How to Get 66 Tickets in Dokkan Battle


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In 2021, DragonBall Z Dokkan Battle is celebrating its sixth anniversary. To commemorate that event, players could participate in special time-limited events to earn up to 66 special anniversary tickets. These summon tickets were guaranteed to drop at least one LR (Legendary character) among them.

How to Get 66 Tickets in Dokkan Battle

Here’s what you need to know about Dokkan Battle sixth anniversary event and the tickets it granted to players.

What Is Dokkan Battle Anniversary Event?

Like the fifth anniversary in 2020, the 2021 anniversary event for Dokkan Battle was a multi-month global event. During three pre-determined periods, each lasting about two weeks, players could win special tickets by completing time-limited missions.

There are three types of tickets for the sixth-anniversary event:

  • Celebration Summon Tickets: These are ‘regular’ tickets awarded for daily logins and missions. They didn’t have any unique capability.
  • Tons of Thanks Tickets: These tickets were available throughout the event, and players could stockpile them until a special summoning event in late July.
  • 66 Special Summon Tickets: These tickets pulled from a reduced pool of characters. Players were guaranteed at least one LR drop among the 66 summons this way.

How to Get 66 Tickets

Unfortunately, you can no longer obtain these tickets. The event ran from July 6 to Aug. 9, 2021, meaning that the special tickets and Dragon Stones allotted for the event are no longer available.

The “66 Special Summon Tickets” could be obtained in four ways:

  • Six tickets were awarded to everyone who logged in during any part of the anniversary event, including the months-long countdown period.
  • Twenty-six tickets were rewarded for finishing all missions during the first part of the anniversary event, running from July 6to July 18. The missions varied but were relatively achievable for intermediate players.
  • Eighteen tickets were rewards for completing missions in the anniversary’s second part, which followed a similar theme as the previous one and ran from July 18 to July 29.
  • The final wave of 16 tickets was available by wrapping up all the remaining missions in the third part of the anniversary event, lasting from July 29 to Aug. 9.

The missions varied in complexity, but you could typically achieve more than one mission reward in a single match. Some missions even stacked with themselves like the “use stamina” missions, which ticked up simultaneously for all benchmarks and awarded seven tickets for using 666 total stamina over a single event part.

Overall, the missions emphasized grinding but were not particularly hard to complete if you had a decent collection and some spare time.

Can You Still Get Dokkan Battle Events?

If you didn’t make it in time for Dokkan Battle’s sixth anniversary, don’t worry! The game constantly updates with new features and events coming after the previous one ended.

For the 2021 fall season, the game is celebrating 350 million global downloads, with its own set of unique rewards and campaigns to finish. Don’t forget to log in to Dokkan Battle to check up on the currently running event and all the rewards you can get from it. It will surely be worth the time investment.

Events for Easy Rewards in Dokkan Battle

DragonBall Z Dokkan Battle emphasizes grinding, but the regularly appearing events allow players to get a significant boost to the ever-expanding collection. The sixth-anniversary event was a blast, and we can only guess what will happen for the seventh one. Perhaps 77 tickets?

What did you pull from 66 Special Ticket Summons? Let us know in the comment section below.

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