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Monster Hunter: World is one of the leading exploration, PVE hunting games out there. Along with a couple of other titles, it serves as a standard that other monster hunting games have to transcend.

Does Monster Hunter World Have Battle Pass

But even though players are rewarded when they kill certain monsters or by chests, this game could also reward players with a seasonal battle pass. So, does Monster Hunter: World have a battle pass?

Does Monster Hunter: World Have a Battle Pass?

Even though many players have expressed the desire for a battle pass system in this game, Monster Hunter: World doesn’t have a battle pass.

The trendiest topic in the Monster Hunter Reddit community is the implementation of a battle pass. Players give suggestions every day on different reward systems, but it seems like Capcom is okay with how the game is right now.

Nevertheless, that isn’t to say that most of this game’s fans are up for a battle pass. Quite the contrary, most players, state that this will damage the game rather than make it better.

Players feel like introducing a battle pass will make the game tilt towards being more of a pay-to-win title.

Capcom’s developers do care about their players. They have stayed well away from allowing this game to become pay-to-win. The only microtransactions in the game are for emotes, NPCs, custom costumes, etc. But nothing that gives a stat or strategic advantage.

There is a very similar style game called Dauntless, which does have a battle pass system. And players who like that are usually choosing this title. Both games are exceptional. It comes down to a matter of preference.

Another way the developers keep Monster Hunter’s players happy is with DLCs. There are tons of DLCs for Monster Hunter, which give players the ability to extend and customize the game.

So, even though there isn’t a rewarding battle pass, Capcom keeps it refreshing by releasing DLCs and cosmetic items. If you choose Monster Hunter: World, chances are you won’t get bored, and the developer to player experience is A+. Good luck out there!

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