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No point in keeping all those items in your inventory if you aren’t going to use them. Salvage them to get valuable Upgrade Materials instead.

Diablo Immortal: Salvage Guide

You will spend most of your time in Diablo Immortal in Dungeons or Elder Rift runs to farm various items, materials, and gear. More often than you’d like, you’re going to come across loot – such as weapons and armor – which, if you have auto-pickup turned on, will quickly fill your inventory with redundant gear.

There isn’t much point in carrying all these items in your inventory since you will want to equip the most powerful items in your inventory anyway. Fortunately, you can Salvage these items and turn them into useful crafting materials in Diablo Immortal instead.

Salvage Materials

You can get three different types of Upgrade Materials from salvaging items in Diablo Immortal – Scrap Materials, Enchanted Dust, and Glowing Shards.

Scrap Materials

These materials are used for upgrading both your Primary and Secondary slot items in-game. You can acquire Scrap Materials by salvaging Normal and Magic items.

Enchanted Dust

If you have Rare-tier items in your inventory that aren’t seeing much use, you can salvage these to get Enchanted Dust.

You can use Enchanted dust to upgrade Primary slot items.

Glowing Shard

Salvaging Legendary or Set items will give you Glowing Shards in return, which you can use to upgrade Primary Slot items in-game.

How to Salvage Items in Diablo Immortal

You can salvage weapons and other items at any Blacksmith in Diablo Immortal. The most common one will be the Blacksmith named Charsi in Westmarch.

In the Salvage menu, you have to do is tap on individual items you would like to Salvage. After which, simply tap on the ‘Salvage’ button in the lower right corner of the menu.

Alternatively, you can use the Salvage All function in the bottom part of the menu. You can choose to mass-Salvage any of the three types of items:

  • White items = Normal Items
  • Blue = Magic Items
  • Yellow = Rare Items

Upon choosing the weapons and items you want to Salvage, you can also see the resulting crafting materials that you will receive after Salvaging the selected items.

Once you’ve decided which items you would like to Salvage, simply click on the ‘Salvage’ button in the lower right corner of the menu to permanently destroy the items and get crafting materials in return.

Reduce Reuse Recycle

Salvaging items can help declutter your inventory and make room for more powerful loot you might encounter in your Dungeon/Elder Rift runs. The ability to turn your unused items into valuable upgrade materials for more powerful items is nice to have and should help you upgrade your weapons as quickly as possible.

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