How to Use Telekinesis in Divinity: Original Sin 2


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Moving objects with willpower alone is what telekinesis is all about, and in Divinity: Original Sin 2, Telekinesis is an ability you can initially pick. With this power, you can move objects that brute strength alone can’t budge. However, even with this power available, players might not know how to use it fully.

How to Use Telekinesis in Divinity: Original Sin 2

Thankfully, the community has figured out many ways to exploit Telekinesis in the game. From official uses to glitches, the ability is a mighty one indeed.

Telekinesis in Divnity: Original Sin 2

When you bind Telekinesis to a button, you can use it to move heavy objects. Initially, Telekinesis has a range of four meters, but you can level it up to increase it.

  • Level 5 range is eight meters.
  • Level 3 range is 12 meters.
  • Level 4 range is 16 meters.
  • Level 5 range is 20 meters.

With more range, you can move objects farther away from you. As the ability ignores an object’s weight, leveling it up doesn’t affect how much you can carry.

Some of Telekinesis’s functions are:

Moving Objects

Some objects that are too heavy to carry by hand are easily moved when employing Telekinesis. They can be light barrels or heavier crates. Since you can move heavy objects, some players decided to try using it in combat.

Hurting Enemies

Heavy objects deal damage to enemies when you throw them. The more weight an object has, the more damage it deals. No matter an object’s weight, using Telekinesis only consumes one AP.

In combat, you can use this skill to block off paths and staircases, forcing enemies into a compromising position. Once you have the tactical advantage, finishing them off is more effortless.

You can use Telekinesis to start or end fights, depending on when you activate it.

Throwing Noxious Bulbs

Noxious Bulbs are a lifeform that hurt you with either poison or flames. Usually, stepping on them or using the wrong element will also make them explode. With Telekinesis, dealing with them is straightforward.

You can use Telekinesis to throw them elsewhere or at other enemies. In the game, there is a chest surrounded by these Noxious Bulbs. Once you throw them away, you can access the chest’s contents without taking damage.

Telekinesis Glitch

As we mentioned earlier, Telekinesis allows players to damage enemies, and heavier objects deal more damage than lighter ones. Items in the game have weight, and you can carry them around in your bag, which can also turn into a makeshift weapon.

Initially, you can carry an item bag around and use Telekinesis to hurt enemies. However, these items and bags will wear out due to receiving damage themselves.

Thus, get to Fort Joy as soon as possible, where there’s an Ornate Chest with infinite health. Once you receive this perk, enemies are easier to hit without having to worry about damage.

Using this exploit, you never have to worry about investing in combat skills again.

Weight Isn’t an Issue

Using Telekinesis to fight instead of weapons sounds terrifying to enemies. What’s more, you only need 20 kilograms of items in a chest or bag to kill almost anything in the game instantly. Who needs swords when you have a hefty chest?

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