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Diablo Immortal makes it easy for players to keep fighting hordes of enemies in-game.

Diablo Immortal: How to Heal

When starting in Diablo Immortal, players will have less HP to work with early in the game, so HP or Hit Points management is an essential part of gameplay.

Unless you use one of the more tanky classes, such as the Barbarian or Crusader, you must play even more carefully to ensure they don’t die outright in-game.

Fortunately, Diablo Immortal has made it easy to heal up in-game, so players can keep swinging in their dungeon runs for hours.

Heals in Diablo Immortal

There are just two primary types of healing in Diablo Immortal – Health Potions and Health Globes.

Health Potions are the most accessible since players can pick up Health Potions by defeating enemies or opening chests. The game even placed a dedicated Health Potion button on the upper right corner of the screen so players can heal on the fly.

However, a slight caveat with Health Potions is the time it takes to replenish HP, which can take a few seconds to complete, and the relatively long cooldown after using a Health Potion.

On the other hand, Health Globes only drop by chance whenever the player defeats an enemy. Unlike the Health Potion, which heals the player up over time, Health Globes instantly heal the player when picked up.

In addition, leveling up will heal the player to full HP, but this method is admittedly less reliable than the Health Potion or Health Globes option, as there is no way to know how much more XP is needed to trigger a level-up in-game.

How to Use Heals in Diablo Immortal

Health Potions

To use Health Potions in-game, tap the Health Potion button in the upper right corner of the screen on mobile.

Players can use Health Potions anytime as long as it is off cooldown, and players can continue fighting and taking damage from enemies and heal simultaneously. However, keep in mind the amount of damage you are absorbing versus the amount of HP being healed by the Health Potion, as it will take a while before you can use another Health Potion.

Health Globes

To use Health Globes, players have to walk over and pick up the Health Globes that fall on the ground randomly after defeating enemies. Simple right?

However, players must remember that Health Globes do not stack, so if you are on full HP, you should probably avoid carelessly picking up Health Globes when not needed. You would not want to waste a free heal, would you?

Refreshments for the Brave Warrior

Healing Potions and Health Globes will be every Diablo Immortal player’s go-to healing options in-game. There are essential differences between the two major healing options in-game, so knowing how and when to best use either can help maximize the heals players can get in-game.

So, there we have it! We hope this guide has given you a better idea of how Heals work in Diablo Immortal.

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