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Welcome back, cult members! Are you having a hard time finishing the Asylum map in Devour? Are your efforts always end up in Molly, the main enemy, killing you and your squad? You no longer have to stress about it! Today, we will be dropping some awesome hacks to increase your chances of conquering this map. Here’s how:

Devour: How to Win in Asylum


Before discussing the possible ways to finish the game, let us back up a little and take some time to understand the story behind this spooky stage map. The Asylum takes place after the tragedy that happened in the Farm House with Anna Puerta. After being defeated, she and Molly Jackson, also one of your cult members, were sent into a secret psychiatric hospital where they were treated for manic delusions. They were reported as persons with odd behaviors. They were seen talking with themselves as if they were seeing things normal people do not usually see. This reason, and that they were intolerably aggressive, that they were subjected to solitary confinement.

The psychiatric hospital, where they were brought, uses old management plans in treating persons with these kinds of concerns. Molly was subjected to barbaric, arguably inhuman, treatment procedures that resulted in her body’s decay. Her mind did not benefit either, on the contrary, it suffered unimaginable torture and just made her situation worse.

Despite undergoing what was considered as ill-treatment rather than medical help, Molly survived her predicament. She started remembering the ritual in summoning Azazel back when she was a member of the cult. Gradually, she attempted to raise the goat demon once again. Did she do it? Was she successful?

For a long time, you have never heard from the mental institution. No one answers even the doctors nor the staff nurses. Being former friends with Molly, you and your other cult members decided to track her down.

You just hope it is not too late.


The game starts with you and your friends spawning in the elevator. This elevator door opens to what seems to be a neglected facility. You need to explore the area to find the key that will allow you to enter the main asylum. The clue here is that there is only one room with an unlocked door in this area. This has the key you need. Take the key and go upstairs. The body beside it is the clue that this is the type of enemy that you will encounter once the game officially starts.

Take note that Asylum is the largest map in Devour. It has plenty of rooms, many of which are connected to each other. Some of the rooms will lead you to another part of the building.

Oh Molly, what have they done to you?

Upon entering the Main Hall, you will see a fireplace on your right. On its side, there is a way down to the other basement. Here, you will find the place of ritual. When you reach this place, you will notice Molly lying in the bed… seemingly lifeless. You can say that her body had deteriorated from all the outdated treatment procedures she was subjected to.

Power Source

Around the ritual place, you will find several batteries. These batteries will provide power to turn on this electrocuting machine. Look for the fuse box located in the back of the room. This is where you will put the battery by. However, this is not enough to trigger the machine. You have to pull the start handle found beside Azazel’s statue.

REMINDER: Pulling the handle for the first time will officially commence the start of the game.

Get ready to be electrocuted!

Once the game formally begins, you may now start collecting ritual items. In Farm House, you are required to burn goats, but here in Asylum, you now have to hunt for rats and put them in the bed to electrocute. In order for you to do that, you have to feed them with food. The rotten food is on plates scattered on the map. When you encounter a rat, throw the plate on the floor, and wait until it comes near it and starts eating.

Rodents, where you at?

Once you have a rat in your hand, go to the ritual place. Put the rat on the bed. Be careful, though. Place the rate on the bed by pressing “E” Do not press “G” because it would mean that you are throwing your ritual item. If you do this, your rat will run away, and you would have to hunt again.

Make sure that you have loaded the battery to the fuse box. You may now pull the handle.

Just like in the other maps, once you have performed the ritual, in this case electrocuting a rate, would anger Molly. Due to her anger, she will enter hunting mode. This means that she will try to go around the whole map to look for you and your friends. If she finds you, she will kill you. She will then take your body somewhere in the building.

When you are killed, your teammates may still revive you with a health kit. The kits are scattered everywhere.

Keep the enemies out!

Did you really think it would be that easy? Of course, not!

In Asylum, you will also face the threats of wheelchaired demons. They will spawn randomly anywhere on the map. In order to fight them off, you will need to use the UV light of your flashlight to burn them. Click on the right button of your mouse to use the UV. Reminder: UV light consumes much of your battery. It takes time for the energy to replenish. So use it wisely.


1. DON’T HASTE – Don’t commence the game without going around the building. Memorize the map. Asylum is a large map with many enemies looming around. It is advantageous to be familiar with the area in order for you to know where to go and where to run.

2. HEALTH IS WEALTH – Since you expect that Molly will hunt you down as soon as you start performing the ritual, it is best to be prepared with health kits. Gather the kits in the place of ritual. Take as many health kits as possible. So whenever one is killed, you can revive them easily.

3. ENERGY IS POWER – Same with the medkits, gather all batteries scattered in the map. As you know, Molly will eventually become so powerful that your team will have a hard time finishing the task.

4. UNLUCKY 9 – When you have reached 9/10 of the rituals, Molly will enter into a permanent hunting mode. This means that she will kill every time she encounters any of your squad. If you allow this, it would be almost impossible to finish the game. Your best chance is to avoid this to happen. When you reach the 8/10, wait for your team to collect the remaining 2 rats. Once gathered, perform the last 2 rituals immediately one after the other.

AND THERE YOU HAVE IT! Were you successful? Do you know any other tricks you would like to share? Tell us in the comment section.

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