Does Watch Dogs: Legion Have Co-Op?



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Watch Dog’s developers, Ubisoft, have been working around the clock to make the newest title the best multiplayer experience they can. We know that there are some really good multiplayer modes planned.

Does Watch Dogs: Legion Have Co-Op?

But how about cooperative play? Does Watch Dogs: Legion have co-op capabilities? We have seen that the developers are working hard to make multiplayer as good as possible, but does that include co-op?

Without further ado, let’s jump straight if co-op is possible in Watch Dogs Legion.

Does Watch Dogs: Legion Have Co-Op?

The story has always been unbelievably immersive, for almost every Watch Dogs game. But playing with your friends, or even strangers can double its enjoyment.

They’ll probably have to tinker with the game to implement such a mode. I’ll stop beating around the bush. Let’s answer the most pressing question. Does Watch Dogs: Legion have co-op?

Yes, Watch Dogs: Legion will have full co-op capabilities. Finally, after the first two installments, Ubisoft decided it was time to refresh the game, and probably make it a bit more fun.

In the newest title, you can pair up with your friends and tackle London cooperatively. However, there is a big drawback.

Watch Dogs: Legion’s co-op capabilities will be released in an update long after the release. According to Ubisoft, this update will take place on December 3rd.

Even though you won’t be able to enjoy co-op with your friends upon release, it gives you some time to do the story. Which is far better than the previous Watch Dogs games.

Also, if you finish up the story, you can play with your friends in different game modes like Spider-Bot Arena and other perfectly crafted PvP modes.

The main reason that they had to push this mode for a later time, was because of development. They stated that they are still trying to reduce the time for hacks.

Since one player can finish with the task fast, and won’t be able to progress because of the other player. Maybe it’s better that this gets implemented in December. Until then, you can enjoy the other mods!

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