Fallout Shelter Guide -Tips for Beginners



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Fallout Shelter Guide and Tips

Fallout Shelter Guide -Tips for Beginners

Fallout Shelter is a mobile game that lets you construct your own vault and manage the resources and people that are in it. The aim of the game is for you to mobilize the people to come up with a booming community that is sun-free.

1. General Tips

There are the dwellers, who are the people that live in the vault and you are the one who will be controlling them. These dwellers will have a unique rating that will be inclusive of the stats. Every stat will govern various aspects of the life inside the vault. Your objective is to make the best use of the abilities of the dwellers. The more the dwellers are active, the happier they will be. Here is a look at some of the most important stats:

Strength – The dwellers that have a high strength stat will be the best to use for jobs that are physically intensive, like working in a power plant.

Endurance – Those with a high endurance stat can persevere a harsh condition and they are the best choices for the Nuka-Cola plants and for exploring the wasteland.

Perception – Dwellers with a higher perception stat will work best in the water treatment plants.

Agility – The agile dwellers are quick in whatever they do and they are the best to place in restaurants.

Intelligence – The intelligent dwellers are the best to use in a science lab or the medical bays.

Charisma – Dwellers with a higher charisma are more charming and they will work perfectly in a radio station – They will also help to cheer other dwellers.

Luck – Those with a higher luck will fit anywhere in the vault and they will be successful.

Basically, you must ensure that you choose the right dweller, with stats that will favor them in a particular department. When you have included the dwellers in their respective departments, you can now start building the training rooms, which will increase the dwellers stats. There are also some outfits that will boost the stats of the dwellers.

Powering up – You will need enough supply of power, in order to be sure of a productive community. When the power drops, the rooms that are furthest from the source will start becoming dark first. For that, you will want to put the most vital rooms near the power source.

You can destroy the extra luxurious rooms like the training rooms or the radio station, if the power is dropping down.

2. How to Get More Dwellers

You can get more dwellers in different ways, including the following:

The Wasteland – You can get dwellers from the wasteland. Basically, you will be provided with about 12 dwellers from the wasteland. To boost the number of the wasteland dwellers, you will need to build a radio room. Upgrading the radio room can help you get even more dwellers.

Babies – A great way is to ensure that the population is reproducing enough. You will want to include the female and male dwellers to live in the quarters. When you do so, you will only need to wait for them to give you babies. You can speed this by dressing them in specific Charm clothes that will make them attracted to each other.

Lunchboxes – Another way is by opening a Lunchbox, who will be stronger. So you might want to build a Lunchbox, which will be available in the objectives section.

3. How to Make Dwellers Happy

The happiness rating is one of the most important aspects that you will want to consider in the vault. The dwellers need enough comfort and contentment in their homes and their workplace as well. For that, you will want to ensure that the dwellers are as happy as possible. One way to ensure that your dweller’s happiness to be above average is that you will want to take a look around. Ensure that there are not any fire and that no corpses are lying around. The population of the rad roach should also be limited.

To boost the happiness level, put your dwellers to work, especially in a place that they enjoy working most. You will also want to put a radio room, the charismatic dwellers will naturally make the other dweller active and happy. When the dwellers are happy, the population will increase and you will get bonus water, power and food. You can also check the happiness level of the dwellers by tapping on them or by tapping on the cog, which is on the upper left section of the screen.

These should help you out in your Fallout Shelter journey!

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