How to Get Source Points in Divinity Original Sin 2


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Hailed for its in-depth RPG system, Divinity: Original Sin 2 is full of flexibility and customization. An RPG title of this caliber has plenty of skills for players to choose from and a new type of skill in the case of Original Sin 2.

How to Get Source Points in Divinity Original Sin 2

Source Skills are powerful abilities players can use in combat but require Source Points to unlock. Thankfully, you can obtain Source Points through several methods. Read on to find out more.

Source Points and Skills

Source Skills are potent abilities that players can use to demolish enemies. However, each use consumes a Source Point, and players can only hold a maximum of three at once. Initially, only one Source Point slot will be available.


The first Source Point slot is available when you find a Statue of the Divines and teleport to the Hall of Echoes. There is one such statue in The Vault of Braccus Rex and another in the Hollow Marshes. The last one is the Voidwoken.


In the ” Powerful Awakening quest,” players will receive their second and third Source Point slots.

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The more slots you have, the more Source Skills you can use before refilling.

Getting Source Points

Replenishing your Source Point reservoir is essential to make the most out of this skill. Luckily, there are several ways of doing so:


Stand in Source Water

Source Water is a unique fluid that lets characters recover a Source Point. Thus, allowing your characters to bask in the Source Water will fill the slot quickly. You’ll only have one slot since you encounter them during Act I.


The two locations rich with Source Water are the Hollow Marshes and Necromancer’s Tower, which take time to regenerate.

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Using Skills

One crucial skill that helps you maintain some Source Points is Source Vampirism. When you reach the “Powerful Awakening” quest, it’s part of its second act, so you’ll unlock it without using books.

With Source Vampirism, you can target corpses, spirits, and other characters with Source Points. It has a range of six meters, and each cast restores one Source Point. However, electrocuted or charred corpses and Magical Armor prevent you from regaining the missing point.

Something to remember is after you acquire Source Vampirism, you get the option to consume spirits while talking to them. If you’re not keen on this, don’t pick the option.

source vampirism 1

Soul Jars

In the “Withermoore’s Soul Jar” and “Vault of Braccus Rex” quests, you learn to absorb souls from Soul Jars; one soul will give you a Source Point. To get Source Points this way, you’ll need to know how to use Source Vampirism.


Source Fountains

The best way to get more Source Points is to use Source Fountains, a renewable method. You can find Source Fountains in the following locations:

  • Decrepit Ruins
    Decrepit Ruins
  • Under Meistr Siva’s house
    Under Meistr Sivas house
  • Arhu’s Prison
    Arhus Prison

Using Source Orbs and Source Potions

When you reach the game’s later stages, you gain access to Source Orbs and Source Potions. Both replenish your Source Points without the need for the methods mentioned above.

Source Orbs are better used for crafting and as runes. While not precisely scarce, Source Orbs are not easy to come by.

If you’re playing in the Definitive Edition and have installed this add-on, you can bottle up Source Water to create a Source Potion. Three unique Source Fountains let you do this:

  • The High Seas, inside the Dallis secret room onboard the Lady Vengeance
    The High Seas
  • Reaper’s Coast, onboard the Lady Vengeance at the Lower Deck, close to the stairs
    Reapers Coast
  • Arx, nearby a waypoint shrine, itself close to the Lady Vengeance

Time to Nuke Some Enemies

The Source Skills in Divinity: Original Sin 2 are potent abilities that devastate swaths of foes. Since they’re tied to limited Source Points, knowing how to get more is crucial. Carrying specific items and using Source Vampirism let you refill Source Points on the go too.

What’s your favorite Source Skill in the game? Do you agree with limiting the carrying amount of Source Points to three at once? Let us know in the comments section below.

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