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In Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links, players face off against each other on a digital platform, a far cry from the original card game. As such, the cards in Duel Links are virtual objects for decks in the game. In addition to buying cards, you can get them using Tickets.

How to Get Dream Tickets in Duel Links

The best Tickets to aim for are the Dream Tickets, but they don’t fall from trees. Most players tend to hoard them until a worthwhile card becomes available. If you’re looking to get your hands on some, keep on reading.

The Difference Between Normal Tickets and Dream Tickets

All Tickets in Duel Links are a type of currency. You can use one to exchange the card of your choice among a pool of rewards. However, there are four rarities, such as:

  • N
  • R
  • SR
  • UR

The last two can be Dream Tickets, and they’re the ones the players seek after the most. “SR” stands for “Super Rare,” while “UR” is the abbreviation for “Ultra Rare.” From these names, you can tell that the possible rewards are likely desirable cards for your deck.

The other two Ticket rarities yield more common cards, and it’s easier to get your hands on them. You can get them from simply logging in to the game, playing in Ranked Duels, or celebratory events.

Keep in mind that SR or UR Tickets differ visually from SR Dream and UR Dream Tickets. The latter two have a glowing sheen, as well as a dragon instead of checkered surfaces.

Getting Dream Tickets

Unfortunately, there’s only one way to get Dream Tickets, and that is through important events. Three events qualify to date, namely:

  • The game’s anniversary
  • The May Duel Links World Championships
  • The release of a new world

As such, players only get six Dream Tickets a year. One will be an SR Dream Ticket, and the other a UR Dream Ticket. Everyone can receive the tickets when one of the three events arrives.

Upon receiving Dream Tickets, players can spend them on most of the SR and UR cards released in the game up to the point these tickets are gifted. If a player is missing a critical card for their deck, they can immediately exchange for that card and complete a powerful combination of cards.

Using Dream Tickets is an excellent way to save time from grinding. Spending on cards and decks can cost up to 9,000 Gems, which takes a long time to farm. Even worse, not all cards are available, even if you have the Gems.

An advantage of Dream Tickets is that you can keep them around for a while. Players who wish to play the long-term game can hoard a few before getting the cards they want. Dream Tickets can last for an entire year, but once the year goes by, they’re lost forever.

Thinking Ahead

For some Duel Links players, thinking ahead means hoarding a few Dream Tickets, but spending them right away is also acceptable. No matter what you do, it’s essential to pick a card you need to become stronger. After all, these opportunities are scarce.

How many Dream Tickets do you have right now? What’s the best card you have exchanged for so far? Let us know in the comments section below.

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