Dragon Age: Inquisition Best Classes


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There are three base classes in Dragon Age: Inquisition, namely Warrior, Mage, and Rogue. Each class also has three specializations to choose from, and you can pick them according to your preferences. However, not all classes and specializations are of the same effectiveness.

Dragon Age: Inquisition Best Classes

If you’re not sure which class and specialization are the best, you’re in luck. You’ll find out which of the choices are the best ones and what players consider weak. Keep on reading, and you’ll find the right choice for your party.

The Best Class in Dragon Age: Inquisition

Instead of only the best class in the game, we’ll talk about the top three. Other classes and specializations can be underwhelming compared to these, but it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy them. In fact, you should play what you like.

However, if you’re only here to find out who’s the best, it’s the Artificer.


The Artificer specialization is from the Rogue class, and there’s very little to hate about it. Artificers can help reduce cooldowns for all party members when one of them manages to land a critical hit. With a proper build focusing on crit rate, you’ll have almost no cooldown time at all.

Cooldown reductions are lovely, but all Rogues also have access to an ability called “Looked Like It Hurt.” When an Artificer with this ability crits, they regain some Stamina, and you’ll never have to worry about throwing abilities out again.

“Hail of Arrows” is the specialization’s Focus Ability, and it’s borderline game-breaking. With unlimited Stamina and nonexistent cooldowns, a well-built Artificer can always use “Hail of Arrows” to deal immense damage to enemies. Even High Dragons will die under half a minute with the right weapon.

Rogues get to choose between Archery and Daggers, but Artificers perform best with Archery. Not only do they get to attack from a distance unharmed, but they already outperform Dagger skills.


Champions are one of the three Warrior specializations. They fulfill the traditional RPG role of a tank, and properly built Champions will survive almost anything. No other specializations come close to such levels of survivability.

A proper Champion will focus on the Champion’s skill tree abilities and any Warrior abilities that lend towards tanking damage. When they have the appropriate upgrades, they’ll rarely die or even go below 90% Guard.

Not many enemies have the damage to kill a Champion immediately. Even if a Champion encounters such an enemy, they’ll be fighting for at least five times longer than other party members.

One problem that Champions have is that the game already provides you with a powerful Champion AI. Blackwall’s AI is decent at using his kit, and you can make do with him in your party. If you like the playstyle, however, nothing is stopping you from playing as one.


Another Rogue specialization is the Tempest, and in terms of damage per second, it’s right behind the Artificer. Compared to the Artificer, the Tempest has more variety and options.

The Tempest relies on several Flask abilities to deal damage, and both Fire and Lightning Flasks are perfect for the job. However, while the Ice Flask makes you practically immortal, it’s useless for Archer Tempests.

The solution is to play a Dual Wield Tempest, as there are more reasons to use the Ice Flask that way. Using all Flasks will grant a duration bonus for other skills, which is why the Ice Flask remains an essential part of the Tempest’s kit.

Fire Flasks eliminate cooldowns for five to eight seconds. However, compared to the Artificer, it’s child’s play. Therefore, even if Tempests are mighty, they still can’t surpass the Artificer’s ridiculous DPS.

Pure and Unadulterated Damage

Both Artificers and Tempests aim to deal as much damage as possible in any given moment, while Champions are the tanks of Dragon Age: Inquisition. These three specializations are the top three in the game, but Artificers remain supreme overall. The reason is their incredible damage output.

What class do you prefer? Do you like playing as an Artificer or Tempest? Please tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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