Diablo Immortal: 2023 Roadmap – Major Updates, New Class, and more


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Devs lay down their plans for 2023 in a recent community update post on Reddit.

Diablo Immortal: 2023 Roadmap - Major Updates, New Class, and more

Diablo Immortal’s debut year was a turbulent one – filled with various dramas and controversy around the game’s features and ‘free-to-play’ elements. Nevertheless, the devs have since made sure that these issues are slowly addressed, all while adding some much-needed content updates and features as the year went by.

The devs are looking to make 2023 an even more successful year for Diablo Immortal by pushing new content and various gameplay changes to make the game even more exciting for Diablo fans.

We have outlined the proposed 2023 updates for Diablo Immortal in this article.

Diablo Immortal Planned Updates for 2023

A recent Reddit blog post from Community Lead Adam ‘PezRadar’ Fletcher outlined the dev team’s planned updates for 2023, which includes a number of Major Updates and improvements to the game.

Diablo Immortal is reportedly getting Four Major Updates for 2023, which means players can expect to get a major update to Diablo Immortal every three months. These Major Updates bring exciting changes to the game’s gameplay, and narrative, plus they add various content and events that players can partake in.

Fletcher also noted improvements to Clans, in-game social features, and gameplay. Players can also expect the addition of a new class and Helliquary Bosses down the line as well. The dev team is also looking to push the Diablo Immortal narrative forward by adding new Main Questline and Side Quests.

Fletcher also promises a steady stream of Legendary Items to arrive in the game as the year progresses, while plans to add a new competitive game mode and Fishing activity in-game are reportedly also in the works.

The official announcement for Diablo IV has many fans excited for the new Diablo game, but since the game is a couple of months away from officially being released in the market, players will have to extract as much as they can from Diablo Immortal in the meantime. The good news is that players will not be running out of content anytime soon, as the Diablo Immortal dev team has a ton of great plans for the game in 2023.

Players can start by progressing through the new Season 9 Battle Pass and the Tong-Shi Lunar New Year Event to get exciting rewards and prizes in-game.

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