Dragon Age: Inquisition: How to Get Into Redcliffe


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Traveling in Dragon Age: Inquisition can take a while, as you have a vast continent to explore on your own. Your journey will lead you to strange places and interesting characters, but few are as popular as Redcliffe. This village is notoriously tricky to locate, as many players vent their frustration about this online.

Dragon Age: Inquisition: How to Get Into Redcliffe

Instead of getting angry, you can keep reading our guide to getting into Redcliffe. Traveling to the village isn’t difficult once you know what to do.

Getting to Redcliffe Village

Redcliffe Village is a location in the northeast of the Hinterlands. It’s to start from the Crossroads and headed northeast. Eventually, you’ll see some cliffs to your left side.

At this point, you’re on the right track, meaning you should go up the cliffs. When you see a fortified wall looming ahead, you’ve arrived at Redcliffe Road. There will be a Fade Rift in front of the gate if it’s your first time visiting the village.

Enter Redcliffe Village for a cutscene.

Keep traveling north from the wall, and you’ll reach Redcliffe Village itself.

Part of Two Quests

Before you can go to Redcliffe Village, you must have played until “The Threat Remains” main quest. You’ll be in Val Royeaux, where Grand Enchanter Fiona will stop you before inviting you to the obscure village.

At this point, you have to choose between two branches of the main questline. They are “In Hushed Whispers” and “Champions of the Just.” The former will see you siding with the Mages, but the latter involves working with the Templars.

You can immediately head to Redcliffe Village if you choose to side with the Mages. All you need to do is follow the directions above.

However, even if your side with the Templars, you can play “In Hushed Whispers” but not complete it. You can still go to Redcliffe Village and then meet with them. No matter your choice, it’s still possible to reach Redcliffe Village after talking to Fiona.

After you travel to Redcliffe, you’ll have to return to Haven and make your decision. Both “In Hushed Whispers” and “Champions of the Just” will be available for 15 Power. Choosing one will make the other completely unplayable.

Before you pick the quest, be sure to think it through. You can’t undo your decision after selecting one.

Why Go to Redcliffe Village

Besides being a location associated with main quests, there are various other quests and Codex entries to collect. We’ll start with all quests that involve Redcliffe:

  • In Hushed Whispers
  • The Ideal Romance
  • The Ballad of Lord Woolsley
  • A Healing Hand
  • A Common Treatment
  • An Advanced Treatment
  • A Rare Treatment
  • Business Arrangements
  • Flowers for Senna

If you’re interested in collecting Codex entries, here are the ones in Redcliffe Village:

  • Culture of Ferelden
  • Hero in Every Port (Ballad of Nuggins)
  • Oculara
  • Redcliffe
  • Seers and the Allsmet
  • The Annulment at Dairsmuid
  • The Crows and Queen Madrigal
  • The Troubles of a Chantry Scholar

Choose a Side

No matter if you side with the Mages or Templars, you should head to Redcliffe Village first. There are plenty of quests and other things to explore, including Codex entries and Landmarks. There are also some special equipment and loot in the area.

Did you struggle to find the fortified gate at Redcliffe Road? What quest option did you pick when you played the game for the first time? Let us know in the comments section below.

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