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Dragon Blaze

Dragon Blaze Guide: Tips and Strategy for Beginners

Welcome to the Dragon Blaze Guide. In this post I will be providing useful tips and strategy to help you progress in the game.

Classes Available

There are currently 5 characters available that you can choose as your main character. Keep in mind main characters get to wear all gears. Unlike allies, they only get 3 choices, which is weapons, shields or orbs and armor. We will get to that in the items section.

[tabby title=”Warrior”]

Warrior -> Your classic tank fighter. You don’t always have to build him tanky but it is highly advised to do so. Here is a rough guideline on what you need:

Tanky Warrior Item Stat Focus

  • Weapon – Def Penetration and Critical Rate
  • Armor – HP and Evasion
  • Shield – Hp and Evasion
  • Accessory – Evasion
  • Costumes – Hp and Evasion

Damage Warrior Item Stat Focus

  • Weapon – Critical Rate and Def Penetration
  • Armor – STR and HP
  • Shield – Critical Rate and Def Penetration
  • Accessory – Critical Rate and Evasion
  • Costumes – Critical Rate and HP

Warrior Skills and Build Recommendation


Skil 1: Rage Rush – Uses Rage to launch a powerful attack. The ATK of Rage Rush is proportional to the Rage used.

Ultimate – Inflicts 653% additional damage. Adds 2.5% additional damage per Rage +1. Decrease enemy’s DEF by 33% for 20 seconds.

  • Cooldown 15 seconds
  • Level Requirement is 35

Skill 2: Shield Strike – Uses the shield to deliver a fatal blow to the enemy. Stuns enemies (set chance).

Ultimate – Inflicts 735% damage. Decreases EVA by 50% and stuns for 12 seconds. Stun duration applied to bosses as well.

  • Cooldown: 18 seconds
  • Level Requirement is 39.

Skill 3: Solitary Battle – Releases Vigor and taunts. Decreases Rage level and damage received.

Ultimate – Taunts for 18.8 seconds. Increases Rage by 200% when hit by normal attacks. Decreases self’s damage received by 38% entire party damage received by 8%.

  • Cooldown 20 seconds.
  • Level Requirement is 40


Sword Training – Upgrades skills involving swords. The weapon’s ATK stats increase as the skill level rises.

Physical Strength – Strengthens body through diligent training. Increases DEF.

Fighting Spirit – Shares Vigor with other party members. Increases party’s ATK and DEF during battle.

Intensified Rage – Focus Rage on attacks. ATK increases based on accumulated Rage.

Skill Order Build

Just keep adding skills until you get to the recommended number of points below.


  • Rage Rush – 17 Points
  • Shield Strike – 1 Point
  • Solitary Battle – 5 Points


  • Sword Training – 9 points
  • Physical Strength – 9 Points
  • Fighting Spirit – 5 Points
  • Intensified Rage – 1 Points

[tabby title=”Rogue”]

Rogue – Your standard melee single DPS character. If you like to see big criticals and high damage, pick this guy. He cannot wear a shield but he can wield 2 swords or daggers. He is also a strong pick for Arena PvP.

Rogue Item Stat Focus

  • Weapons – Crit Damage and Crit Rate
  • Armor – Dex and HP
  • Accessory – Crit Rate and Attack Speed
  • Costumes – Crit Damage and Crit Rate

Rogue Skills and Build Recommendation


Skill 1: Hidden Blades – Dashes towards the enemy like lightning to unveil Hidden Blades. The enemy will be unable to use skills temporarily. Increases Vigor by 2 points.

Ultimate: Inflicts 1537% damage and disable skills (immune to dispel) for 10 seconds. Life Steal (immune to dispel) for 13 seconds (80% damage over time).

  • Kills instantly (10% chance).
  • Cooldown is 14 seconds.
  • Level requirment is 35.

Skill 2: Dance of Death – Unleashes Vigor that was accumulated through normal attacks and Hidden Blades. Increases ATK Speed and ATK.

Ultimate: ATK Speed +171, ATK +80% for combo hits. Duration 2.59 seconds, +1 sec per Vigor. Attacks regardless of formation.

  • Cooldown 23 seconds.
  • Level Requirement is 39.

Skill 3: Vanish – Blends in with the outside world to hide. Critical Rate and DEF Penetration increases while in Vanish state.

Ultimate: Vanish (safe from single target attacks). CRIT Rate +26, CRIT DMG +69, DEF Pen +17. Duration 13 seconds.

  • Cooldown 23 seconds.
  • Level Requirement is 40.


Perfect Attack – Develops the ability to deliver impeccable attacks. Deals additional damage for all attacks.

Bloodthirsty Blade – The Rogue’s ATK damage will partially convert to HP. Increases immunity rate.

Piercing Gaze – Achieves sight that doesn’t miss a thing. Increases Critical Rate and ACC as the skill level rises.

Maximize Chance – Never miss a hard-earned opportunity. Damage dealt increases with Critical Hits.

Since getting a good priest is mostly RNG, this is the build I recommend.


  • Hidden Blade + Ultimate – 22 Points
  • Dance of Death – 1 Point
  • Vanish – 1 Point


  • Perfect Attack – 12 Points
  • Bloodthirsty Blade – 5 Points
  • Piercing Glaze – 5 Points
  • Maximize Chance – 1 Point

[tabby title=”Mage”]

Mage – Big AoE damage but fragile. They shine late game but is a little weak early.

Mage Item Stat Focus

  • Weapon – Crit Rate and Crit Damage
  • Armor – INT and HP
  • Accessory – Crit Rate

Mage Skills and Build Recommendation


Skill 1: Flame Burst: The single damage skill of the mage class. The first of the skill points that you should add as you move through Normal and Hero mode.

Ultimate: Inflict 1305% damage. Fire Seal’s max damage inflicted.

Skill 2: Meteor Invocation: The AoE damage skill of the mage class. You should generally use it for end game setups. With great gears, your powerful spell can quickly wipe out entire enemy team.

Ultimate: Inflict 653% damage on all enemies. Additional 16% damage for 16 seconds.

Skill 3: Salamander’s Curse: The debuff skill that turns enemies into sheep or lambs while dealing minor damage. The cursed enemy cannot attack and they suffer a decrease in defense.

Ultimate: Inflict 551% damage, transforms into a lamb and decreases DEF by 65%. Transforms surrounding enemies into lambs for 16.6 sec (30% chance)


Fire Seal: Detonates fire seal on an enemy. It boosts damage of Flame Burst and Meteor Invocation. Although this skill sounds like it adds alot of damage, you are better off putting 1 point into as a final build.

Intelligence Increase: Increase Int by a percentage based on level. Int is a main stat for Dragon Blaze mage, so it is a decent passive to have.

Weapon Use: Increase max Weapon ATK by a percentage based on level. A great skill as a mage to have weapon use, it is especially important as you move into end game gears with the strongest weapon possible in the game.

Flame Study: Inflicts Fire Damage Equal to 10% of base ATK. Fire Damage itself is relatively weak. You should only place 1 point max into this passive.

Basic Build


  • Flame Burst + Ultimate – 22 Points
  • Meteor Invocation – 1 Point
  • Salamander’s Curse – 1 Point


  • Fire Seal – 1 Point
  • Intelligence Increase – 5 Points
  • Weapon use – 5 Points
  • Flame Study – 1 Point

[tabby title=”Archer”]

Archer – Your physical ranged character that can do a lot of damage. I always hate scenarios where there is a lot of them. They hurt! They are quite similar to the Rogue, so it comes down to preference.

Archer Item Stat Focus

  • Weapons – Crit Damage and Crit Rate
  • Armor – Dex and HP
  • Accessory – Crit Rate and Attack Speed
  • Costumes – Crit Damage and Crit Rate

Archer Skills and Build Recommendation


Powerful Arrow – Shoots a powerful arrow containing the power of nature. ATK increases as level rises. This skill is your number 1 attack as an archer, with this attack, you can hit some awesome damage with it.

Ultimate: Shoots an arrow at its max level. Grants a chance to recover max Focus. Inflicts 885% damage. Increases ATK up to 416% when Aim is used. Restores Focus by 100%.

  • Cooldown 10 seconds.
  • Level requirement is 35.

Rain of Arrows – Rains down a flood of arrows to reduce enemies to pieces. Inflicts damage on all enemies (AoE). This is the AoE damage skill of Archer, it gives some crowd damage but it is still weaker than Wizard’s attack.

Ultimate: Rain of Arrows upgraded to max stats. Grants additional attack after use. Inflicts 479% damage on all enemies. ATK increases up to 318% when Aim is used.

  • Cooldown 19 seconds.
  • Level requirement is 39.

Aim – Converts Focus to Energy for a powerful blow. Powerful Arrow and Rain of Arrows are amplified. A buff skill that converts “black” boxes into “light” boxes. It boosts the amount of damage while giving some ACC bonus for the party.

Ultimate: Achieves max concentration when using Aim. Increases max Focus and entire party’s ACC. Immunite for 9.8 seconds and party’s ACC +28 for 8 seconds. Focus +6 (Powerful Arrow +554%, Rain of Arrows +400%) Converts Focus to Energy in 0.07 seconds.

  • Cooldown 8 seconds.
  • Level requirement is 40.


Arrow Trimmer – Maintains arrows in top condition. Weapon ARK increases as the skill level rises.

Quick Shift – Optimizes body for combat with swift movements. DEX increases as level rises.

Energy Release – Shares inner energy after assimilating to nature. Increases Critical Rate and Def Penetration for the entire party.

Point and Shoot – Discovers the enemy’s weak spot. Deals Powerful damage when the enemy’s HP is a certain amount of lower.

Basic Build


  • Powerful Arrow + Ultimate – 22 Points
  • Aim – 17 Points


  • Arrow Trimmer – 4 Points
  • Quick Shift – 3 Points
  • Energy Release – 4 Points

[tabby title=”Priest”]

Priest – Your healer class. I think it is the best starter class since you won’t require RNG to find a good priest. In dungeons, healing is key and without healers your damage dealers will die easily. HOWEVER, she doesn’t AUTO effectively at lower levels. So this might turn the lazy gamers off. Stick with Rogue in that case.

Priest Item Stat Focus

  • Weapon – INT
  • Armor – INT, HP and Immunity
  • Accessory – INT

Priest Skills and Build Recommendation


Skill 1: Charming Light: This is the bread and butter of healer, you can heal your teammates with this skill. The healing amount is dependent on the ATK value. You can also deal minor damage with this skill again enemies.

Ultimate: Heal or damage a much bigger amount then its original form. Available at level 40.

Skill 2: Magnify!: This is a buff skill that gives Archer classes “focus” as well boosting the attack speed of a single party member. Focus is used by archer to deal more damage with its skills.

Ultimate: The buff skill now applies to the entire party.

Skill 3: Guidance: This is a buff skill that removes one single member’s debuffs while boosting defense.

Ultimate: The buff skill now applies to the entire party, while granting self immunity by 5 seconds. The person that you cast the ultimate guidance skill on will also get def buff for 35% and immunity for 10 seconds.


Bright Eyes: Increase the healing amount by a certain % based on skill level.

Euphoria: Increase entire party’s immunity.

Sturdy Party: Increase entire party’s defense.

Cutie Power Up: Convert the heal or damage from Charming Light into splash effect. The entire party other than the target will receive certain percentage of heals or damage.

Skill Build


  • Charming Light, Ultimate Form – 22 Points
  • Guidance – 1 Point


  • Bright Eyes – 5 Points
  • Euphoria – 5 Points
  • Sturdy Party – 2 Points
  • Cutie Power Up – 5 Points


Which Character Should I Choose?

For starters, Rogue and Warrior are fairly easy for dungeon farming. If you are starting a brand new character and you already played through with 1 other character to level 40, you can pick whatever you want. Priest is also good but you won’t be able to auto dungeons as effectively as Rogue or Warrior.

Normal Mode Leveling Guide(1-30)

For normal mode, you generally want to run the following:

  • 1 DPS, 2 Tanks, 1 Healer

The tough part is finding a healer. If you are not lucky with draws, you might not be able to find a good S+ or higher healer.

Level 1-20 is fairly easy. Just use whatever ally you can find using the team composition above.

Level 21-30 is where it gets fairly tough. I suggest starting raiding. Refer to the raiding section right below. At level 30, you defeat normal mode by fighting King Gram. To beat King Gram, I recommend you go with 2 Healers, 2 DPS and 1 Tank. You can also win easily if you have a level 40+ friend.


Items come in 5 different colors.

  • White – Normal with no stat boost
  • Green – 1 bonus stat boost
  • Blue – 2 bonus stat boosts
  • Purple – 3 bonus stat boosts
  • Orange(Legendary) – 3 bonus stat boosts with set bonuses

Orange items can only be gotten from either Daily Dungeons or Raids. All main characters equip and unequip Hat, Gloves, Boots and Armor. As for weapons:

  • Warrior – 1 longsword and 1 shield
  • Rogue – 2 swords
  • Priest and Mage – 1 staff and 1 orb/bomb
  • Archer – 1 boy and 1 quiver

Your allies only have 3 slots available and they all cannot wear Hat, Gloves or Boots. Also, you cannot unequip their items. Anything you put on them is permanent.


To unlock level specific raids, you need to clear that area. Currently, these are the areas:

Komodo Fairy – Komodo
Junglefury – Jungle
Storm Tyrant – Storm
Shadowcrag – Shadow
Deathcrown – DC

I suggest you start raiding Storm Tyrant at level 15 and Shadowcrag around level 26. You will want to get some legendary set items. It takes a bit of time to collect them but it will help you progress and complete normal dungeons.


You can start fighting in the arena around level 10. You won’t get far if you start at level 10 but you can get some arena coins which will net you some nice cosmetics after a month or two. The items will vary depending on your class. I say you should start attempting around level 15. Climb as high as you can.

I will be adding more details as I get further into the game.

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