GTA 5: The Jewel Store Job – Loud Approach Mission Guide (Gold Medal)


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Learn how to complete the Jewel Store Job with the Loud Approach in GTA 5!

GTA 5: The Jewel Store Job - Loud Approach Mission Guide (Gold Medal)

Most heist missions in GTA 5’s story mode offer one or more ‘approaches’ you can take to complete the mission.

The Jewel Store Job is no different – you can enter the jewelry store by putting the staff to sleep (Smart Approach) or simply enter the jewelry store through the main entrance with guns blazing (Loud Approach).

This guide will examine the Loud Approach and how you can get a Gold Medal to complete the mission in GTA 5.

The Jewel Store Job (Loud Approach) Synopsis

Michael heads to Darnell Bros to meet with Lester and discuss the upcoming jewel store job. Michael and Lester plan out the mission details, including the approach Michael prefers to take and the crew members he will take with him on the job.

Michael settles for the loud approach – a simpler yet riskier approach where Michael and his gunmen enter the jewelry store through the main entrance.

With the mission details finalized, Michael calls the rest of the crew and briefs them on the mission details.

After Michael lays down the plan to Franklin and the rest of the crew, they set out to the jewelry store to begin the mission.

3 24

Michael, Franklin, and one of the gunmen take the van, while the hacker and the other gunman take the other delivery van, and both vans set their course for the jewelry store.

Upon arrival, Michael and the crew raid the jewelry store through the main entrance. While one of the gunmen holds the jewelry store staff down, Michael and the rest of the crew get busy collecting all the jewelry they can from the cabinets.

10 16

With the jewelry collected, Michael and the crew exit the jewelry store and proceed to the plan’s next step. Michael hands Franklin one of the bags, and then he and two other crew members head for the tunnels in their sports bikes.

Despite being unable to chase down Franklin and the other crew members through the tunnels, the LSPD predicts that Franklin and the shooters will be exiting toward the LS River.

With the LSPD hot on their tails, Franklin and the gunmen rely on Michael to stop the patrol cars.

25 5

After a long chase, Michael, Franklin, and the rest of the crew eventually shake off all the cops, giving them time to stop at the LS River exit to load the bikes.

With the crew and the bikes loaded, Michael drives to the stash location where Lester is waiting.

With the job complete, Lester tells the rest of the crew to split up and keep a low profile while he finds a way to sell the jewelry.

Michael commends Franklin’s performance on the job and invites him over for dinner to celebrate.

The Jewel Store Job (Loud Approach) Gold Medal Objectives

  • Quick Grab: Steal the jewelry within 50 seconds.
  • Protege Protected: Protect Franklin during the LS River chase.
  • Clean Sweep: Steal the jewelry from all 20 glass cabinets.

All Gold Medal objectives for this mission can be completed through multiple replays. You can return here and replay the mission to get the rest of the Gold Medal objectives.

The Jewel Store Job (Loud Approach) Mission Guide

Choose the Loud Approach on Lester’s corkboard.

1 23

As for crew members, pick Karim Denz, Packie McReary, and Rickie Lukens. This combination will give you the largest possible take from the mission.

2 27

Head to the jewelry store marked yellow on the map.

7 18

Switch to the first-person view – this will help you take the jewelry faster. You must complete this part of the mission in under 50 seconds to complete the Quick Grab Gold Medal Objective.

Make sure you do not leave any cabinet unchecked. Collecting all the jewelry from all cabinets would be best to get the Clean Sweep Gold Medal Objective.

11 14

After collecting all the jewelry, the play will switch to Franklin, who’s on his motorcycle. Just follow the other crew members to find your way around the escape route.

14 11

Feel free to use Franklin’s special ability to clear tight turns easily.

15 8

Follow the crew through the tunnels. Use Franklin’s special ability when necessary.

17 11

Once Franklin and the crew have exited the tunnels, the play will immediately switch to Michael.

19 6

Take out the pursuing cops by crashing into their rear. Simply following Franklin and crashing into any pursuing cops is enough to get the Protege Protected Gold Medal Objective.

20 7

Loud and Proud

If you are after the most money from The Jewel Store Job, the Smart Approach will net you more than the Loud Approach.

The Loud Approach is arguably easier to complete since you do not have to throw gas grenades at the rooftop before entering the jewelry store.

The Gold Medal Objectives for the Loud Approach and Smart Approach are similar in The Jewel Store Job. You can easily get all three Gold Medal Objectives in a single run by following the tips outlined in the mission guide above.

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