Director of Ubisoft’s Star Wars Game Hints at Reveal This Year


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It was the start of 2021 when Ubisoft’s Star Wars game was officially announced, but 2022 has come and gone and we haven’t been getting any updates. What’s cool is, we could be getting that much awaited reveal this 2023.

Director of Ubisoft’s Star Wars Game Hints at Reveal This Year

This was teased by director Julian Gerighty on Twitter:

Though no trailer was announced in the post, the implication that 2023 was going to be ‘huge’ was enough for fans to guess that we could be getting our first look at the game. It’s highly unlikely they would release the game this year, but a trailer would make complete sense.

Ever since EA lost its exclusive license to produce Star Wars games, more and more developers have been jumping in on the chance to work on the IP—and each with their own special twist. There’s even an Overwatch-type Star Wars game incoming with Star Wars: Hunters.

We don’t know what Ubisoft’s game is going to look like, but if Assasssin’s Creed is any implication, we could be looking at an open world with the promise of being able to extensively customize your character. I’m personally more inclined to the narrative-driven games like The Last of Us, but I’m sure there are some fans who would love a new-gen open-world Star Wars game.

No announce date has been revealed yet, but I’m guessing they could be gearing up for an E3 2023 reveal in the middle of the year.

No release date has been announced for Ubisoft’s Star Wars game.

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