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Know what each attribute does for your character and how to make it the strongest it can be in this Diablo Immortal Attributes guide.

Diablo Immortal: Attributes Guide

Underneath all the whirling axes and explosive spells, in MMORPG such as Diablo Immortal, there is only one goal – drain your enemies’ HP bar down to zero.

How we wish it were that easy. However, it is not all that simple, as other factors dictate how fast or slow a character’s HP loses or gains HP in-game.

So in this guide, we have outlined all of the stats and Attributes present in Diablo Immortal, so you can equip and build your character to fit your playstyle. Let’s go!

Types of Attributes in Diablo Immortal

There are three different types of attributes that are unique to Diablo Immortal – Primary, Secondary, and Additional Attributes.

Primary Attributes

Primary Attributes in Diablo Immortal influence your character class’ ability to take advantage of their innate strengths.

Two of the game’s Primary Attributes – Strength and Intelligence – affect various classes differently. For example, Strength Attributes benefit the Barbarian class but matter little to classes such as Necromancers.

Primary Attributes in Diablo Immortal are focused on damage and survivability.

Secondary Attributes

On the other hand, Secondary Attributes mirror most of the effects and benefits of Primary Attributes but take into account enemy stats and attributes.

One example is the Secondary Attribute, Potency, which is very similar to the Primary Attribute, Willpower. Both attributes improve debuff time applied to enemies.

However, Potency will only improve debuff time. If the enemies’ resistance level is lower than your character’s Potency stat, there’s the dependency we’ve alluded to earlier.

Additional Attributes

Additional Attributes are a mixed bag of various Status Buffs and Debuffs that can increase your character’s Attack Damage, Attack Speed, Movement Speed, and Critical Chance, among many others.

These stats have the most influence when building your character to become a specific type of fighter. Prioritizing one of these Additional Attributes over others can turn your character into an offensive monster or a defensive juggernaut – the choice is yours.

All Attributes and Effects List

Primary Attributes

Primary AttributesEffects
Strength-Increases the Combat Rating and damage of the following classes by 1 CR + 0.33 damage per point of Strength:

Demon Hunters
Intelligence-Increases the Combat Rating and damage of the following classes by 1 CR + 0.33 damage per point of Intelligence:

Fortitude-Increases the Combat Rating of all classes by 1.
-Increases Armor and Armor Penetration by 0.1 per point of Fortitude.
Vitality-Increases the Combat Rating of all classes by 1.
-Increases Life by 3 per point of Vitality.
Willpower-Increases the Combat Rating of all classes by 1.
-Increases Potency and Resistance by 0.1 per point of Willpower.

Secondary Attributes

Secondary AttributesEffects
Offense Rating-Increases or reduces the damage the player applies to enemies.

-Raised through gear and gems.
Defense Rating-Increases or reduces the damage the player takes from enemies.

-Raised through gear and gems.
Armor-Reduces damage taken from enemies.

-Improves Block Chance (Additional Attribute) by up to 60% against mobs and 20% against players.

-Raising Fortitude improves Armor.
Armor Penetration-Reduces enemy armor. Raises Critical Hit Damage.

-Raising Fortitude improves Armor Penetration.
Resistance-Reduces debuff duration if the player’s Resistance stat is higher than the enemy’s Potency stat.

-Raising Willpower improves Resistance.
Potency-Increases the duration of the player-inflicted debuffs if the enemy’s Resistance stat is lower than the player’s Potency stat.

-Up to +99% duration for mobs and +50% against players.

-Raising Willpower improves Potency.

Additional Attributes

Additional AttributesEffects
Accuracy Rating-Increases the chance of landing normal attacks on enemies if the player’s Accuracy stat is greater than the enemy’s Evasion stat.
Evasion Rating-Reduced the chance of getting hit by enemies if the player’s Evasion stat is greater than the enemy’s Accuracy stat.
Critical Hit Chance-Increases the chance of landing a Critical Hit for double-damage on enemies.

-Raising Critical Hit Damage improves Critical Hit Chance.
Critical Hit DamageIncreases the damage of Critical Hits by 1%
Critical ResistanceReduces the chance of enemies landing a Critical Hit.
Attack SpeedIncreases the speed of Primary Attacks and Magic Attacks.
Cooldown ReductionReduces Skill cooldown and increases Energy recharge speed (for skills that rely on Energy)
Movement SpeedIncreases the player’s movement speed.
Block Chance-Increases the chance to block incoming enemy attacks for 50% less damage.

-Critical Strikes are not affected by this stat.
Armor PiercingIncreases the chance to ignore enemies’ armor on hit.
Life DrainRegenerate a percentage of your HP by attacking enemies.
Cheat DeathAdds a chance to survive incoming damage greater than current HP with 1 HP.
Life RegenerationIncreases passive HP regeneration when out of combat.
Magic FindIncreases chances of higher-tier loot drop when defeating enemies.

Best Attributes to Raise in Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortal is first and foremost a Dungeon-crawler MMORPG, which means that players will spend most of their time clearing dungeons and Elder Rifts to gain loot and the highly sought-after Legendary Gems. The faster players can clear these dungeons, the faster they can move on to another dungeon.


For the most part, players can clear dungeons in Diablo Immortal much faster if they focus on improving their character’s Primary Attributes, specifically the Strength/Intelligent stats (see table above to determine which one you need for your character). As these stats increase a character’s overall damage output.

In Diablo Immortal, Strength/Intelligence = Combat Rating = More Damage = less swinging around waiting for the enemy’s HP bar to go down to zero – something you want in-game to clear dungeons and Elder Rifts quickly.

Offense Rating + Defense Rating = Combat Rating

A character’s Primary Attribute directly influences Secondary Attributes, Offense Rating, and Defense Rating (combined, these two Secondary Attributes are called Combat Rating)

Combat Rating is the most important Attribute in-game and dictates how much damage a character deals or takes from other enemies by comparing both units’ Combat Ratings.

Movement Speed/Attack Speed

Lastly, Movement Speed and Attack Speed are great Attributes to improve and complement both Primary and Secondary Attributes well.

Movement Speed allows players to run through the various sections of dungeons faster and can also help players dodge incoming attacks by simply moving out of the way or side-stepping.

On the other hand, Attack Speed increases the player’s overall DPS or Damage (dealt) Per Second. With more Attack Speed, players can impose their character’s Combat Rating in a short period of time.

After all, it will not matter if you can one-hit enemies if you can only attack once every five seconds. (an extreme example, but you get the idea)

Dungeon Speedruns Incoming

Now that you have a better understanding of what each Attribute does in-game, you can start building your characters to fit your playstyle or complement your squadmates’ strengths to clear out Dungeons and Elder Rifts quickly and efficiently.

To simplify, focus on maximizing your character’s Primary Attributes and add the Additional Attributes of your choice to create your specialized dungeon-crawler.

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