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Practice your best Gerwin Pryce impression in GTA 5.

GTA 5: How to Play Darts

It only takes a few days to complete every mission in GTA 5’s story mode. Thirty-one and a half hours’ worth of tasks might seem small when you consider games like Red Dead Redemption 2 take just fifty long hours to complete.

However, that number doesn’t tell the whole story – GTA 5 is full of side quests and activities that will have you hooked for hours.

We’ve previously looked at Tennis and Golf in GTA 5, so for this guide, we’ll try our hand at playing Darts in GTA 5.

Darts in Grand Theft Auto 5

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Darts as a minigame has already been featured in previous games in the Grand Theft Auto franchise. Grand Theft Auto IV and Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City featured Darts as a playable minigame.

Darts make another appearance in Grand Theft Auto 5 as an in-game minigame. However, players can only start playing Darts in Grand Theft Auto 5 after completing the mission Crystal Maze.

The gameplay is very similar to previous GTA 5 games, where players must carefully aim their Darts at various points on the Dart Board and reduce their score to zero as quickly as possible.

Darts Location in GTA 5

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Darts make a return in Grand Theft Auto 5. Unfortunately, unlike the older GTA games in the franchise, there’s only one location for playing Darts in Grand Theft Auto 5.

You can find the Darts minigame in GTA 5 at The Yellow Jack Inn in the Great Senora Desert next to Sandy Shores. And as mentioned above, you’ll have to complete the Crystal Maze mission with Trevor before Darts becomes available in-game.

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Walk into the pub and walk towards the game hall where a pool table and the Dart Board are located.

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How to Play Darts in GTA 5

Upon starting the game, you can choose the number of Legs (one-game race to zero) or Sets (multiple Legs). Games are typically played with a random NPC in the area.

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Playing Darts is simple. All you have to do is aim with WASD on your keyboard or move your joystick if you’re using a controller. The only challenge is keeping the crosshair steady since it tends to shake violently while aiming. You can, however, steady your shot by holding right-click on your mouse, L2 on Playstation, or LT on Xbox once per round.

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Use left-click (PC), R2 (PlayStation) RT (Xbox) to throw the dart.

Real-world Dart Rules apply. You take three shots per round, and wherever your shot lands, add up to the total score by the end of the round. The goal is to reduce your score from 301 to zero.

Darts that land on the outer ring will give 2x the base score (numbers around the Dart Board), while darts that land on the inner ring give out 3x the base score. Getting a bullseye yields 50 points, and hitting the outer ring of the bullseye yields 25 points.

Your winning shot has to land on the double, which means that if your final shot requires you to score 40 points to reduce your score to zero, you have to hit a shot on the outer ring that yields 20 base points. Alternatively, you can end the match by landing a bullseye as your final shot.

How to Win in Darts in GTA 5

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Upon starting the minigame, the game will show you important information about how to play Darts in GTA 5. General Dart board rules apply in GTA 5’s Darts, where the goal is to reduce your score from 301 to zero as efficiently as possible.

Unfortunately, you can’t just throw random darts and hope you reduce your score to zero, as the rules require you to land at zero but never past it, which calls for some careful shot decisions on top of the mechanical difficulty of aiming for various points on the board.

To win in Darts in GTA 5 in as few moves as possible, try the method below:

  • Try aiming for the 20s, which should give you a total of 60 points per turn. Do this three times for a total of 180 points.
  • Next, try to land three darts on the 20s once again to get another 60 points. You should be at 240 in total now.
  • For your third turn, try to hit three 7s, which will give you 21 points. This will land you at 261 total.
  • Lastly, try for a double 20, which should give you 40 points.


Darts is one of the simpler minigames in GTA 5. It is not as intense as Tennis or as complex and comprehensive as Golf. Nevertheless, Darts fans will have much fun playing the minigame in GTA 5.

If GTA 5’s Darts is your first-ever foray into the game, don’t worry, a couple of Dart games are all you need to get a good grip on the rules and scoring. Just keep playing and land those shots perfectly.

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