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All of the damage heroes in Overwatch provide a lot of firepower to your team. The damage role itself might be hard but with the right plays and the right synergy, you can easily take out the enemy team. Of course, it’s only possible if you know how to play the damage hero you are using.

How To Master Ashe In Overwatch

Standing in the middle of the pack of picked heroes in the game is Ashe. She’s one of the most versatile damage heroes out there but it does take a lot of practice to use Ashe. If she’s the hero you’re eyeing to master soon, then here are some tips for Ashe that might come in handy.

Ashe’s Kit

The Viper

To begin, let’s talk about Ashe’s primary weapon which is The Viper. The Viper has two modes, the regular mode for the Viper works well at close range and it has strong firepower partnered with a fast fire rate. If you aim down the sights, Ashe’s gun becomes a semi-sniper that can take out heroes from afar.

The Viper’s regular firing mode deals less damage but it makes up for it with its fast fire rate. It’s perfect for keeping Ashe safe against heroes that come too close to her. For most of the game, you’d want to use her gun’s sniping mode to take out the support of the enemy team – this makes having the high ground even that much more important, either that or a great off-angle.

The Viper isn’t as powerful as Widowmaker’s or Hanzo’s sniper. In most cases, it will take two hits to take out enemy heroes. A good tip to follow is to aim for the head once and then go for the body for an easier shot. This can take out most heroes instantly.

Coach Gun

One of Ashe’s best abilities is her Coach Gun. It’s a powerful shotgun that can push back opposing players and Ashe.

While in real life it’s intended to be a weapon for hurting others, the best way to use the Coach Gun in OW is to use it as a means to get to high ground or getting out of danger. It’s Ashe’s primary mobility skill. Just point it at the ground and you’ll be able to reach areas that you can reach while jumping.


Ashe’s Dynamite is her AOE or area of effect skill. It can clear out enemies on the point and it deals a lot of damage if players take the full brunt of it. As it deals consistent damage over time, Ashe can really charge up her ult quickly using Dynamite as well.

Some players tend to throw Dynamite and just let it explode after a few seconds. However, you can shoot the dynamite prematurely so that it explodes at an unexpected time. Ashe throws it in a straight direction so you can make it explode mid-air simply by throwing the dynamite and shooting directly from there.

BOB, Do something!

Last but not least is BOB. Using her ultimate ability, Ashe summons the durable and highly damaging aimbot named BOB for a few seconds on the field. If BOB comes in contact with a hero as he chargers forward, he can launch them in the air for extra damage and some crowd control.

BOB is a good hero to control points with as players are most likely going to clear out when BOB comes into the field. Be careful when using BOB though as if you don’t use him properly, he can end up falling on the map. It’s best to have Ana shoot BOB with Nano Boost so that he becomes more unstoppable.

When To Use And When Not To Use Ashe

Ashe is the perfect counter for Pharah, Mercy, and Echo. Basically, she can easily take out highly mobile heroes who can take to the air. She deals quick solid damage without having to charge up her gun unlike other snipers so she can take these heroes out very quickly.

Ashe is also the perfect hero to combat HP-heavy heroes like Roadhog and Reinhardt thanks to her Dynamite. Overall, Ashe is a good pick against most heroes in the game because of her versatility.

She is only weak against other snipers in the game. While her gun is a good semi sniper, it pales in comparison to the damage of other sniper heroes – especially at range. As such, you might find Ashe getting sniped by Hanzo and Widowmaker at the least opportune times.

If you want a DPS that’s a jack of all trades – at least for most situations, then Ashe may very well be the perfect hero for you. Her gun is one of the hardest to master but once you comprehend it, along with her skill set, you can rise through the ranks and help your team pick up that dub.

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