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Learn everything you need to know about Stash in Diablo Immortal!

Everything You Need To Know About Stash in Diablo Immortal

In Dungeon Crawler games like Diablo Immortal, you must fight against hordes of enemies in dungeons and zones to complete tasks and receive rewards. You’ll have countless numbers of Gear of varying quality as you go through multiple dungeon runs. While most of the loot is rubbish, a rare item drop or two sometimes makes all the grind worthwhile.

At some point in the game, you’ll have more items and Gear in your inventory than you know what to do with them. You can Salvage these items and get materials in return or store them and use them later in your Stash.

Diablo Immortal’s Stash is an important storage mechanic, allowing players to store more items than an individual character’s inventory. There are tons of Legendary Gear and Set Items in Diablo Immortal, which means you’ll likely end up using your Stash sooner rather than later.

This guide outlines everything you need to know about the Stash in Diablo Immortal.

How does the Stash work in Diablo Immortal?

The Stash is a secondary storage space where players can store Gear and Gems to free up their character’s inventory.

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The game provides up to 48 Stash slots that players can use to store Gear, Gems, and other items. However, it is important to note that storing any type of Gear will use up two Stash slots instead of one, meaning you’ll only have 24 slots to work with if you’re only storing Gear pieces in your Stash. Other items, such as Gems, will only occupy one Stash slot per type.

To store items in your Stash, double-tap or click Gear or items you want to transfer to the Stash.

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Alternatively, you can click on an individual item, which will reveal a ‘Store’ button in the button part of the item’s description box.

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You can also click on any of these icons in the bottom right corner to find other items you can store in your Stash.

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Where to find Stash in Diablo Immortal?

The Stash can be found in most zones in Diablo Immortal. Look for the chest icon on the map to find the Stash in your current zone.

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In Westmarch, you can find the Stash on the eastern side of Rakkis Plaza next to Wynton’s Grand Market.

How to get more Stash storage in Diablo Immortal

You can get more Stash storage in Diablo Immortal through the newly added Stash expansion option.

The February 6 Content Update brought two additional Stash tabs that players can unlock in-game. Unfortunately, these additional Stash tabs are not free: The first Stash tab costs 2,000 Platinum to unlock, while the second Stash tab requires an active Boon of Plenty.

Despite the unexpected cost, Blizzard has given players the additional Stash tabs they have requested since the game came out last year.

You can add Stash storage by clicking any of the two extra Stash slot icons in the bottom left corner of the Stash menu:

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Clicking on the second Stash icon will reveal the option to purchase the Stash slot for 2,000 Platinum.

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Clicking on the second Stash tab will ask you to purchase the Boon of Plenty.

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Purchasing the first Stash tab for 2,000 Platinum will unlock the Stash tab permanently. The second Stash tab requires you to maintain an active Boon of Plenty. If your Boon of Plenty expires, you can no longer add more items to the second Stash tab. However, items stored in the second Stash tab can be withdrawn regardless of your Boon of Plenty status.

All Stashed Up

Your Stash will allow you to store multiple items away from your character’s inventory. Use the free Stash tab to store important Gear such as Legendary Gear or Set Items. If you ever need more storage, you can buy an extra slot for 2,000 Platinum or maintain a Boon of Plenty to get a second extra slot.

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