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Admittedly, there is no competition to The Sims 4 as no other life simulator has the scope and polish of this game. As of this writing, The Sims 4 and its DLCs cost $860 minus discounts on Steam. Yet, The Sims 4 sells well, and its fanbase grows. The Sims 4 closest rival is The Sims 3, its predecessor.

What DLCs are Worth Buying in The Sims 4

It is worth noting the base game is not free. While The Sims 4 base game was given away for free on May 21 – 28, 2019, and is often subject to a steep discount, EA still asks for $40 for the base game. The Sims 4 is still $40 on ordinary days seven years later.

This pricing is a departure from a DLC-heavy model seen in games like Stellaris, Cities: Skylines, or any of Paradox Interactive’s other published games, in which the base game is priced so low it might as well be free.

This guide is to help potential buyers of the game pick the DLCs that are most cost-efficient and downright necessary to enjoy the game. The base game, by itself, is decent. The most jarring limitation in the base game is the lack of Sim customization.

Most hair, outfits, and embellishments are tucked away in paid DLCs. The base gameplay is fine, especially if this is your first Sims game. For veteran Sims players, though, the base game is anemic in content and options.

The Sims 4 versus The Sims 3: Which is the Better Buy

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Research the difference between The Sims 3 and The Sims 4 so you have no regrets.

At this writing, EA released two new “kits” for The Sims 4. It is safe to assume until The Sims 5 is announced, EA will continue to pump out DLCs for this game. On the other hand, The Sims 3 is a “complete” game, and there have been no patches released for the game in years, but it does have significant mod support. Here are the key differences between the two titles:


The Sims 4 is significantly more expensive, which makes The Sims 3 a better buy for those who want to dabble in The Sims for the first time. The Sims 4 is $860(and counting), while The Sims 3 is $379 as a complete package. Although The Sims 3 rarely sees a discount, it is much cheaper to buy them outright, even without a deal, than The Sims 4, even if the latter often has steep discounts.


Price alone, however, should not be the basis of your choice. Most Sims community harps that The Sims 3 is the better game. The Sims 3 has this “open world” where players can observe and control their Sim in every aspect of its life regardless of location.

The game plays with you because, while managing your Sim or Sim household, the world around you also does its thing. Other Sims age, enter into relationships, progress in their lives, etc. In The Sims 4, there is an option to disallow aging for your household or every Sim in the world.

What The Sims 4 has that The Sims 3 does not is multi-tasking. Sims can socialize while eating, studying, or doing something else entirely. This is a realistic and welcome addition that evolves the core gameplay.

Sims 4 also gets support from EA. Patches introduce new gameplay mechanics unavailable at launches, like toddlers, pools, and bunk beds. There may still be new things introduced in the game. On the other hand, The Sims 3 is done, and no content is being actively developed.


The biggest criticism of The Sims 3 is its performance. Games should be easier to play as time passes as modern hardware gets increasingly better. The Sims 3 was released in 2009 and should run smoothly like butter. However, such is not the case.

This is also observed in SimCity 4, in which the game is tied to run in a single core and would not take advantage of hyperthreading and multi-cores in modern CPUs. Cities: Skylines, the engine on which the game is built, does not take advantage of extra performance from modern CPUs.

Sims 3 is an open world that tanks its performance as players progress in their life simulation. The Sims 3 only uses 2GB of Ram and two CPU cores, a remnant of the 32-bit versions of Windows.

That is not to say The Sims 4 has no performance problems. Nevertheless, it is still better than The Sims 3. On April 27, 2021, EA acknowledged the “Simulation/Autonomy Lag,” where Sims stand around for hours, and the game experiences massive FPS drops.

Both of these games have performance issues you have to deal with. The Sims 3 is an open world (a source of its iffy performance) and does not have loading screens. The Sims 4 gameplay is continuously interrupted by loading screens. There is no middle ground.


The longer a game has been released, the better mod support it will have. That is not to say The Sims 4 has no vibrant modding community. While The Sims 3 may already have an avalanche of mods, The Sims 4’s mods are exceptional at extending modern features further.


Because of the game’s nature, terrific graphics and art style are indispensable requirements. The Sims 3 is incredibly limited compared to its successor in these areas. The Sims 4 looks better than The Sims 3 by a mile, while The Sims 2 looks better than The Sims 3 because of the latter’s sorry art style. Sims 4 is also better with Create-a-Sim and building options.

In conclusion, it is up to you which core gameplay you like. The Sims 3 might be superior in some aspects, but this does not necessarily make The Sims 4 a bad game. And most likely, the budget will likely decide your purchase. If you decide on playing The Sims 4, then read further.

Before You Buy The Sims 4 – Things to Consider

The pricing of The Sims 4 is honestly atrocious. However, value is subjective. Many industry observers failed to realize that The Sims is a hobby. Most people who buy and play this game mostly only have it in their libraries.

They specifically build PCs for this game and do not concurrently play with Diablo 2 Resurrected or Call of Duty. The pricing could be improved with steeper discounts and better bundling of content, but when it comes to content delivery structure, The Sims 4 is on par for hobbyists.

The Sims 4 Origin 2
The Sims 4 is always on sale.

The Sims 4 is not cross-play

It is pretty apparent console gamers do not expect their copies of The Sims 4 to be usable on PC or another console. Before EA returned to selling their games on Steam, The Sims 4 was available exclusively on Origin.

But EA is back on Steam, so The Sims 4 is also available. Buying on Steam will not reflect in your Origin account as it is not cross-buy and vice-versa. You must decide which storefront you want to use to buy The Sims 4 and all of its DLCs, whether it is Origin or Steam. Steam is the better platform for The Sims 4 because of Steam Input, client-level screenshots, and easier installation of mods. Even if The Sims 4 DLCs get deep discounts in Origin, Steam is the better game platform.

Wait for a sale

The base game is more commonly available for up to 75% off. Meanwhile, the expansions are usually sold for 50% of their price, and the content packs are 25%. Unless the expansions, packs, or kits were released at least two years ago, wait for everything to be on sale. The money you save from buying in a sale can be used for other DLCs.

Have a good PC

Since this game was released in 2014, it is expected to run on most gaming PCs. But the experience will not be pleasant, especially when the DLCs stack up. While the game is available in previous generation consoles, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, they are not the best experience.

DLCs are usually released on consoles incredibly late, like years late. While the current generation consoles, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|C, have a significant power jump compared to the usual PC builds, the lack of modding capabilities would hurt the value proposition, especially considering the pricing structure of The Sims 4.

Summary of The Sims 4 DLC Recommendation

Earlier this year, EA introduced kits for The Sims 4. Kits is a new DLC type for The Sims 4, different from Expansions, Game Stuff, and Game Packs. Kits are targeted and designed to adapt to diverse playstyles among players. Therefore each Kit will be focused on a different feature or gameplay mechanic of The Sims 4.

So far, five kits are available with Throwback Fit, Country Kitchen, and Bust the Dust Kits as the introductory packages. The Throwback Fit Kit caters to CAS (Create-a-Sim) enthusiasts, the Country Kitchen Kit caters to Build/Buy mode products, and the divisive Bust the Dust Kit introduces dust into the Sims household with many adverse effects.

The Throwback Fit Kit contains roughly 20 new CAS items for male and female Sims, and they are no longer limited to adults as they were previously. Children and toddlers may also enjoy some of the “90’s athleisure gear,” albeit it appears toddlers can only wear the bucket hat.

The Country Kitchen Kit is a comprehensive kitchen set that includes worktops, cabinets, islands, and new decorative pieces, to mention a few features. The Bust, the Dust Kit, is more complicated than it appears, requiring Sims house cleanliness upkeep with five different vacuums.
Although each Kit contains various things, they share the same retail price of $5.

Sims 4 DLC Explanations

  1. Expansion – Expansions are the biggest and meatiest DLC for The Sims 4. They are also the most expensive. More often than not, Expansions are a must-buy since they introduce new game mechanics that are honestly mandatory, like pets and university life. With all the new aspects of these expansions, there are many new items for the Sims, buildings, and a brand-new World.
  2. Game Stuff – These are less content-heavy than an Expansion but offer a new dynamic in The Sims 4. They are less expensive, but that does not mean that what they add is not essential. There are Game Stuff DLCs that pack a punch in terms of additions.
  3. Stuff Pack – They primarily augment certain aspects of the base game or even expansions. These hyper-specialized content packages cater only to a particular category of items. They are primarily skippable, but they may be a purchase for those who want a customization of their Sims.
  4. Kits – Kits are a new type of DLC for The Sims 4, distinct from expansions, stuff, and game packs. Kits are targeted and designed to adapt to diverse playstyles among players. Therefore each Kit is focused on a different feature or gameplay mechanic of The Sims 4. So far, there are three kits available.
  5. Free Packs – Content that is free to redeem. There are only two of them so far.
The newest The Sims 4 downloadable content packs: Kits.

What are The Sims 4 DLCs?

Below are all the DLCs for The Sim 4. They are categorized as Must-buy, Wait for Sale, Wait for Deep Sale, and Skip. Even if the DLC is labeled a must-buy, wait for a sale since these DLCs are often on sale except for those recently released.

Outdoor Retreat (Game Pack) – Wait for Sale

Release date: January 13, 2015 (PC), December 4, 2018 (Console)


Official Description:

Explore the Outdoors!

Venture into the deep woods to discover new surprises, including dangerous and wondrous herbs, new species of fish, creepy insects and…bears? Hang out by the campfire before trying to find the hermit rumoured to live in the deepest parts of the forest.

The Outdoor Living expansion is for a niche audience. Although it offers a brand-new gameplay mechanic, camping, not every Sims player is into that. Various items and styles within the outdoor living theme can be used outside the new area and independent of the new mechanics. The content added in this DLC does not have universal appeal, appealing only to those who love the outdoors.

Notable Additions:

  • Granite Falls (World) – This is a new travel destination for vacationing Sims. It has one national park and lots for rent. Sims will spend vacation days if they stay in Granite Falls. This map also has the Hermit’s House.
  • Herbalism (Skill) – Herbalism focuses on a Sim’s ability to recognize herbs and make herbal treatments. Sims can learn to recognize the many plants in the Granite Falls forest to develop Herbalism. Herbalism talent increases the likelihood of correctly identifying the plant. Another method is to brew the herbal recipes, and as usual, Sims can read a Herbalism skill book. Talking about Herbalism with the Hermit of Granite Falls may also result in a minor skill boost.
  • Hermit (Activity) – Sims can freely converse with the hermit, a randomly created NPC that lives in their modest cottage and is severely separated from civilization. The hermit’s home is largely composed of wood and features several gardening boxes with harvestable plants outside, a bonfire, and a carpentry table. If a Sim makes close friends with the hermit, the hermit can teach the Sim the “Fungal Infusion Fertilizer Remedy,” which can only be learned from the hermit.

Get to Work (Expansion) – Must Buy

Release date: March 31, 2015 (PC), March 20, 2018 (Console)

get to work

Official Description:

Rule the Workplace

You rule the workplace with The Sims 4: Get to Work. Actively control your Sims while they are on the job, and determine whether they are headed towards a big promotion or becoming the workplace menace. Jump to the rescue and save countless lives as a Doctor, torment your neighbors with mischievous inventions as a Scientist, or investigate crime scenes and crack the big cases as a Detective. If you would rather be your own boss, you can even create, customize, and manage your own retail businesses and become a Simoleonaire! You decide how your Sims get to work.

Get to Work is the first DLC for The Sims 4, and it was worth the full price when released. Get to Work adds new career paths, the option to enter the retail business, and the addition of photography and baking skills.

This DLC allows Sims to go to work, and players can be with them and not just disappear through a “rabbit hole.” A rabbit hole in The Sims franchise is those buildings where the Sims will go into and disappear. Players cannot control their Sims or see their activities inside these buildings.

Notable Additions:

  • Detective, Doctor, Scientist (Careers) – Detective is a law enforcement career path. Doctor is the medical career path. But the star of this expansion is the Scientist career path which leads to a secret world.
  • Retail (Business) – A Sim will travel to that location after acquiring an unoccupied property for their retail company. Players have two choices for managing the shop when on the retail lot. The “Owned Business Panel,” located on the bottom right of the UI, adjacent to the motives panel, is the simplest method to manage the shop. Users may handle a Sim’s retail store like a cash register from this panel.
  • Baking (Skill) – The Photography skill came with Baking as part of the DLC. However, it was added to the base game. Baking is a different skill from Cooking.

Luxury Party (Stuff Pack) – Wait for Deep Sale

Release Date: May 19, 2015 (PC), December 5, 2017 (Console)


Official Description:

Throw a lavish party and make your Sims even more stylish with The Sims™ 4 Luxury Party Stuff.

Wait for a deep sale since not everything is included in this pack, and most other Stuff Packs are mandatory for a good The Sims 4 game. While the new objects, hair, and room styles are great, it is not worth the asking price. They allow further personalization of the Sims as the base game does not have as good a selection.

Notable Additions:

  • Drink Fountain (Object) – The Fountain of Mirth may be on one of two buffet tables or countertops. The fountain can be filled with food or drinks. Sims can add chocolate, cheese, caramel, and other drinks to the food category. The Sim’s Mixology and Cooking skill levels determine their availability and potency.

Perfect Patio (Stuff Pack) – Wait for Deep Sale

Release Date: June 10, 2015 (PC), June 16, 2015 (Console)


Official Description:

Celebrate the holidays in The Sims

Celebrate the holidays in The Sims™ 4 with festive décor and add some cheer to your Sim’s wardrobe. Add holiday themed content to your game at no cost. Decorate your Sims’ home with holiday themed décor, dress up in formal attire or wear an ugly sweater, and celebrate the holidays!

This stuff pack is great for those who like to prop up their houses or buildings with tables and chairs. However, the content in this pack is too thin to even consider during the sale. Wait for a historical low in pricing before buying this Stuff Pack.

Notable Additions:

  • Bathtub (Object) – Children can enter hot tubs for the first time in the Sims franchise. Sims in the tub will converse with one another, like in earlier games in the series. Inside the tub, Sims may also WooHoo and skinny dip. A hot tub may be used by up to eight Sims simultaneously.

Spa Day (Game Pack) – Wait for Sale

Release Date: July 14, 2015 (PC) April 18, 2019 (Console)

spa day

Official Description:

Pamper Your Sims!

Treat your Sims to a day of pampering with The Sims™ 4 Spa Day. Visit the all-new Perfect Balance Spa for a revitalizing massage, or work on the all-new Wellness skill with some yoga. After a relaxing mud bath, step into the sauna to melt away the daily stresses. You’ll also get a variety of all-new objects and décor, so you can pack your home with so much tranquility that your Sims can’t help but find their inner peace!

This Game Pack is teetering into Must-buy territory because of the little gameplay mechanics peppered into the game. However, though they are many, they are not that deep. The Spa Day game pack additions relieve the Sims of many negative moods that need to be eradicated, especially when trying to complete job-related tasks.

Notable Additions:

  • Wellness (Aspiration) – Wellness Aspiration has three branches: Inner Peace, Self-Care Specialist, and Zen Guru. Self-Care Specialist has money-making potential, while the other two affect Sim’s moods. Completing any or all of these aspirations will permanently affect your Sim traits.

Cool Kitchen (Stuff Pack) – Must Buy

Release Date: August 11, 2015 (PC), December 5, 2017 (Console)

cool kitchen

Official Description:

Create the coolest kitchens with sleek new furnishings and whip up some fun with the new ice cream maker!

The base game’s option in the kitchen is sparse, and Cool Kitchen mitigates it. The kitchen appliances and objects are too elaborate to be ignored. Unlike the Perfect Patio, the Cool Kitchen Stuff Pack is a must-buy.

Notable Additions:

  • New meals, furniture, and CAS customization are included in this pack.

Get Together (Expansion) – Must Buy

Release Date: December 8, 2015 (PC), September 11, 2018 (Console)


Official Description:

Create Clubs for your Sims where you set the rules, define their looks, and customize their hangouts in The Sims™ 4 Get Together. Sims in a Club follow your rules when they’re together, regardless of how they usually behave, giving you new ways to play with your Sims! You can also meet new Sims by joining various Clubs with distinct interests, identities, and styles. Get together with other Sims for exciting group activities like super-secret dance parties, midnight bonfires, and more. Explore the beautiful new world of Windenburg, with its scenic neighborhoods and lively hotspots!

This expansion adds a dynamic social game mechanic: clubs which are societies Sims can join and manage. Players can dictate the club’s activity and prohibitions. Aside from that, various game mechanics add to a great overall experience in playing The Sims 4.

Notable Additions:

  • Windenburg (World) – Windenburg is a Northern Europe type of village. It has several social clubs, hotspots, four neighborhoods, and 27 lots.
  • Many features are added, like the ability to pick a nude outfit, dance party social events, and WooHoo locations.
  • You can choose from many different genres of radio stations.

Spooky Stuff (Stuff Pack) – Wait for Deep Sale

Release Date: September 29, 2015 (PC), October 2, 2018 (Console)


Official Description:

Dress up in spooky costumes, throw creepy parties, and turn pumpkins into pieces of art.

The costumes are, honestly, tempting. Yet, it is the only content in this stuff pack that is not topical, as almost all of it is outside of the Halloween season.

Notable Additions:

  • Two pre-made indoor rooms for Halloween parties.

Movie Hangout (Stuff Pack) – Wait for Deep Sale

Release Date: January 12, 2016 (PC), February 19, 2019 (Console)


Official Description

Watch Movies with Friends!

Why go out when you can stay in, relax, and watch movies? Invite some friends over, hang out, and have a movie marathon with The Sims™ 4 Movie Hangout Stuff. Pop a bowl of popcorn and entertain your Sims with a flick on the all-new projector screen. Chill out and relax with boho-chic outfits and effortless hairstyles.

The Sim customization additions are great, but the rest of the package is meddling. The styles of most of the furniture and embellishments are for those with an acquired taste. The mechanic of different mood boosts in watching movies is not a game-changer. Yet, it may be for some sessions wherein your Sims must always be in top-tier condition, such as a working student in a university.

Notable Additions:

  • Depending on the genre, movies can be watched on TV with varying effects on Sims.

Romantic Garden (Stuff Pack) – Wait for Sale

Release Date: February 9, 2016 (PC), February 6, 2018 (Console)


Official Description:

Build Lush Gardens

Build a lush Victorian garden for your Sims and get ready for romance with The Sims™ 4 Romantic Garden Stuff. Set the mood with romantic, floral fashions for your Sims and share a playful moment by the magnificent water fountain. Then head over to the Wishing Well, toss in a coin, and see if your Sim’s deepest desires come true.

The new community lot is amazing for those who like to have their Sims go on dates. Sims players often love having their Sims be involved in a relationship or two (or more). This stuff pack seems to be mandatory for those who are into romance.

Notable Additions:

  • Lost Gardens of Healing (Park) – The Romantic Garden Stuff Pack, true to its name, has a lot of vegetation, like flowers and bushes. This is a great spot for dating. This is further accentuated by introducing the wishing well: Fountain of Gluteus Maximus, found in the Lost Gardens of Healing.

Dine Out (Game Pack) – Must Buy

Release Date: June 7, 2016 (PC), January 8, 2018 (Mac)


Official Description

Create a Restaurant and Dine Out

Own a restaurant and take your Sims out to eat with The Sims™ 4 Dine Out. Create and manage a variety of restaurants, hire staff, and set the perfect menu to earn a profit and expand your business. Dine out with Sims to enjoy all-new experimental cuisine and spend quality time with friends and family.

The Dine Out game pack is one of the few game packs that are overpriced compared to the value it provides. The restaurant mechanic is fully fleshed out in this game pack, from visiting them to owning and running one. Even star ratings measure your restaurants, and you can train employees to improve their skills.

Notable Additions:

  • Restaurant (Business) – A restaurant is a new business Sims can own, build, and manage. In the restaurant business, objects and items furnish the restaurant. There is also experimental food that the Sims can learn.

Kids Room Stuff (Stuff Pack) – Must buy

Release Date – June 28, 2016 (PC), June 19, 2018 (Console)


Official Description:

Kids Have Style!

Spark the imagination of Sims with new items to personalize kids’ bedrooms in The Sims™ 4 Kids Room Stuff. Collect and trade monster cards, then bring them to life in the electronic battle station. Put on a puppet show to tell stories and entertain family and friends. Show off your kid Sims with new clothing items and hairstyles that express their style.

The base game (and the early iteration of The Sims 4) largely ignores child Sims. The Kids Stuff provides some objects to decorate kids’ rooms and clothing. The Kids Stuff is only a must-buy with the Parenthood game pack. If you are not keen on raising children, skip the Parenthood game pack and the Kids Stuff pack.

Notable Additions:

  • This pack has several kids’ items, including a card game, a puppet show, hairstyles, clothes, and objects that kids love.

Backyard Stuff (Stuff Pack) – Wait for a Deep Sale

Release Date: July 19, 2016 (PC), May 22, 2018 (Console)


Official Description:

Personalize Your Own Backyard

Give your Sims a backyard they can really enjoy with The Sims™ 4 Backyard Stuff! Add fun lawn water slides and colorful new objects to spice up the space. Slip into something a little more comfortable, and remember to keep plenty of lemonade on hand.

The Kids Stuff stuff pack changed how DLC packages are viewed. The sheer amount of items in this DLC requires another stuff pack to offer the same number. Backyard Stuff does not have that number of additional objects but includes six new gameplay items. While these items are pleasant additions, this stuff pack is a low priority on the list of must-haves.

Notable Additions:

  • Water Slide (Object) – This pack includes two water slides: Justa Lawn Water Slide and AAAHH! Jaws of Death. These water slides provide fun for the Sims. They also improve the Fitness skills of Sims.

City Living (Expansion Pack) – Must Buy

Release Date: November 1, 2016 (PC), November 17, 2017 (Console)


Official Description:

Take Your Sims to the City

Do your Sims long to leave the suburbs behind? Fulfill their dreams in the diverse city of San Myshuno, where they can discover exciting neighborhoods, move into a new apartment, check out fun festivals and more. In The Sims™ 4 City Living your Sims can experience the joys and challenges of sharing close quarters with other Sims. Work your way up from a starter unit to a penthouse as your Sims launch new Metropolitan careers!

This expansion is thick with content. San Myshuno is vibrant, with places to visit and explore. It is brimming with different cultures, accurately representing the urban melting pot. Historically, The Sims franchise leans on suburban life in its base game, with DLCs unlocking other settings like downtown living.

Notable Additions:

  • San Myshuno (World) – San Myshuno is based in Tokyo, San Francisco, and New York City. It has four neighborhoods, Spice Market, Arts Quarter, Fashion District, and Uptown.
  • Apartment / Penthouse (Building) – Apartments include unique gameplay elements, such as landlords, paying rent, several sorts of pests, and close-quarters neighbors not found on standard residential properties. Sims in an apartment complex can knock on the door to complain about noise, enter another apartment inside the complex (after a loading screen), see the other apartment, and communicate with their neighbor. Sims can give trustworthy Sims the key to their apartment, enabling such Sims to come and go as they want. On the other hand, Penthouses are put on top of buildings with no restrictions other than their lot size, allowing them to be demolished and rebuilt like other buildings on a standard lot. Penthouses have no neighbors since only one household may reside, making them exceedingly private. Other Sims can access penthouses through the elevator.
  • Festival (Event) – Sims in City Living may now attend several events. Geekcon, Humor and Hijinks Festival, Romance Festival, Spice Festival, and Flea Market are among the five events across San Myshuno throughout a two-week cycle. There is a bulletin board in apartment buildings where Sims may read about the festival to find out when the next festival is and what events, contests, and timetables this festival offers. Festivals are also advertised on dynamic signs positioned around San Myshuno.

Vintage Glamour (Stuff Pack) – Wait for a Deep Sale

Release Date: December 6, 2016 (PC), November 17, 2017 (Console)


Official Description:

Indulge in Glamour

It’s time for your Sims to live luxuriously with The Sims™ 4 Vintage Glamour Stuff. Dress Sims in stunning vintage fashions and accessories, then try on makeup at the vanity table. Adorn your Sim’s home with high-end furnishings and even hire a butler to fulfill their every need.

Nothing in this pack is disgusting, and nothing in this pack is a must-have. Although, for those into old Hollywood glamour, several Art Deco items could be enough to sway them to purchase this pack regardless of whether this is offered with a rudimentary discount or at full price.

Notable Additions:

  • Personal Butler (NPC) – Sims can hire Butlers over the phone, like a Nanny or a Maid. Butlers are essentially quasi-residents of your home, only they will not count as part of the household members and cannot be controlled by the players. Butlers have three requirements that must be met: Energy, Hunger, and Fun.

Vampires (Game Pack) – Skip

Release Date: January 24, 2017 (PC), November 17, 2017 (Console)


Official Description:

It’s Time to Live the Immortal Life

Transform your Sims into powerful vampires and live for eternity in an eerie new destination with The Sims™ 4 Vampires. Create a variety of vampires using all-new tools and unlock unique Powers that give your Sims supernatural abilities.

You can skip this game pack entirely if you do not want the supernatural to plague your game. It sometimes breaks immersion and is downright annoying if you encounter vampire Sims. Vampire Sims might bite your Sims and will induce adverse effects for hours. Buy this game pack for completion’s sake, or you are affiliated with the occult.

Notable Additions:

  • Vampires (Sim) – Vampires have different needs than normal Sims. Vampires do not have a Bladder meter; they have a bigger Energy pool known as “Vampiric Energy.” The Hunger meter is also replaced with a Thirst that can only be satiated by consuming plasma, and the “Hunger” need is replaced with a “Thirst” need for plasma.

Bowling Night (Stuff Pack) – Wait for Sale

Release Date: March 29, 2017 (PC), March 12. 2019 (Console)


Official Description:

It’s time to hit the lanes

Build a bowling hangout and take your Sims to the lanes for an evening of fun with The Sims™ 4 Bowling Night Stuff. Compete against friends and improve your bowling skills to unlock trick shots. Customise your alley with bowling-themed décor and give your Sims a striking new look.

The stuff included in Bowling Night works excellently, even if they are not used in bowling alleys. The bowling alley is available to build as an establishment and as part of your house. This DLC is mainly inconsequential and thus skippable in the scheme of things. However, the content in this stuff pack is compatible with any other expansion or game pack and does not stick out like a sore thumb.

Notable Additions:

  • Bowling (Activity) – Aside from ample Bowling objects and a pre-built Bowling Alley building, you can also go bowling with your Club peers, provided you have the Get-Together expansion. Bowling provides a fun venue for socializing and personal growth for your Sim. Bowling is also a skill.

Parenthood (Game Pack) – Must-Buy

Release Date: May 30, 2017 (PC), June 19, 2018 (Console)


Official Description:

Guide Your Sims into Adulthood

Develop your Sim’s parenting skills to help shape their children’s lives into adulthood with The Sims™ 4 Parenthood. Choose when to discipline or encourage child behaviors, teach life values, and leave a lasting impact on their future. Experience fun family activities and personalize your household with new home decor and family fashion.

This game pack further elaborates on the characteristics of a Sim. Many things are added to this pack, with one of the most crucial being the “character” of The Sims. Children will not acquire their character when they reach adulthood.

Instead, they develop as they grow up, from toddlers to teenagers. This makes rearing children result in real consequences. A Sim growing up in a terrible household with bad parenting will develop negative characteristics.

Raising a child is a whole different game. Parents must have patience in raising their children to have valuable characteristics. On the bright side, parents must be exceptionally negligent for a child to develop negative traits.

Sims are more likely to grow up normally instead of having built-in strengths or being burdened with negative characteristics.  The Parenthood game pack changes the game entirely and is mandatory for the best Sims experience.

Notable Additions:

  • Character Values – Character values impart “character” to toddlers, children, and teenagers and allow parents more significant influence over their children. Manners, Responsibility, Empathy, Conflict Resolution, and Emotional Control are the five character values. Character values are displayed in the Simology panel for Sims ranging from toddler to adolescence. Parents can encourage or punish their children for helping them develop certain character traits. A toddler, child, or adolescent can influence their character values by creating a mess or setting the table. They can be reprimanded or encouraged, impacting their route to maturity.
  • Parenting (Skill) – Parenting allows a Sim to have a semblance of control over their children. Parents can praise, order around, and even ground their children. Interaction with one’s child depends on Parenting Skills.
  • Super Parent (Aspiration) – The Super Parent trait is easier to complete than other aspirations. This can be achieved if you look out for your children’s needs. The resulting trait, Role Model, only positively affects adolescents.

Fitness Stuff (Stuff Pack) – Wait for a Deep Sale

Release Date: June 20, 2017 (PC), March 12, 2019 (Console)


Official Description

Get fit and look great

Elevate your Sim’s fitness and embody an active lifestyle with The Sims™ 4 Fitness Stuff. Challenge your Sims to scale the rock climbing treadmill as a fun way to burn energy and improve their physique. Choose from a collection of fashionable activewear, and decorate your Sim’s home with nature-inspired objects and décor.

The Fitness Stuff predictably leans on its content. This pack is centered around getting fit, from fitness videos on TV to exercise outfits. There is also a Styled Room for anyone who wants to build a personal gym.

Notable Additions:

  • Earbuds (Object) – This allows Sim to listen to music without disturbing other Sims who may have different tastes than yours. The Sims can receive free Earbuds while you play the game. This can be used to boost the mood of Sims by listening to their preferred music anywhere.

Toddler Stuff (Stuff Pack) – Wait for Deep Sale

Release Date: August 24, 2017 (PC), May 22, 20 Console


Official Description

Play on the toddler playground!

Give your toddlers new ways to express their personalities, burn off energy, and make friends with The Sims™ 4 Toddler Stuff. Dress your little Sims in a variety of adorable outfits and cute hairstyles. Use colourful décor to build an outdoor play space where toddlers can enjoy the slide, crawling tunnels and ball pit with friends.

This is mainly bought in conjunction with the Parenthood Game Pack. Buying the Toddler Stuff is a no-brainer if you have already purchased or are heavily considering the Parenthood Game Pack. This stuff pack adds a lot of toddler items in create-a-sim and build mode.

Notable Additions:

  • Toddler Play Dates (Event) – Play Dates are a new social event that may be played with or without goals as a Prestige Social Event. This event costs 100 Simoleons to host, and only Toddlers are eligible to attend.

Laundry Day (Stuff Pack) – Wait for Sale

Release Date: January 26, 2018 (PC), August 14, 2018 (Console)


Official Description:

Surround your Sims in clean clothes while living a rustic lifestyle!

Surround your Sims in clean clothes while living a rustic lifestyle with The Sims™ 4 Laundry Day Stuff. Your Sims’ can now clean their clothes, from gathering laundry to washing and drying, giving their outfits a spotless look. Embrace the rustic life with new country-themed décor and clothing for your household.

Laundry Day Stuff’s primary feature is, of course, laundry. Like The Sims 3: Ambitions, the function may be removed simply by not having laundry-related objects on the property.

If there are washing objects on the lot, Sims’ clothes will become dirty over time, and heaps will form whenever Sims change their clothes (except for Hot and Cold weather outfits).

Only one washer is required per lot (though the user may add more), and any Sims changing their attire on the lot in any room will produce a clothing pile in the hamper. The rustic hippy stuff is great to have, too.

Notable Additions:

  • Laundry (Activity) – It is a good gameplay addition if you want some realism. The Laundry mechanic interacts greatly with the Season expansion with the clothesline and the rain. If you are drying your laundry and it rains, restart it.

Cats and Dogs (Expansion Pack) – Must Buy

Release Date: November 10, 2017 (PC), July 31, 2018 (Console)


Official Description:

Life is better with Cats & Dogs

Create a variety of cats and dogs, add them to your Sims’ homes to forever change their lives and care for neighborhood pets as a veterinarian with The Sims™ 4 Cats & Dogs. The powerful new Create A Pet tool lets you personalize cats and dogs, each with their own unique appearances, distinct behaviors, and for the first time, expressive outfits! These wonderful, lifelong companions will change your Sims’ lives in new and special ways. Treat animal ailments as a veterinarian and run your own clinic in a beautiful coastal world where there’s so much for your Sims and their pets to discover.

Three years passed in the life of The Sims 4 before an expansion for pet-centric mechanics was introduced into the game. There is an obvious cross-section between Sims fans and pet lovers, so it was a questionable decision on EA’s part not to have this expansion close to release. For The Sims 3, it was two years later.

Notable Additions:

  • Cats and Dogs (Pets) – Sims can now own a dog or a cat. Pets have life stages and character traits.
  • Numerous objects relate to pets, like litter boxes, scratching posts, and toy boxes.
  • Veterinarian (Skill) – Veterinarian is highly useful if you manage a veterinary clinic since it improves results and helps those unfortunate sick animals. You can enhance this talent by using the Vet workbench.

Jungle Adventure (Game Pack) – Wait for Deep Sale

Release Date: February 27, 2018 (PC), December 4, 2018 (Console)


Official Description:

Take your Sims on a mysterious adventure into the wild and discover a new culture!

Explore a unique wilderness landscape, revealing a temple, jungle obstacles, cursed relics and treasures. Experience the culture and customs of Selvadorada, from devouring local eats to learning spicy new dance moves!

If you like having a new dynamic in your game, you can have this Game Pack on sale. The sheer number of new objects should make this a must-buy if you like the jungle setting. The addition in this game pack is great, yet, the non-urban setting might not be to everyone’s taste. Hence, this is relegated to the “Wait for Deep Sale” category for most players.

Notable Additions:

  • Selvadorada (World) – Selvadorada is a jungle map for Sims to explore. There are many waterfalls and beautiful scenery, with lush gardens and fishing spots. There are also artifacts and treasures to discover. The Archaeology skill tree is also introduced in this pack.

My First Pet (Stuff Pack) – Wait for Deep Sale

Release Date: March 13, 2018 (PC), March 21, 2020 (Console)


Official Description:

Welcome home a new small animal.

Teach your Sims how to care for smaller household pets, decorate a home with pet-inspired furniture, and dress pets in your favorite Sims outfits!

This is one of the most head-scratching decisions by EA. There are items in this stuff pack that augments Cat and Dog pets. The only original part of this stuff pack is the hamster and the new way to die. Unfortunately, those who love pets should buy this on sale due to the greater customization.

Notable Additions:

  • Pet Costumes (Object) – Pet costumes make your pets more adorable than they are. Both dogs and cats have costumes. Some are as simple as shirts and as complex as full-blown costumes like astronaut suits.

Seasons (Expansion) – Must-buy

Release Date: June 22, 2018 (PC), November 13, 2018 (Console)


Official Description:

Year-round fun for your Sims

Add weather to your Sims’ lives to tell new stories, enjoy seasonal activities and celebrate heartfelt holidays with The Sims™ 4 Seasons. Make the most out of the weather all year round, from crisp snowfalls to sweltering heat – every world is affected by seasons in unique ways. Create a winter story with ice skating, befriend a magical scarecrow at the fall harvest, share a spring fling during a downpour or host a summer pool party. Gather friends and family to celebrate holidays complete with traditions, gifts and special guests. Stay warm or keep cool with all-new outfits to brave the elements. Even begin a blossoming gardening career as a botanist or by crafting floral arrangements!

The weather system is worth the price of admission. It adds several dynamics to the complex system, like how the cold weather requires players to look for appropriate garments or how summer’s heat affects Sims’ moods. There are additional Holidays with the Seasons and the activities that go with them. This is the expansion that should cater to everyone’s needs.

Notable Additions:

  • Seasons / Weather (Game Mechanic) – Sims may now live their regular lives in entirely different ways thanks to the numerous new types of weather. Sims’ life is shaped by the four seasons of spring, summer, fall, and winter, allowing for new activities, festivals, and more. Spring and fall are the seasons with the most rain and the coldest or warmest temperatures, depending on the season. Heatwaves and high temperatures are common in the summer, while snowfalls and freezing temperatures are common in the winter.
  • Holiday (Events) – Holidays occur annually across Worlds, and each has its own set of customs that dictate how the Sims celebrate the holiday. Several pre-made holidays are available, and players may make their own or edit/delete the pre-made ones. Holidays begin at 6:00 a.m. and conclude at 2:00 a.m. the following day. Sims will receive a joyful or sad moodlet after the holiday, based on how many customs they accomplished. Surprise holidays will occasionally pop up in Sims’ calendars a few days before they occur, such as “Talk Like a Pirate Day.”
  • Several seasonal or holiday-based objects fit the Spring, Autumn, Winter, and Summer feels or any holiday events.

Get Famous (Expansion) – Wait for Sale

Release Date: November 16, 2018 (PC), February 12, 2019 (Console)


Official Description:

Experience the celebrity lifestyle with your Sims!

Reach for the stars and rise to celebrity status with The Sims™ 4 Get Famous. Build your stardom as you pursue an acting career, become an A-lister, and guide your Sims down the unpredictable path to fame. From the studio lot to VIP parties, you choose how your Sims can gain worldwide acclaim. Customize and show off your celebrity style, and decorate your Sims’ luxury house on the hills with over-the-top accessories like a solid-gold toilet. Get ready to shine bright in the spotlight and live your best celebrity life.

The Fame system and being a celebrity do not bring about any life-altering gaming experiences. Sometimes, this mechanic is burdensome as you must play a certain way to retain celebrity status even if your profession is not in the acting realm.

Nevertheless, adding a new town Del Sol Valley is a great sandbox for trying new lots and businesses you get from other Expansions or Game  Stuff. This expansion is only good if you have the other Must Buy DLCs.

Notable Additions:

  • Fame (Game Mechanic) – Fame defines how popular Sims are in their occupations. Fame is earned via interactions with people who are well-known for their abilities. Sims can also become famous through working in their professions, particularly as actors. Celebrities may also acquire and manage celebrity perks to benefit from increased popularity, reputation, and specific boosts to careers and friends.
  • Acting (Career) – Being an actor can now be made a career with this pack. Actors must try an audition, and they may fail when attempting to secure the role. However, there is no need for auditions when the Sim no longer reaches Level 3 in Fame.
  • Reputation (Game Mechanic) – A Sim’s reputation is built on treating people as you want. Sims must go out of their way to be friendly or cruel to affect their reputation. In many circumstances, unless another Sim from the community is around to see their actions, a Sim’s reputation will not alter.

StrangerVille (Game Pack) – Wait for Sale

Release Date: February 20, 2019 (PC), May 14, 2019 (Console)


Official Description:

Solve the mystery of a desert town that holds a deep, dark secret.

Start your investigation and solve the mystery of a desert town that holds a deep, dark secret.

StrangerVille is one of the more “gamey” expansion packs in The Sims 4. The Sims 4 is a sandbox game where players play it however they want. The StrangerVille Game Pack adds a mystery for a player to solve–a linear objective-based mission. The new town and new career are great content, even if you do not like the StrangerVille Mystery.

Notable Additions

  • StrangerVille (World) – StrangerVille is a desert town. This World has nine residential lots, two community lots, and one special one. Sims can solve mysteries/puzzles to help the StrangerVille residents.
  • Laptop (Objects) – Laptops are very underrated. Buying this pack in conjunction with University can be necessary to write papers or study while on vacation or even during festivals or other events. Laptops also are very amazing for a Freelance career.
  • Military (Career) – The Military career is more entwined with aliens and conspiracy theories. There are no wars against other nations or other militaristic activities.

Island Living (Expansion) – Must-buy

Release Date: June 21, 2019 (PC), July 16, 2019 (Consoles)


Official Description:

Escape the ordinary and enjoy a laid-back lifestyle.

Explore a breezy world drenched in sun, sand and endless fun as your Sims make their own paradise in The Sims 4 Island Living. Whether they contribute to the conservation effort or prefer living off the grid, your Sims can take the plunge and enjoy what this unique culture has to offer. Embrace traditional events, wear native clothing styles or sip on some kava. It’s all part of Sulani island life.

Many Sims players have found the game is primarily American suburbs and lacks diversity in its Worlds. Thankfully, Island Living offers a tropic-based Island for players to dive in. This expansion pack also expands the game with mermaids. Sims can now talk about mermaids and even play as mermaids.

Notable Additions:

  • Sulani (World) – Sulani has three islands: Ohan’ali Town, Lani St. Taz, and Mua Pel’am. This place is a tropical paradise filled with white sand. There are also residential areas for the Sims to live in.
  • Mermaid (Sim) – Mermaids have comparable requirements to conventional Sims. However, they have an additional need, Hydration instead of Hygiene. A mermaid Sim can satisfy this need by swimming (either in the ocean or swimming pool), showering, bathing, or drinking water. In return for this limitation, mermaids can use Siren Songs to affect the moods and behaviors of other Sims, most of which drain Hydration. Mermaids can call azure dolphins when swimming in the water. Azure dolphins operate in the same way as conventional dolphins, except they can be summoned from anywhere.
  • Diver, Fisherman, and Lifeguard (Part-Time Jobs) – These three part-time jobs are within the theme of this pack. Fishermen and Diver are only for adults, while adolescents can work as lifeguards.

Moschino Stuff (Stuff Pack) – Must-buy

Release Date: August 13, 2019 (PC), September 3, 2019 (Console)


Official Description:

Moschino and creative director Jeremy Scott celebrate the launch of the latest Capsule Collection with pieces inspired by The Sims and their own ready-to-wear items including styles from past collections. Dress Sims in fashion-forward looks they can rock anywhere and capture their bold expressions with the freelance fashion photography career.

This stuff pack contains many new clothes. It is worth the entry price for those alone, yet, this stuff pack keeps giving by introducing a new Freelancer career path. This career path will also allow you to collect magazine covers you can hang on your wall.

Notable Additions:

  • Numerous objects can be used in the Fashion Photographer branch of the Freelancer career.

Realm of Magic (Game Pack) – Wait for Sale

Release Date: September 10, 2019 (PC), October 15, 2019 (Console)


Official Description:

Discover the Neighborhood – An unreal world awaits your Sim, and when you stumble upon the secret portal, there are mystical discoveries at every turn. Interact with familiars, cast spells on Sims around you, and concoct potions for friends and enemies

It is an experience to read about the criticism of the occult and magical in The Sims 4. The Sims is not particularly realistic in portraying real life since its inception. However, there is still a vocal resistance to “immersion-breaking” spell-casting and mysticism that this Game Pack brings about. Realm of Magic is robust in content, but it is undoubtedly missable if you are not into witches and wizards. This significantly augments the Vampire DLC and Island Living due to the non-human aspect of the content added. However, the Vampire system has gameplay quirks that may not be everybody’s cup of tea.

Notable Additions:

  • Spellcaster (Sim) – Unlike other Sims of the occult, a Spellcaster looks like a regular Sim and does not have a secondary form. Spellcasters are previously known as witches in previous The Sims titles. They can learn magic spells and brew potions.
  • Sages (NPC) – There are six Sages included in this pack. Three of them are already retired. These Sages can teach a Sim how to use magic.
  • Various objects related to magic, like cauldrons, spell books, and wands.

Discover University (Expansion) – Must Buy

Release Date: November 15, 2019 (PC), December 17, 2019 (Console)


Official Description:

Explore all the experiences college has to offer. Take classes that set your Sims up for success in engineering, education or law careers. Discover robotics and ping-pong, or make some mischief pulling pranks against the rival school. Study hard, sleep in and high-five the school mascot – just make sure to keep those grades up!

Truly a must-buy due to the sheer amount of content it adds. It allows players to live out a college life they never had. With clubs, two universities, scholarships, and student loans, university life has never been this relatable. Also, degrees raise your salary base, and some careers need you to finish a degree.

Notable Additions:

  • Britechester (World) – Britechester is a university world. It houses the two universities of The Sims 4: the University of Britechester and Foxbury Institute.
  • Degree – At least a young adult Sim can enroll in thirteen degrees in this pack. There are up to four classes per semester. Each of these degrees is associated with skills.
  • Research and Debate (Skill) – Many things are added in this expansion pack, but the Research and Debate Skill is the most useful, even outside the university setting. With a high Research and Debate level, a Sim can convince others to do stuff for them, like cleaning the house or cooking. Also, a Sim can gain skills faster from reading books with this skill.

Tiny Living Stuff (Game Pack) – Wait for Sale

Release Date: January 21, 2020 (PC), February 4, 2020 (Console)


Official Description

Build Your Small Space

Downsize your Sims’ dwellings with this brand-new, never-before-created residential lot that provides fun-sized challenges and unique benefits to your Sims when they meet the tiny home requirements.

The Tiny Living Stuff is a great pack, allowing creativity with so little space. Tiny Home stuff will have “minimalist” themes. This package has Hygge-style and combos items that combine TVs, Stereos, and Bookshelves.

Notable Additions:

  • Murphy Bed – Murphy Beds are intended to save space in tiny residences by folding out to form a bed. In contrast to the previous games, Murphy beds in The Sims 4 are electrically powered, unlike mechanical Murphy beds in The Sims 2 and The Sims 3. As a result, like any other technological object, these beds can break, and Sims will have to fix them to lessen the possibility of death.
  • Tiny Home Residential (Lot) – A premade small home is available in this pack. It is limited to 100 tiles, and it is prohibited to exceed this limit. Using fewer tiles in this lot will benefit the resident Sim more.

Eco Lifestyle (Expansion) – Wait for Sale

Release Date: June 5, 2020

Eco Lifestyle

Official Description:

Change the World

In Evergreen Harbor, every action you take and decision you make influences the state of the world around you. The cleaner Evergreen Harbor gets, the more you’ll see nature thriving. You determine whether the skies are smoggy or clear enough to see the aurora borealis glimmering above. Let garbage pile up on the streets of your neighborhood or clean it up to create lush green walking paths in town. It’s up to you!

There are lots of things in this expansion pack that Sims players usually love. However, gameplay mechanics added in this expansion are annoying, especially for those who role-play a rags-to-riches family or like financial challenges in their games. Nevertheless, the skills and a new neighborhood are great to play around with. You must note the incredibly restrictive mechanics implemented in this DLC.

Notable Additions:

  • Evergreen Harbor (World) – Evergreen Harbor is a coastal world and an industrial map. It has three neighborhoods according to its Eco footprint. Grims Quarry has an Eco footprint of Green. Conifer Station is Neutral. And finally, Port Promise is Industrial.
  • Eco Footprint (Game Mechanic) – Eco footprint determines the level of contamination of the world. This contamination will create ecological changes and pollution in worlds except for StrangerVille and the destination worlds. This can be toggled on or off if it makes your game annoying and too complex.

Nifty Knitting (Stuff Pack) – Wait for Sale

Release Date: July 28, 2020


Official Description:

Knit your heart out using yarn as your muse.

Grab your yarn and knitting needles — in The Sims™ 4 Nifty Knitting Stuff Pack, Sims can craft their own clothes, toys, and knittable home décor! Young and old Sims alike can take a seat in their new rocking chair and start creating.

An excellent stuff pack, but because this is one of the most recent stuff packs, the pricing is not very affordable. This stuff pack is also interesting since you can make your clothing through knitting. Knitting is also a skill, like handiness. Hence you can make stuff by leveling this skill.

Notable Additions:

  • Knitting (Skill) – Sims can now knit objects and clothing. They can sell these on an online craft-sharing store. This knitting skill also comes with an Aspiration.

Journey to Batuu (Game Pack) – Skip

Release Date: September 8, 2020


Official Description:

Create your Sim’s unique Star Wars™ story as you explore Batuu.

Create your Sim’s unique Star Wars™ story as you explore the remote world of Batuu, from Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland® and Disney World®, in The Sims™ 4 Star Wars™: Journey to Batuu Game Pack*.

This is a weird pack, as the content only works in Batuu. Unlike other mythical creatures, you cannot create Star Wars creatures nor wield the powers of a Jedi or Sith, like how Realm of Magic treats its spells. Nevertheless, the theme park world is great, and Star Wars fans should love it. This may be a pass for other players who are not Star Wars fans.

Notable Additions:

  • Batuu (World) – There are three neighborhoods in this World. Each neighborhood is a faction based on the Star Wars universe. The First Order District is for the First Order Faction, and the Resistance faction also has its Encampment in Batuu. Black Spire Outpost is for the Scoundrel Faction.
  • Missions (Game Mechanic) – Specific missions are to complete when a player aligns with these factions. Every completed mission increases the Sims’ influence on the faction, and becomes a member when the time comes. There are benefits to becoming members of these factions, like more social interactions and access to secret areas.

Snowy Escape (Expansion) – Wait for Deep Sale

Release Date: November 13, 2020


Official Description:

Gear up for thrilling snow sports, relax in natural hot springs, and design your Japanese-inspired home in The Sims™ 4 Snowy Escape Expansion Pack*. Discover new ways to adventure — challenge your Sims to climb to the peak and bond with others in the world of Mt. Komorebi. From sledding and snowboarding to hot pot around the kotatsu table, there’s something to match every lifestyle. 

This pack contains a great snow-based world and many festivals to participate in. There are new skills that relate to mountain climbing and snow to develop. Overall a great DLC that is only held back by the pricing. Admittedly, not an essential DLC, even though the content is substantial.

Notable Additions:

  • Mt. Komorebi (World) – Mt. Komorebi is a snowy World with mountains. The buildings in this world are inspired by Japanese architecture. It has residential buildings and lots for rent.
  • Lifestyle (Game Mechanic) – Lifestyle is like Traits. However, a certain Lifestyle is triggered by doing something specific or exhibiting certain behaviors. Lifestyle changes if not maintained or are lost. For example, a Lifestyle is triggered when a Sim has been single for a long time. Entering a relationship will be detrimental to this Sim’s mood until this Lifestyle is lost or the Lifestyle that leans on being in a relationship replaces it. This pack provides 16 different Lifestyles.
  • Various other objects, a new career, and a new Weather.

Paranormal Stuff (Stuff Pack) – Wait for Deep Sale

Release Date: January 26, 2021


Official Description:

Light the candles and prepare the rituals to appease your ghastly new roommates in The Sims™ 4 Paranormal Stuff Pack*! Spectral guests cause mischief and mayhem on Haunted House Lots, but Sims can perform a séance, befriend Guidry the Ghost, become a Paranormal Investigator, and restore order. 

This pack is a no-brainer if you have an affinity for the paranormal. However, the supernatural aspect of this pack should be played with the other occult packs, like the Vampire game pack, for maximum enjoyment. Bonehilda also returns.

Notable Additions:

  • Medium (Skill) – Medium is a new skill in The Sims 4: Paranormal Stuff. Leveling up the talent allows Sims to communicate with ghosts more effectively via the seance table and is useful in the freelance Paranormal Investigator career branch. Seances can be performed by any Child-aged and above Sim. Spellcasters would master the medium skill faster than normal Sims if you bought The Sims 4: Realm of Magic.
  • Haunted house residential (Lot) – The Sims 4: Paranormal Stuff includes Haunted House Residential assignments. It’s a typical residential property with a few “spooky” incidents that only happen at night. Small spirits known as Specters may be seen roaming the area, with whom Sims can engage. Other common occurrences on this lot include flickering lights, creaking pipes, and scary dolls.

Dream Home Decorator (Game Pack) – Wait for Deep Sale

Release Date: June 1, 2021


Official Description:

Transform lives by transforming spaces!

Turn your client’s fantasy into reality with The Sims™ 4 Dream Home Decorator Game Pack*. Every home is full of unrealized potential, and only you can take it from drab to fab.

The Dream Home Decorator game pack comes with several types of objects. The most prevalent are stovetops and toaster ovens. This DLC also features the interior decorator’s active career.

Notable Additions:

  • Several pieces of furniture like sectional seating, built-in stovetops, and toaster ovens.
  • Interior Decorator (Career) – A Sim can renovate homes based on the client’s instructions in this career. This career is inspired by the Architectural Designer career of The Sims 3. This career path is unique as it mixes active professions and freelance careers characteristics in pursuing a career.

Cottage Living (Expansion) – Must-buy

Release Date: July 22, 2021


Official Description:

Feed Your Soul (and Your Chickens!). Play With Life.

Delight in the quaint charm of The Sims™ 4 Cottage Living Expansion Pack* with animal friends, garden-to-table meals, and a close-knit community. At home, cook with the family using the freshest ingredients.

Cottage Living finally provides a rural setting that is more grounded. You can raise animals and make food off your harvest in this expansion. There are several activities, flora, and fauna included in this pack.

Notable Additions:

  • Henford-on-Bagley (World) is a rural world with three neighborhoods and 12 lots. Henford-on-Bagley is based in England’s rural areas. Weekly farms are being celebrated in this world.
  • Several new animals like cows and chickens.
  • Several activities like Canning, milking cows, and ordering groceries.

What are the Kits Available for The Sims 4?

Below is the list of The Sims 4 Kits available for purchase now. All of them are in “Wait for Deep Sale” territory because their content is not mandatory for a better gaming experience. The objects included in these kits may look attractive, but they are relatively low in number compared to buying other types of DLCs.

Bust the Dust Kit

Release Date: March 2, 2021

Official Description:

Dust off the vacuum and tidy up in The Sims™ 4 Bust the Dust Kit! Dust is piling up and spawning friendly bunnies and dastardly filth fiends in Sims’ homes. Get rid of the muck by cleaning, or settle in for a messy life. Conquer chores with new buffs and rewards for each dust level, vacuums to help fight the good fight, and aspirations related to cleanliness.

This is a bizarre Kit, as it adds an actual game mechanic. Many were not fans of the added annoyance of dusting homes since dust accumulated too fast. The Maids and Butlers seem not to perform dusting at all. Buyers, beware of this pack.

Country Kitchen Kit

Release Date: March 2, 2021

Official Description:

Transform your Sim’s kitchen into the most charming part of their home with The Sims™ 4 Country Kitchen Kit! From vintage refrigerators to casserole dishes, these Build/Buy objects offer a delightfully trendy take on a timeless style.

Merely adds new counters, shelves, and appliances.

Throwback Fit Kit

Release Date: March 2, 2021

Official Description:

Outfit your Sims in retro-inspired athleisure looks with The Sims™ 4 Throwback Fit Kit! Take it back to nostalgic colors, bold patterns, and trend-forward silhouettes with these all-new Create-a-Sim items. Updated everyday classics and workout wear elevate this unique collection—and your Sim’s fashion.

Merely adds colorful and patterned items of clothing.

Courtyard Oasis Kit

Release Date: May 18, 2021

Official Description:

Turn the center of your Sim’s home into a lush, vibrant space inspired by the riads of Morocco with The Sims™ 4 Courtyard Oasis Kit! Lounge around the fountain, admire the decorative tiling, and bring your family together in absolute harmony.

Several pieces of furniture and objects which are, honestly, good-looking are the focus of this kit.

Industrial Loft Kit

Release Date: August 26, 2021

Official Description:

Embrace reclaimed architectural design with The Sims™ 4 Industrial Loft Kit, inspired by the converted warehouses of Brooklyn, New York. Oversized windows, exposed hardware, and sturdy statement pieces highlight the beauty of raw materials and unfinished detailing.

Exactly what you would expect is included in this pack: furniture and objects that radiate warehouse style.

Fashion Street Kit

Release Date: October 5, 2021

Official Description:

Expand your style with The Sims™ 4 Fashion Street Kit collection, inspired by the trendsetting designs of Mumbai. Rich colors, iconic silhouettes, and high-contrast patterns bring energy and vibrancy to each item. Show off your individuality by integrating trendy statement pieces with traditional details for a whole new style.

The clothing included in this pack is unique although, as expected, relatively low in numbers to be worth the price of admission.

Incheon Arrivals Kit

Release Date: October 5, 2021

Official Description:

Upgrade your Sim’s wardrobe with The Sims™ 4 Incheon Arrivals Kit, inspired by iconic Seoul airport fashion. Trendy Korean styles get a modernized twist for clean, minimalist looks in muted colorways

Based on Korean styles, the clothing included in this pack is just too few to be worth the asking price.

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