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Here are a few tips to level up fast in Diablo IV.

How To Level Fast in Diablo IV

Players familiar with Diablo’s gameplay will know the real fun starts in the endgame. Players can start grinding and farming the game’s best weapons in the endgame and take on the most exciting content.

Of course, before you can get to the endgame, you must play through Diablo’s campaign mode and complete it. Part of the challenge includes leveling fast enough to get to level 45-50 so you can complete the last legs of the campaign with ease.

Getting to Level 50 fast shouldn’t be too difficult in Diablo IV, as there are many ways to get XP and level fast in-game. This guide will show you the best ways to level up quickly in Diablo IV.

Pick the right Diablo IV Difficulty Setting

Like previous Diablo games in the franchise, Diablo IV allows you to change the game’s difficulty for a more challenging experience.

Level fast in Diablo IV by playing on the correct difficulty.

In case you didn’t know yet, your enemies automatically get stronger as you get stronger. The World Tier (difficulty) you pick determines how much stronger enemies can get relative to your character’s power level.

There are four difficulty levels in Diablo IV, and each one provides increased XP bonuses:

  • World Tier 1: Base XP & Gold
  • World Tier 2: 20% bonus XP
  • World Tier 3: 100% bonus XP
  • World Tier 4: 200% bonus XP

Generally, playing at a higher World Tier will give you bonus XP and Gold and make gameplay much more challenging. However, playing at a higher World Tier will also make enemies more difficult to kill. Sure, you’ll get bonus XP, but you will also struggle against enemies, making the leveling process slower overall.

If you’re trying to level from 1-50 in Diablo IV as quickly as possible, switching to World Tier 2 and getting that 20% bonus, XP might sound like a good idea. However, staying in World Tier 1 until you reach Level 40-45 will make enemies more manageable and allow you to breeze through enemies while still getting decent XP.

Complete Missions and Sidequests

You can level up very quickly in Diablo IV by completing all the Main Quests and Sidequests as quickly as possible. Main Quests provide the largest quest-based XP gains, but you can also get decent XP rewards from Side Quests.

Complete missions and sidequests to level fast in Diablo IV.

Look for a yellow mark on the map to start the next Main Quest. For Sidequests, look for NPCs with a purple exclamation mark on the map and accept their request to start these side missions.

Repeat Strongholds To Level Fast In Diablo IV

Strongholds are unique open dungeons that provide decent XP gains. There are 15 Strongholds in Diablo IV, each requiring a minimum level range to enter. To complete the Stronghold, all you have to do is clear the dungeon and kill the dungeon boss.

Strongholds provide a ton of XP to level fast in Diablo IV.

Thanks to their numerous enemies, Diablo IV’s Strongholds are a great source of XP. Unfortunately, Strongholds are a one-time affair that you can only complete once.

The good news is that there is a way to repeat Strongholds and abuse their XP boost. To do that, you must clear all enemies before reaching the Stronghold boss. Once you reach the Stronghold Boss, leave the game and return to the character select menu. After that, reload your character, and you should find yourself inside the same Stronghold with all the enemies inside respawned. Rinse and repeat.

You can abuse the method above to level up fast in Diablo IV. Use the following Strongholds for the following levels to get the best XP rewards:

  • Level 12-17: Malnok and Nostrava Stronghold
  • Level 17: Onyx Watchtower, Moordaine Lodge, Hope’s Light.
  • Level 22-32: Kor Dragan
  • Level 32-45: Temple of Rot

The enemies in the Strongholds listed above will be stronger than you, which means you’ll get bonus XP from them.

Renown Rewards

Renown Rewards are milestone rewards for each region in Sanctuary. These rewards give you bonus XP, Gold, Skill Points, Potion Charges, and more.

Get bonus XP and level fast through Renown Rewards.

You can get Renown Rewards by completing challenges within a given region. Some of the challenges include:

  • Waypoints
  • Strongholds
  • Side Quests
  • Areas Discovered
  • Side Dungeons
  • Altars of Lilith

You can get Renown Points by discovering Waypoints, completing Strongholds and Side Quests, discovering hidden areas, completing Side Dungeons, and discovering Altars of Lilith. You must complete a specific number of instances for each milestone, but you do not have to complete them 100% to get enough Renown to claim rewards.

XP is a guaranteed Renown Reward alongside Gold, so make sure you try to complete as many milestones as possible so you can level up fast in Diablo IV.

Teaming up with other players can help you Level Fast in Diablo IV

You should have no problems playing Diablo IV alone, as much of the game’s content can easily be completed even without the help of other players. With that said, Diablo IV is a multiplayer game that rewards teamwork, and teaming up with other players can help you level up faster in Diablo IV.

Team up with other players and get an XP bonus to level fast in Diablo IV.

You don’t even have to be friends with anyone in the game to get a 5% XP boost – simply running around with random players and helping them clear enemies will allow you to level up faster in the game. You can get even more XP boost by playing with a party member – another 5% XP bonus on top of the 5% bonus when playing near random players.

Make XP Elixirs at the Alchemist

An NPC called The Alchemist lets you craft an item called Elixir. Elixirs are consumables that provide various stat bonuses and bonus XP for a limited time. There are 13 different types of Elixirs, but almost all provide bonus experience gains.

Elixirs last around 30 minutes and provide specific buffs and a 5% XP boost for the duration.

Final Thoughts

Blizzard has made XP a very bountiful resource in Diablo IV. XP is almost everywhere in the game, as you can get it by killing enemies, completing Main and Side Quests, completing milestones, and even through crafted potions called Elixirs.

Leveling up fast in Diablo IV is almost a given, considering how easy it is to find XP in the field, so it’s only a matter of time before you reach Level 50. Still, you can get there even faster by following the tips outlined in this guide.

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