How to Get the Ship Moving in Divinity Original Sin 2


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In the Divinity Original Sin 2 quest, “Lady o’War,” your main objective is to get the Lady Vengeance ship moving. However, finding out how to make this happen isn’t an easy task.

How to Get the Ship Moving in Divinity Original Sin 2

You’ll need to have specific skills and stats to see the quest clues. It also involves running around the ship quite a bit to collect the necessary items. Optionally, you can read our guide to complete the quest quicker.

Today, we’ll share a detailed walk-through of the Lady o’War quest in Divinity Original 2. You’ll find information regarding the primary mission objective, as well as loot places found during the quest. Read on to discover how you can fulfill Malady’s request.

Lady o’War Walk-Through

Once you’ve talked to Malady and received the quest to get the ship moving, head to the deck to board. If you have the Pet Pal skill allowing you to talk to animals, you’re in luck. A rat on board will give you a clue, and you’ll discover that the Lady Vengeance ship is led by singing songs.


After discovering that the ship is controlled by singing, head one deck down. There, you’ll encounter an unconscious Bishop Alexander. When you try to inspect him, you’ll see a black gem on his neck. You’ll need to persuade Magister Renly, who will be there with you, to let you take it or kill her and take it forcefully. Without the gem, you won’t be able to complete the quest.


When you’ve acquired the Strange Gem, head to the Starboard Stateroom Door. Attempt to open it by saying you forgot the passcode and need a clue. If you can’t convince the door to give you a hint, look for a corpse near the dead Gheist. On the corpse, you’ll find a journal and a password within it.


Alternatively, you can use the password – “Fortitude.”

Behind the door, you’ll see Dalli’s desk. On this desk, you’ll find plenty of items to loot and encounter Tarquin for the first time. You’ll need to either leave him or kill him. Before you act rashly, though, know that this NPC will be helpful later in the game.

Before advancing the quest further, make sure to upgrade your Wills. If you have enough of them, you’ll see a hatch next to the desk that will open a secret room. There, you can fight the Hammer’s pet.

Optionally, you can search Dalli’s room for a teleporter that will transfer you to the secret room. The secret room hides a key to Dalli’s chest containing a Skill Book.


Yet again, you’ll need enough Wills to head further in the quest. You will see a plate on the wall that hides a button. Press the button to lower the gate, revealing another room and more loot.

Once you’re done looting, go back to Dalli’s desk, and you’ll see a ship figurine. Sing to it. You’ll be offered an option to free the ship or subjugate it.

Either way, you’ll need to fight Dalli’s men and select your allies to do so. The fight will give Malady enough time to cast her spell teleporting you to the Hall of Echoes and get the ship moving.

One important point to note is that any character who isn’t in your party dies in the fight and will stay dead for the rest of the game.

Malady Will Be Thankful

With the help of our guide, completing the Lady o’War quest can be as easy as pie. Ensure to upgrade your Wills in advance, don’t miss valuable loot, and try not to kill any NPCs. You’ll find them helpful later in the game.

Which step of this quest did you struggle to get past? Share your experiences in the comments section below.

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