GTA 5: Paparazzo – The Tape Mission Guide (Gold Medal)


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Learn how to complete the Paparazzo – The Tape Mission in GTA 5!

GTA 5: Paparazzo - The Tape Mission Guide (Gold Medal)

Beverly recognized Franklin’s capabilities when they met in the first Paparazzo mission. After that mission, Beverly would call Franklin several times to ask for help taking pictures and recording videos of various stars around Los Santos.

Paparazzo – The Tape is the second mission in the Paparazzo series of Strangers & Freaks missions involving Franklin and Beverly Felton, where the pair spy on Poppy Mitchell and her co-star Justin at the Gentry Manor Hotel in West Vinewood.

In this guide, we have outlined everything you need to know about Paparazzo – The Tape and how you can get a Gold Medal for completing the mission in GTA 5.

Paparazzo 2 Synopsis

Franklin meets Beverly in West Vinewood to discuss the next paparazzi job. Beverly is excited to ask for Franklin’s help recording Poppy Mitchell doing the unexpected with her co-star Justin.

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To catch both celebrities in the act, Beverly asks Franklin to follow him to a house where the targets are. Franklin and Beverly carefully enter the Gentry Manor Hotel, avoiding staff and security and eventually spotting Poppy Mitchell and her co-star.

Beverly hands Franklin his camera and asks him to record both stars in the act. Franklin agrees and records a few seconds of the video clip before Poppy Mitchell spots him and Beverly watching from behind the bushes.

Beverly and Franklin escape by running toward the Gentry Manor Entrance, where Beverly’s vehicle is parked. Franklin and Beverly try to escape, but Poppy Mitchell chases after them in her vehicle and is followed closely by her security team.

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With Beverly on the wheel, he asks Franklin to record Poppy Mitchell from the trunk of their escape vehicle. Franklin gets a good few minutes of Poppy Mitchell’s face before Beverly drives through the construction site to lose her and her security. Poppy follows both men to the construction site but eventually loses control of her vehicle, causing her to crash into construction materials onsite.

With the coast clear, Beverly drops Franklin along Del Perro, thanks Franklin for his time, and promises to compensate Franklin for his efforts in due time.

Paparazzo – The Tape Gold Medal Objectives

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  • Quick Dip: Jump in the pool while following Beverly
  • Money Shot: Achieve full facial recognition during the chase

All Gold Medal objectives for this mission can be completed through multiple replays. You can return another time and replay the mission to get the rest of the Gold Medal objectives.

Paparazzo 2 Mission Guide

Follow Beverly to the Gentry Manor Entrance. You can walk toward the entrance as the mission has no time limit.

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Just relax and walk behind Beverly as you enter the Hotel.

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Take a quick dip in the hotel pool to complete the Quick Dip Gold Medal objective.

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Follow Beverly’s lead. He will hand Franklin the camera so Franklin can start recording Poppy and Justin.

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Just make sure you keep the small square lit in green. The dialogue between Poppy and Justin is pretty long, but they will eventually spot Franklin and Beverly.

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When Franklin and Beverly are spotted, run and follow Beverly to the escape route.

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12 4

Get in Beverly’s car and get ready to record Poppy from the back of it.

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Keep the camera focused on Poppy. Try your best to keep the indicator lit in green.

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Don’t miss the chance to focus on Poppy’s face when she gets close, such as in this instance.

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Beverly will eventually drive through the construction site and crash into the construction materials in the area. This will signal the end of the chase.

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23 3

Shoot and Run

Beverly promises Franklin a handsome payday for helping with Beverly’s paparazzi stakeout jobs. Franklin is still skeptical about this promise but will not let a chance to earn some good money slip by.

Getting the Quick Dip Gold Medal Objective is almost a given since you can complete the objective by just dipping Franklin’s shoes in the pool and quickly heading toward Poppy and Justin’s location inside the house.

Money Shot is more challenging, but you should get a good shot of Poppy Mitchell’s face during the chase since she will try to crash into Beverly’s car, allowing you to get a full facial shot of the actress on Beverly’s camera.

Follow the tips in the guide section above to get both Gold Medal Objectives in a single run.

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