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Unveil the secrets of Sanctuary through the pages of the Horadric Bestiary in Diablo Immortal.

Diablo Immortal: Horadric Bestiary Guide

The Horadrim, mighty mages that fought quell Diablo, Mephisto, and Baal, left behind a book called the Horadric Bestiary, which lists all the monsters travelers can expect to see within the Sanctuary.

In Diablo Immortal, the Horadric Bestiary is a tome system that players can complete by collecting orbs left behind by slain monsters called Monstrous Essence. By completing pages of the Horadric Bestiary, players can get valuable loot and a chance to get Legendary Items.

We have outlined everything you need to know about the Horadric Bestiary, including how to unlock more Bestiary Pages and the rewards you can expect by unlocking more Bestiary pages in this guide.

What is the Horadric Bestriary?

The Horadric Bestiary is what a Pokedex is to the Pokemon series – it records every type of monster/enemy you encounter in Diablo Immortal in exchange for loot and other bonuses. The feature is unlocked as you progress through the Dark Wood storyline in Diablo Immortal.

How to unlock the Horadric Bestiary?

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At some point in the Dark Wood storyline, you will be given The Horadric Bestiary quest, where you must help a Rogue scout slay Fallen demons. After successfully defeating all the demons attacking the Rogue scout, she will take you to the Rogue Battlecamp in Dark Wood and show you the Horadric Bestiary.

How does the Bestiary work?

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The Bestiary contains 104 pages of lore information on various enemy types you encounter in Diablo Immortal. You can unlock these pages by collecting Monstrous Essence and offering them to the Horadric Altar in most of the Safe Zones in the game.

The Horadric Bestiary is split into five sections – Catalogue, Unique Monsters, Rare Monsters, Common Monsters, and Angler’s Log.

The Catalogue page is a basic landing page showing your current Collection Progress in the Bestiary. Here, you’ll find the number of monsters you have collected for all types of monsters and a more specific number of monsters you have collected for each category.

The Unique Monsters, Rare Monsters, and Common Monsters page lists all the monsters you have collected and those you have yet to collect in-game. Unique Monsters include dungeon bosses such as The Skeleton King, while Rare Monsters are those powered-up versions of common monsters with a yellow glow. Lastly, Common Monsters are monsters you’ll find inhabiting zones and dungeons around the game.

A new entry has been added to the Horadric Bestiary following the introduction of Fishing in Diablo Immortal. Players can catch and collect up to 40 types of fish in-game; all species are recorded in the Horadric Bestiary within the Angler’s Log.

How do you unlock monsters in the Bestiary?

To unlock pages in the Horadric Bestiary, you must collect Monstrous Essence by defeating random enemies around dungeons and zones in Diablo Immortal.

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Monstrous Essence drops randomly after you defeat enemies in Diablo Immortal. However, Monstrous Essence drops are rare, so you’ll have to defeat many monsters to collect enough Monstrous Essence required to unlock a random entry in the Bestiary.

You need 10 Monstrous Essence per type of monster in Diablo Immortal to unlock their entry in the Horadric Bestiary.

However, remember that you need to surrender the 10 Essences you have collected to the Horadric Bestiary before you can start collecting another set of 10 Monstrous Essences to unlock another type of monster in the Horadric Bestiary.

You can unlock a maximum of 3 pages in the Horadric Bestiary daily.

Horadric Bestiary Rewards

After collecting 10 Bestiary Essences, return to the Horadric Bestiary Altar in the Safe Zone of your current zone and offer the Bestiary Essences for rewards.

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You can get Battle Points, XP, Gold, and random equipment for each page you complete in the Horadric Bestiary in Diablo Immortal. There’s even a small chance of getting Legendary Items when unlocking pages in the Bestiary.

The good news is that you do not need to repeatedly kill specific types of enemies to unlock their pages in the Horadric Bestiary.

You only need to kill random enemies and collect Monstrous Essence to unlock pages in the Bestiary. The pages unlocked will always be random, so simply going about your daily routine, killing enemies, and collecting Monstrous Essence should be enough to complete the Horadric Bestiary eventually.

Gotta Kill ’em All!

The Horadric Bestiary can be a great way of getting to know all the monsters you encounter in Diablo Immortal. Collect Monstrous Essence and unlock Bestiary pages to learn the lore behind each monster in the game.

The progression and reward system for the Horadric Bestiary gives players something to strive for in-game.

While the rewards might not seem very valuable, the extra Gold, XP, and the chance to get a Legendary Item for unlocking pages should make slaying monsters more worthwhile in Diablo Immortal.

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