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While consoles are the gaming equivalent to PC, but for plug and play with your TV, at least by all considerations in the past, there are many gamers that use monitors instead. And why shouldn’t they? Monitors have higher refresh rates, and they’re generally more optimized for gaming. With that said, there are many that use an ultrawide monitor, hence many are asking does PlayStation 5 support ultrawide monitors in 21:9 resolutions?

Does PlayStation 5 Support Ultrawide Monitors

Does PlayStation 5 Support Ultrawide Monitors

There was a lot of interest for this, even before the Xbox X and S and PS5 got released. Even though only a handful of people use ultrawide monitors, it is becoming a trend, and one could easily make a case about why they’re better in many ways.

So, does the PlayStation 5 support ultrawide 21:9? Well, yes and no. To elaborate, in many games, if you use a ultrawide, you will have black bars on the sides.

In others though, that is not the case. It comes down to whether the game can support that aspect ratio, but in most cases that doesn’t happen. Plus, the PS5 doesn’t support ultrawide natively.

It is a huge bummer, since ultrawide monitors are quite cheaper these days, and they’re a more common commodity than back in the day. Still, is there a chance of this being added to the PS5 in the future?

Well, there is no official information on the topic, either from Sony or Microsoft, but we must say that the chances are slim of that happening. Yes, there is a lot of interest for that, however, like I said, only a small percentage of people use 21:9 monitors.

It pales in comparison to how many use 16:9 aspect ratio monitors. Plus, that is generally what TVs use as well.

Either way, games will run on the PS5 with an ultrawide monitor, black bars or not. However, they won’t utilize the screen to the fullest, and players will end up with a cube in the middle, and black bars on the side.

We will have to wait and see whether the future will allow such a feature, and until anything official gets said, the PS5 doesn’t support ultrawide monitors or 21:9 aspect ratio.

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