Dirt 5: Stuntmasta Trophy Guide



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In Dirt 5, your skill is showcased by how much achievements you have under your belt. There are certain things to do in different modes which will gain you an achievement for doing something extraordinary.

Dirt 5: Stuntmasta Trophy Guide

Most of these achievements are difficult to obtain, hence their importance. On Gymkhana your skills as a driver will be put to the test. Along the way, you can get the Stuntmasta trophy if you want.

Stuntmasta Trophy Guide – Dirt 5

What makes this endeavor challenging is the fact that you need to exceed 30.000 points in 1.30 minutes. It wouldn’t be as difficult if there wasn’t a timer on it.

There isn’t a particular way to get the Stuntmasta trophy, or finish the objective, but you can follow the tips below to improve your chances.

How to Get 30.000 Points In Drift 5

  • Drift around the pillars to 100%. Even if you get to the max 2.000 points, continue to do so to make some progress for the multiplier.
  • Make it your main priority to get to x2 score, so your points can double. This means avoid all collisions!
  • Focus the Donut Drifting points, and the 360 spin challenges.
  • Follow the right wall, as there will be the best challenges to do. When you start finish the first donut straight from spawn, then drive right next to the wall on the right.
  • Your main priority should be to get the x3 multiplier, because that is when you really start stacking up some points.
  • Hit the yellow points on the right side while you move from one challenge to another.
  • Avoid messing up on the Donut Drifts and the 360 spin. Once you mess up once or twice, chances are slim that you will get to the 30 thousand mark.

Like I said, there isn’t a sure proof method of getting 30 thousand points, but if you follow the guidelines above, you can easily achieve such a score.

Don’t get discouraged in your attempts, because you will most likely have a lot of them. This is a skillful map and one mistake could cost you the Stuntmasta trophy.

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