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Supergiant Games’ Hades has a lot of Artifact currencies, and one of them is Nectar. Nicknamed the drink of the gods, Nectar is one of the most prized delicacies of the Underworld.

How to Farm Nectar in Hades

Here are the uses of Nectar:

  • Nectar can be given to each NPC (except for Tisiphone, Alecto, Asterius, and Theseus), and they will reward you with Keepsakes. You will unlock a unique quest after an NPC has five to six Nectar which allows you to develop your affinity with them. After completing said quest, the rest of their hearts will be unlocked and can be filled with Ambrosia.
  • You can obtain the Heart of Stone boon when gifting Bouldy Nectar (Bouldy can be gifted Nectar infinitely).
  • You can also purchase the Woodland theme from the House Contractor for 100 Nectar.
  • Ranks can be purchased from the Resource Director for 50 Nectar.
  • Purchasing the Nectar, Vintage upgrade from the House Contractor will give a random boon +1 Level (similar to a Pom Slice) when obtaining Nectar from a chamber reward.
  • The Wretched Broker will exchange Nectar for other resources.

How to Get Nectar

Farming Nectar can be a bit of a pain. Here are a couple of ways to obtain it:


As Mentioned above, you can obtain Nectar as chamber rewards. This method can be a little slow as drops are rare. It helps, though, that you can know what the chamber rewards are before entering a chamber through the icon on the orb. Infernal Troves can also drop Nectar (along with the intended reward) with a drop rate of 5%. You can locate Troves more efficiently by buying a Trove Tracker from the Wells of Charon. You can also increase the chances of an Infernal Trove appearing by purchasing upgrades from the House Contractor.


Certain boons can help obtain Nectar, specifically Sunken Treasure from Poseidon, which gives a 10% chance of acquiring Nectar, and Premium Vintage from Dionysus, which drops 1 Nectar and replenishes a little health when picking up Nectar.


Fish in Elysium can be exchanged for Nectar. After every run, you should exchange caught fish with the Head Chef in the kitchen of the House of Hades. Chlam (Common) can be exchanged for 1 Nectar, Charp (Rare) for 2 Nectar, and Seamare (Legendary) for 3 Nectar. Just remember to exchange them after every run as they won’t be carried over on your next run.


Nectar can also be purchased from the Wretched Broker for 5 Chthonic Keys and occasionally from Charon’s shop for 200 Obols. Easily acquire Obols through picking the right chambers, Mirror of Night perks, and House Contractor upgrades. Also, be sure to check with the Wretched Broker for limited time deals regularly. 


After purchasing it from the House Contractor, the Fated List of Minor Prophecies will reward you with 3 Nectar. All you have to do is meet all the gods. You can check the Fated List for gods you haven’t met yet.

Final Thoughts

Farming Nectar requires patience as drops are very rare. Just remember to keep an eye for Nectar chamber rewards, boons, Nectar onCharon’ss shop, and fishing in Elysium. Also, make to purchase upgrades from the House Contractor to increase your chances.

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