Everything You Need To Know About Diablo IV Quests


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Here are all the Quests in Diablo IV.

Everything You Need To Know About Diablo IV Quests

You will encounter hundreds of unique quests as you play through the Diablo IV campaign, and this time around, you even have the option to choose which ones you prefer to play first during the campaign’s first three Acts. The order you choose to play each Act won’t matter, as you will be one step closer to stopping Lilith one way or another through Acts 4, 5, and 6.

We have listed all the quests for all six Acts in Diablo IV so you can get a good idea of where you are in the game and how much farther you need to grind to complete the campaign.

How many Diablo IV Quests are there?

There are around 150 Quests in Diablo IV consisting of Main and Side Quests divided into six Acts, and 97 of the 150 Quests are main. In the first three Acts of Diablo IV’s campaign, you can choose how you progress and complete each Act.

A screenshot of the campaign quests in Diablo IV

Diablo IV’s main campaign for the first three Acts is non-linear, and you are not forced to play through a strict order of missions. You can choose which of the three Acts you want to play first and jump from one Act to another if you wish.

Diablo IV Quests List

Below is a complete list of all the main quests for each Act in Diablo IV. As mentioned above, you can jump between Acts 1-3 quests. After Acts 1-3, however, you will be placed back into the normal campaign progression as you gear up for Acts 4-6.


  1. Dusk on the Mountain
  2. Darkness Within
  3. A Hero’s Return
  4. A Hero’ Reward
  5. Players for Salvation
  6. In Search of Answers
  7. Rite of Passage
  8. Missing Pieces

A Cold and Iron Faith (Act 1)

  1. Tidings
  2. Tarnished Luster
  3. the Knight and the Magpie
  4. Undertaking
  5. Below
  6. In Her Wake
  7. Storming the Gates
  8. The Cost of Knowledge
  9. Light’s Guidance
  10. Kor Valar
  11. Pilgrimage
  12. Light’s Judgement
  13. Light’s Protection
  14. Wayward
  15. Shroud of the Horadrim
  16. Fledgling Scholar
  17. Crossing Over
  18. Descent
  19. Light’s Resolve

The Knife Twists Again (Act 2)

  1. An Unforeseen Visit
  2. Dark Omens
  3. Encroaching Shadows
  4. Exhuming the Forgotten
  5. Harrowed Lament
  6. Apex of Misery
  7. Parting Embers
  8. Feral Nature
  9. The Best Within
  10. The Pat of Rage
  11. Fangs of Corruption
  12. Stemming the Flow
  13. Buried Secrets
  14. In Ruins
  15. Entombed Legacy
  16. Shadow Over Cerrigar
  17. As the World Burns

The Making of Monsters (Act 3)

  1. The Spreading Darkness
  2. Suffering Disquiet
  3. Whittling Sanity
  4. A Moment to Collect
  5. Brought Low
  6. The City of Blood and Dust
  7. Small Blessings
  8. Whispers from the Past
  9. Through the Dark Glass
  10. Descent Into Flame
  11. Loose Threads Oasis of Memories
  12. Flesh from Bone
  13. Beneath the Mask
  14. Piercing the Veil
  15. Exhumed Relics

A Gathering Storm (Act 4)

  1. Prying the Eye
  2. A Master’s Touch
  3. Lost Arts
  4. A Meeting of the Minds
  5. Anguish Incarnate
  6. Eye of the Storm

Secrets Bartered, Fates Sold (Act 5)

  1. The Path Divided
  2. Secrets of the Zakarum & Entombed Hatred
  3. Witch of the Wastes
  4. Encumbered Mind
  5. The Cage of Grief End
  6. Tainted Flesh
  7. Wrack & Ruin
  8. Cold Blood
  9. Judgment of the Swamp
  10. The Serpentine Path
  11. Dirge of the Mire
  12. The Slow, Beating Heart
  13. A Cold and Lifeless Shore
  14. Picking Through the Bones
  15. Beneath the Wine-Dark Sea
  16. Fragments of Mortality
  17. On the Precipice
  18. Knee-Deep in Filth
  19. A Chorus of Voices
  20. Evil Stirs in Kehjistan

Dance of the Makers (Act 6)

  1. The Jewel of the East
  2. The Scouring of Caldeum
  3. The Walls Shake
  4. Essence of hatred
  5. In Desolation’s Wake
  6. Light Extinguished
  7. The Blind Eye
  8. What Lies Ahead

From the Wound Spilled (Epilogue)

  1. Promises
  2. A Heavy Burden
  3. Legacy of the Horadrim

How do you find Diablo IV Quests?

You can find available quests in Diablo IV within the map menu. Press the M button to bring up the World Map, then click the red arrow on the right side to access the quest menu.

  1. Press M on your keyboard to bring up the World Map.
Press M on your keyboard to view Diablo IV Quests

2. Click on the red arrow.

Click on the red button to view your Diablo IV Quests list.

You can even set markers for active quests to find the checkpoints faster. Click on any Quest on the list to track Quests.

A screenshot of the Journal screen in Dibalo IV

How long is the Diablo 4 Campaign?

According to an interview with director Joe Shelly and General Manager Rod Fergusson, Diablo 4’s campaign will be around 35 hours long, with Act 5 taking the longest.

As mentioned above, you can expect to complete up to 150 quests in Diablo IV, but you only need to complete Main Quests to finish the campaign. If you focus on Main Quests only, you should be able to complete the game at around the 35-hour mark.

It is worth noting that you can still progress in Diablo 4’s Battle Pass even if you haven’t completed the campaign, but you won’t be able to access specific seasonal content until you complete the campaign. 

You can skip between Acts 1-3 after you complete Diablo IV’s Prologue, but that doesn’t mean you should. Here’s the recommended campaign quest order for a smooth and hassle-free playthrough.

  1. Prologue: Wandering
  2. Act 1: A Cold and Iron Faith
  3. Act 2: The Knife Twists Again
  4. Act 3: The Making of Monsters
  5. Act 4: A Gathering Storm
  6. Act 5: Secrets Bartered, Fates Sold
  7. Act 6: Dance of the Makers
  8. Epilogue: From the Would Spilled

As you can see from the recommended quest order above, following the numerical order of each Act is the most optimal way of progressing through Diablo IV’s campaign mode.

While you can skip Acts during Acts 1-3, playing them in numerical order lets you level up and scale more smoothly from one Act to the next, making gameplay more enjoyable and less challenging.

There is no real benefit to skipping Acts in Diablo IV, as you won’t get better rewards by taking on a more challenging Act anyway. With that said, you can skip Acts for the more challenging gameplay.

Final Thoughts

Like any RPG game, you must complete quests to progress in Diablo IV’s campaign. Fortunately, you can choose how you wish to play the first three Acts in the game before you are placed back into a linear quest order by Act 4.

With over 97 main quests to complete, you’ll be better off simply completing all the quests as quickly as possible so you can move toward the endgame and unlock Diablo IV’s endgame content.

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