems there isn’t a single super broken Vault of Glass cheese left. Any runs going forward won’t have this stellar lineup of shortcuts to use.

In a way, this hotfix keeps a time-honored Destiny tradition alive. Players find a more efficient way to get loot. Bungie tries to keep them from doing that. This particular hotfix also came alongside a host of other changes, including substantial nerfs to Stasis abilities. I suggest you go check out the full patch notes to learn about everything included in the update.

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